Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well Look Who's Here!

So Christmas came and went in our house (or should I say the OLD house) and I didn't even decorate. Well, almost. I gave in begrudgingly the week before Christmas and stuck a 2 foot fiber optic jobber in the front window. And lit a snowman candle that I got as a gift the week before.
You see, hubby promised me that the new house would be finished by this Christmas. When did he promise me this you say? Why, last year as I was taking down the decorations. The very same decorations that I swore I would not put up if we weren't in the new house LAST year!
It's not that I'm this nagging prima dona who throws a hissy fit if she doesn't get her own way. Truly I'm not. I'm actually quite patient. And for those of you who have following my blog for several years - you will recall that I have been waiting for quite some time!
So this year I stuck to my guns. When October rolled around (the month he said he'd start working on it again) and nothing happened....I began the subtle threats. When November arrived and he still had not lifted a hammer....I laid out the stakes. No Christmas in the new Christmas here either. (Not really no Christmas) just no Christmas decorations.
You see - I have been living out of boxes for 2 years. My walls are bare because all the decor has been taken down and stored. My living room has no furniture because we gave it to my daughter because hubby said we would be moving soon. We had to go to my middle daughter's house Christmas morning because this house wasn't suitable to entertain in. It hasn't been in 2 years.
People are beginning to cite me for sainthood. They want to know why I'm not going crazy over all this. Well...ahem...I sort of am! It's not that one can't have Christmas without all the trappings. One can - and we did. Jesus is the reason and we managed to remember and embrace that fact. It was just!
Fortunately for all concerned (mostly him because I was ready to toss him out in a snow bank) he has finally (FINALLY) found his groove again and is working on the house. I am not making any claims as to when we will be in there. But at least he's in there doig something!
Other that that - life has been busy. Now that I'm working (it's been a whole year now!) I just don't find the time to blog like I used to. (But I think about it a lot.) And I'm not ready to hang up my keyboard just yet. (I guess there has been a lack of motivation in more places than just one in our household these days.)
So I joined Weight Watchers last night. They gave me this cute little blue calculator the size of a compact to track my points. I get 29 a day. I have one left for today. Not bad. I am cautiously optimistic this may be the ticket. I've proven to myself time and again that I need accountability.
Anyhoo....that's what I've been up to. I'll try to be more faithful! (oh and yes...I have been going to the gym. Now and then...)