Thursday, April 12, 2007

Brown Pants!

Yesterday I went shopping for a pair of brown pants. Don't ask me why - I just had a fancy to buy some dress pants that were brown. So I'm searching (you know, brown isn't all that popular of a color these days....) but I finally found a pair in the style I wanted, the material I wanted and the price I wanted. Sad part was - the largest size they had was 16. I wear an 18. (That pear-shaped thing...) So for the heck of it, I tried them on. And they fit! So I tried a couple more 16's (to be sure it wasn't just the manufacturer) and they fit too! I knew my pants were a little looser at home...9 pounds does make a difference, however slight.
Then I come back home to the raging battle of the Cream Puffs. I ate 2 yesterday. I swear I'm going to eat every friggin' one of those things until they're gone! And then will my new pants fit? They only fit now because the puffs haven't caught up with me yet.

It's like this every time I lose weight *sigh* My body fights back in retaliation after about a month. It screams for all the lost food it was deprived of. Even though I haven't been starving myself. Just avoiding fast food like the plague....not taking seconds....passing up some body views this as mutiny and tries to recapture the ship. You know, the one with the cargo containing blubber.

Anyhoo - I've got the new pants hanging in my closet and I am determined not to let them get tight on me. And in case you're wondering why I would buy a pair of pants that I am hoping to grow out of the other way (Ideally I'd like to be a size 12) it was that Murphy's Law thing working again. The one where I buy something because then I'm "guaranteed" that I won't need it soon. I know - I can be so ridiculous sometimes....these games I play with myself. But right now I seem to be winning (well...don't ask the Cream Puffs that) but I AM down a size! And that counts for something!

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