Saturday, March 29, 2008

Welcome to My Home Base.....

Yesterday I visited Felicia's blog and she had a neat idea. She posted a pic of where she blogs. It was kind of cool to be "invited" into someone's blogging home and get a glimpse of where the creative juices flow.

So I've posted a pic of where I "do my thing". Not real impressive - but it works for me. Anyone else want join in?

Next, thank you to Yogi Wannabe for tipping me off that "I Can Make You Thin" was on again last night in a repeat episode of Sunday's show. I've since learned you can go to
the website too and check for repeat times.

I was still pretty sick last night and dead tired as I'd been up since 5:00 AM so I watched it with my eyes half open in bed. I drifted off during some parts but I caught enough to get the general gist. It was about conquering emotional eating by doing this weird tapping thing. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. For lack of nothing to lose - I'm going to try ot. I think the concept really involves just distracting yourself even though the guy claims your tapping acupressure points and "adjusting" your brain....

I've also brought out my little plate again and promised myself to use it ALL week - along with my slow eating. I still can't taste much so it won't be all that hard right now.

The women in my family have also started a weight loss competition for the upcoming wedding this June. The accountability factor is primo here and there is a lot of momentum going. We're using our dry humor and self-styled wit to make this fly - threatening to make the loser wear a pig nose to the reception. Of course we won't really do that - but I DO have a pig nose laying around here someplace. It'll make an appearance at the wedding for sure. (Along with the hillbilly teeth that always show up too. (Did I mention our family was weird?)

Anyone else have a take on the "tapping" thing? Just curious!

And I'll be watching for your pics of your home base!

Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm still here....sniffle sniffle!

Sorry I've been AWOL - I'm still feeling pretty crappy. Yet still dragging myself in to sub each day. Ironic...the sick sub is filling in so the sick teacher can go home and rest. What one will do to pay the bills. Anyway - I've been coming home each night and dragging myself to the couch where I've hidden under my favorite green fleece blanket until the hubby comes home.

Not much of an appetite lately....which is good. Why bother eating if you can't taste it, right?

It seemed like Spring was finally making an appearance here with mild days of no coats and disappearing snow until I woke up this morning and everything was white again! The fluffy snow fairy must've come during the night and did her thing. I must say - in spite of the fact I hate winter - it was beautiful. That puffy kind of snow that clings to every tree branch and looks like a Hallmark Christmas Card..... Still. It can leave anytime now. I'm done with winter. (have been since December but it it hasn't made a difference....

I'm anxious to get walking again...yearning for fresh air and sunshine after all these months cooped up in the house! Which means that some of my friends on the other side of the world will be saying good bye to summer soon. Sorry guys. It's our turn now! And for those of you who are blessed with summer year round... *sigh*

I missed the second installment of "I Can Make You Thin" (did I say that in an earlier post?) Anyway - if anyone saw it - was it any good? Any worthy "Aha" moments I should know about? I'm still working on the slow eating trick...I admit...sometimes I forget, but when I think about it - it truly does make a difference.

Right now I'm sniffling all over the keyboard need to load up with some antihistamines. Can't take them during the school day or I'd fall asleep at my desk. Hopefully this weekend will give me the time to recuperate and get back on track. One last word on the elusive job....the woman I interviewed with is out of town. Still. Was supposed to be back last Tuesday and now it's pushed till next Monday. She promised she'd call either way and not leave me hanging. Well...I've been hanging for several weeks now! And it's not fun!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Today's a Yucky Day....

I'm nursing a nasty cold right now and feel like crap. Yesterday I got a call from my grandson's daycare to come pick him up - he was throwing up all over the place. His momma was working - her car's in the shop for 3 days - and I'm just praying that I don't start tossing my cookies now too.

Youngest daughter left to go back to Massachusetts last night *sigh* and oldest daughter announced Sunday morning that she is engaged. I think I'm happy about this.... Her boyfriend is a nice guy. He treats her well. But he's got a medical disability (some kind of blood disorder) that keeps him from working full time or having a driver's licence. So of course the parent in me is freaking out right now. I want the best for my daughter. I want her to have a good life. But she's 26 and...well....I'm finally realizing that I can't live her life for her. So I'm trying to be supportive. But I can't honestly say that I'm doing the happy dance right now. I'm trusting God has a plan in all of this - because I sure don't!

On the job front - I was supposed to hear back by last Friday. No call. So I called them. And got an answering machine saying that no one was in the office (she was on vacation and would return today.) So I'm waiting till around noon - and then calling again. Can you hear another sigh here followed by a groan? I need a job and the pickings are slim here unless I want to to take a major pay cut and works for peanuts. The health insurance is killing us! My per-diem subbing barely pays the monthly premium.

Today's not a really good day. I need more coffee and some Kleenex. And a job.

I'll be in a better mood tomorrow. I promise.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Did anyone see the second segment of "I Can Make You Thin" last night? Being it was Easter and all...I would've felt funny asking my sister to turn on the TV so I could watch the show. I have some dignity! Anyway - just wondering what I missed.

I have been perusing the website for the show and stumbled upon another revelation that clicked on yet another light bulb in this feeble mind of mine. Foregoing the whole diet mentality thing - and not having forbidden foods (you know...the golden rule that says "Eat what you want") I realized that many times I will postpone my weight loss/diet efforts because there is "good" (read here - forbidden) food in the house. I always figure I must polish it all off before I commence my diet. But if as Paul McKenna says - I can eat what I want (only if I'm hungry and then I must consciously enjoy every bite and stop when I'm full) then I don't' have to worry about the cream puffs in the fridge (remember last Easter's post holiday bloggings?) Mum-in-law brought the dreaded delicacies again in large quantities! And I also don't'have to worry about all the candy she brought for grandson who lives here. (TWO baskets! Not one- but TWO!) And the one we gave him too of course....!

But if - and I say that cautiously - I follow the 4 rules - I CAN have some treats - for as long as they last! (which I'm estimating to be a very long time considering the amount and the slowness of which I must consume them )! Of course also remembering that the treats really belong to grand baby and not me!

I don't know if this is all making sense to you guys...but it is starting to turn some light bulbs on for me.

I really wish I'd seen part two last night. If anyone did - can you give me a re-cap?

I've also ventured on a little motivating competition with some of the women-folk in my clan regarding the up coming wedding this June. We're all vowing to lose 20 pounds by then. They say there's strength in numbers. We shall see!

Hope you all had a blessed holiday. I've attached some pics of the highlights at our own celebration. (We have a tradition my Grandpa brought over from England when he moved here - you will see it some of the pics). We "crack" eggs. Each person gets an egg - one is the cracker - the other is the crackee. Whom ever eggs breaks - loses it to the one who cracked them. It's an odd thing - but we have a grand time doing it!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I'm sure you're all too busy to check your blog-mail today (as I should be!) but I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Easter!

This is always a bittersweet holiday for me because my mom died just after Easter and then my dad followed her a few weeks later. When I sit in church on this holiest of days...I think of them more than ever. I cry sad tears because I miss them terribly ~ but I also cry happy tears when we sing the words about death being swallowed up in victory for those that believe in the Lord.

I know mom and dad (and hubby Patrick) are having a grand time in heaven this morning. While we're all down here coloring eggs, scurryng around looking for baskets and trying to piece together the mystery of the Cross ~ they're sitting at the feet of the Risen Lord having all their questions answered.

Happy Easter my friends. May God bless you this day with peace and happiness and a faith that abides.



Saturday, March 22, 2008


Just an FYI - if anyone has the link in their sidebar that looks like this Ç ? My Diet Blog # È = get rid of it!!! I can't remember what site I orignally got it from - but as I was housecleaning today I clicked on it and it led to a hacked site with profanity.

For heaven's sake - people really need to get a life.

THe Gang's All Here!

Last night all the kids came over for dinner (my youngest & her hubby came in from Massachusetts for the holiday weekend) and we colored Easter eggs. It was so good to have to put all the leaves in the table and scrunch everybody around. Hubby out did himself as always and made stuffed pork chops, garlic "smashed" potatoes and corn. The boys are always excited to eat here because they love his cooking!

In all the excitement, I forget to do my "slow" eating. We're not a quiet bunch when we're all together. We love to joke and laugh (after dinner we passed the camera around and took turns making weird faces....we're not entirely normal over here....) and eating is something that just "happens" during dinner for us. if ever there was a scenario that lent itself perfectly to putting the fork down between every bite - last night was it. And I blew it - which means I have a LONG way to go before this becomes second nature to me.

I also have a mini motivator before me that I hope will help spur me on. My niece is getting married this June and I need to drop some of this blubber if I want to wear something presentable. Spring is coming and with the warmer weather I plan on walking more (and my middle daughter is giving us their treadmill.) Actually - it was ours to begin with - but when she got married I told her she could take it with her as she was the only one in the house who used it. Now they've decided to buy a more sturdy model as they run on it and it's bouncing all over the place when her hubby gets on it. He's a lightweight - but runs fast and hard.

I hope to get it over here in the next week.

A little side note (about the Fire Safety Demo we attended the other night). We were offered a free dinner to sit through the spiel. They used pretty good scare tactics and of course we signed up for a home visit the following day to discuss installing their "state of the art" smoke and heat detectors. We wer eboth supposed to be there but I got a call to come in ad sub. The sales man was very miffed that hubby was alone. They don't want you to be able to say "let me talk it over with my better half and get back to you." First red flag. When hubby wouldn't reschedule 0 the guy got belligerent. Hubby said "Show me the stuff now - or leave." The guy was a real jerk. So hubby showed him the door. As the guy was leaving he said snidely over his shoulder, "Did you enjoy your free dinner?" Hubby replied (rubbing his tummy) "Oh yes! Especially the Prime Rib!"

Upon further investigation (which is why these guys DON'T want to give you time to think) is that they're scam artists! A simple system That they boast can be installed in as little as 20 minutes - runs around (are you ready for this?!) $4,000.00! Of course we wouldn't have spent that much - but there are many people who do because of the scare tactics regarding fires that are used. Especially the elderly.

Moral of the story? if you get invited to a free dinner to view a fire safety demo - pass. But if you do go - don't sign the green card before you leave!

Okay...Lora has lots to do to prepare for brunch tomorrow. The gang all converges here again (along with the in-laws) for brunch tomorrow. I'm so excited to have all my cubs in church with me so we can take up our traditional pew that we sat in for years - before all the kids scattered to different towns and churches (!) It used to be three little girls seated with me every Sunday...the youngest with her head on my lap - the middle one playing with the rings on my finger - the oldest thumbing through the Hymnal through out the service.... They got older and learned to sit up straighter and eventually found a niche for Jesus in their own hearts (instead of riding along on the coat tails of their momma's faith.) They got their wings (did you hear that Oprah and Marianne!!) and moved on. but just for tomorrow - I'll have them all back (plus 2 son-in-law and a grandbaby) to surround me in church - in our favorite pew. Life is good! Thank you, Jesus!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Did You know?

I missed Biggest Loser last night and forgot to set the VCR. Crap. We went to a Fire Safety Demonstration last night. We got "free" tickets for dinner at one of the nicest places in town if we agreed to sit through a "Live Infomercial" (which is what it was....) In all fairness - it was very interesting and I learned a few things I never knew about fires.

Did you know that if you keep a 9 volt battery in the same drawer as a steel wool pad (you know...the junk drawer)that if the 2 rub even slightly against each other the steel wool will ignite? It's also a no-no to keep them in your purse or pocket where they could come up against any kind of friction. I never knew that! I also never knew that the power strips we all have behind our TV's, stereos, computers....are NOT supposed to be on the floor! They are supposed to be hung on wall. Go figure! They are NOT supposed to be allowed to accumulate dust. Hubby checked the one behind our microwave - the one that also has the toaster, coffee maker. etc. all plugged into it. It had started to melt!! Wow! I'm a little paranoid about fires now. Hubby is meeting with someone today (from afore mentioned dinner presentation) to discuss some new alarms for the new house.

Anyhoo - the dinner. I ate real slow. Set my fork down between EVERY single bite. And it didn't even feel weird. (It feels weirder when I do it at home - alone.) And I was more than full when I finished. And I took less than I normally would have. Problem is - I got the hunger signal well before I was done. And I kept eating. I know now that I truly have to take way more than I think I need. I need to tell myself that it's okay to go back for more (if I'm truly hungry still). This is hard stuff to learn. But I know that it all makes sense.

I have really started to analyze my eating patterns and the middle to late afternoon is my bad time. I will eat anything not nailed down. So I'm working on alternative plans. There is a good energy shake recipe in the WW plan that I made yesterday. 1 banana, 1 cup frozen berries, 1/4 cup plain non-fat yogurt and 1/2 c skim milk. Blend it in a blender with ice. It was good. And satisfying. So that's a start.

Can anyone fill me in on Biggest Loser? I know Brittany got voted off and they all got did they all look?

Has anyone else tried this new eating technique. (I know it sounds so easy it's almost stupid) but I'm finding it very helpful.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Someting to Chew on....

Did any one watch the program "I Can Make You Thin" last night? My hubby groaned when I grabbed the remote and flipped to it. Not another weight loss show! But he relented and let me watch it.

The guy (this twerpy looking little Englishman) gave 4 "Golden Rules" regarding weight loss. I've heard them all before and especially a little more than not - out on blogdom these days - with such books as The Diet Alternative, Intuitive Eating and even the Core Program (to some extent). I'm thinking that the little guy is on to something.

Here are the Rules: Eat when you're hungry.

Eat what you want.

Eat consciously.

Stop when you're full.

So he walks you though these steps. And I just happen to be getting ready to eat dinner so I follow along. (Okay...I'll admit I broke rule #3 because I was eating in front of the TV - but stay with me here.) I was hungry. (It was 9:30 pm.) I ate what I wanted but for the sake of the experiment - I took exactly half of what I'd normally take. I ate consciously. (except the TV part - there are supposed to be no distractions so you can savor your food and enjoy it.) But I put my fork down between every single bite - and chewed each bite at least 20 times. Do you know I was full before the plate was clean? I mean - I really registered satisfied in my mind and tummy! But I ate it all anyway because in my warped little brain I figured I took half of what I'd normally have taken (and probably still gone for seconds) and this was (after all) just an experiment. But - still - it worked!

So this morning I am getting ready to have breakfast. I stop and think about it. Am I hungry? Yep. The tummy's gnawing. So I look on the Core Plan and see I can't have cold cereal with fruit or nuts in it. And I remember the show. Eat what you want. So I pour myself a small bowl of cereal with dried cranberries and almonds in it. With skim milk - I like skim milk. I don't bring it to the computer with me. I don't grab the newspaper. And I purposely move the remodeling magazines off the table where they were last night so I won't be tempted to read. (I need to always be reading something) Always. But today I don't. I put my spoon down between each bite and savor each morsel as I chew. It's really good cereal. I don't think I ever noticed that before. I usually inhale it. And when the bowl is empty - I feel satisfied and I can actually walk away and not feel compelled to fill the bowl up again...or scrounge around for a cookie or an english muffin or something else.

One of the things the little man said last night (one of those Aha moments) was that fat people spend most of their waking moments thinking about what they're going to eat - but when it comes time to eat it - they wolf it down so fast that they never even have time to enjoy it! That's me. A speed eater all the way. And I think the reason I always take seconds is because I never really enjoyed the first round.

The other sticky point for me is leaving food on the plate. I have a real problem with that. Most overweight people do. So I'm thinking that I need to take a lot less than I think I need for a while - until I learn to really register that full feeling in my mind.

But here's the interesting thing! On the show they conducted an experiment where they had these people go into a diner and order breakfast. Everyone of them cleaned their plate. Then they had them go back the next day - order breakfast again - but this time - eat blindfolded! Because most people it seems (at least overweight people) eat with their eyes! And all of these people left a LOT of food on their plates when they couldn't see what they were eating! Their stomachs registered full before they were done! That really was an eye opener for me!

So I'm really intrigued by this. The show will continue for a few more weeks on Sunday nights (at least here in the North Eastern US). There is a website too, that you can visit if you can't get the show. There is a link on that site to another also - directly to this guy's website.

I would encourage you to check it out. I'm going to follow his guidelines (while trying to to stay within the core menu plan). I think that as I'm losing with the Core plan - the principles of the 4 Golden Rules will help me immensely. And I may this morning. I ate the "forbidden" cereal. But I'm full and I'm satisfied and not still foraging the cupboards.

Let me know if you saw the show and what you think! (I tried this way of dieting about 10 years ago with a program called the Weigh Down Diet) and I was successful in losing 22 pounds. Problem was....I was only doing it half heartedly and fell into my old habits again. I was also still reeling from the death of my parents (lost both in the same month) so my heart was elsewhere.

I'm excited about this!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Meet Bella!

We have been dog-sitting all weekend. My little sis and her family had to go out of town so we offered to have Bella come stay with us. She's a Golden Doodle (cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle.) She 's a sweet thing and very well behaved. Hasn't left my side all weekend. Almost makes me want to get a dog. Almost.

This week has been busy - I've subbed most days so breakfasts and lunches have been good. Healthy snacking in between. Dinners have been late and sporadic. Hubby's been in a casserole mood (he cooks - it's his passion) and I always succumb to his meals.

The other night I met four of my old high school friends for dinner. It was fun! And the food wasn't the focal point of the evening as it usually is for me. Probably because there was so much catching up to do - and reminiscing (we've all known each other since we were 13!) I had made up my mind before I went that I'd choose something from the Weight Watcher column so I didn't even look at the other stuff. One of the girls ordered a dessert for us to split and I had a few bites but honestly more from peer pressure than anything else. I never order desserts when I'm out. I can take them or leave them and I truly didn't care if I had those 3 bites or not. I won't say it wasn't good - but carbs & fried foods are more my down fall than anything else.

Anyway -my one friend gave me the WW Core Plan and I am going to try it. It seems to make the most sense to me because it focuses more on learning your hunger cues (eat when hungry - stop when full) Duh! Now why didn't I think of that? And there isn't a lot of counting points and tracking. Only the extra points you eat each day - which seems very do-able. I've already half started except for the hubby/dinner thing. Last night it was homemade macaroni and cheese with ham and lots of other good stuff mixed in. ARGHH! And he always makes enough for an army so we have left overs that call my name all week.

After church I'm taking Bella for a nice long walk. Maybe I should get a dog.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Random Thoughts.....

I've been subbing per-diem the past few days and have no computer access at school - and precious little time when I get home these days. I hate being so busy all the time. And all this clutter around my house as we remodel is...well...getting to me! I'm trying really hard to be "content in all circumstances"but it sure is hard to not have some wistful days where I dream about the new house and everything in its place. Of course...with my messy hubby - that may never happen. But one can dream....

I haven't heard anything on the job yet. They said I'd hear in 2 weeks. It's been 5 days. I'm restless and starting to feel doubtful. If I was the perfect candidate - wouldn't they have called me by now? Sometimes I can drive myself crazy worrying about things I can't control. It's just that I really, REALLY need this job. The health insurance we pay out of our own pocket now is killing us. I'm wondering how I'm going to be able to pay my taxes that are due at the end of the month. And so of course - the stress is playing havoc with my eating.

It doesn't help that the hubby now is making comments about my weight. I think he believes he's pointing something out to me that I don''t already know. Gee, thanks honey...didn't realize I was fat. I've tried to tell him that his "gentle" reminders do more harm than good. I want to lose weight for ME. Not him or anyone else. He doesn't get it. Men always want to fix things. He knows I'm trying and thinks he's helping. If you're reading this dear - you are NOT helping.

Okay - that's off my chest. Next topic.

There has been a thread of commonality on many of the blogs I read. People saying they are thinking of giving up their blogs. That there's only so much you can write about weight loss before you start to run dry. And I'll admit - I've felt it too lately. Life has been busier - and I read more blogs regularly than I used to (especially since the Healthy You Challenge)- which means less time myself to write. But I really don't want to see people just disappear into cyberspace. There is a kindred spirit here that makes me feel connected to a lot of you and I don't want to see you leave. I personally don't care if every post I read is about weight loss. I like just reading about what's going on in your lives too! Even if you post only once a week - that's fine with me. As long as we stay connected. I want to be there when a lot of you cross the finish line and run that marathon - or reach your goal weight - or do whatever it is that you're trying to do!

It's as if we are all on this long journey - and we've picked up fellow travelers along the way. Some fall away and others remain. While the destination is always foremost in our mind's eye - traveling together is a just as important part of the process. I've enjoyed my trek so far with you guys. Let's hang in there okay? I don't do well when I travel alone.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday Morning....

A brief update on the job thing....I went Friday morning and met the "team" which consisted of 6 women who were the nicest, funniest people you could want to work with. They made me feel at ease and I could see myself being very happy there!

I'm hoping the fact that my degree in teaching didn't scare them into thinking I would jump ship if a teaching job came along. They asked me that. I told them I didn't see that happening as the market for art teachers is slim pickings these days. I was ready to move on. Hope that was the right answer.... This job is a new position being created for one of our local hospitals and I would be an Education Services Coordinator. I sure hope this pans out. I am sick of being unemployed and not having a paycheck! It was nice to be home all those years with my daughters when they were growing up - but now that they're gone I need something else to focus on! (ahem...besides food!)

Can't post much more right now - have to get my car out from under the snow so I can go to church.

I'll know about the job in the next week or so. Keep me in your prayers!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Tell It Like It Is Please....

Yesterday my oldest daughter stepped on my scale here and almost fainted.

"Is this scale RIGHT??"

"Umm...I'm afraid it is...."

"Can't be!!"

"Wish it wasn't..."

Which launched us into a long discussion about weight. How we gain it. Why we gain it. How we lose it. My two younger daughters have fantastic eating habits. They eat healthy, work out and don't have an ounce of unwanted fat on them. My oldest daughter takes after her momma. We eat for all the wrong reasons. Stress. Anger. Joy. Boredom. Seldom for hunger (mainly because we never allow ourselves to get to that point!)

So there I was - the mother bear - telling my cub all the ins and outs of healthy eating. Eat more fruits and veggies, honey. Get rid of all the junk food in your apartment. Walk to work (she's less than a mile from where she works.) Eat smaller portions. Switch to whole grains.

I was on a roll and you'd think I was some diet guru or something. And then these words played into my subconscious. Physician..heal thyself.

Smack. She was just staring at me as I rambled on and I could read what she was thinking with way too much ease. If she'd had the guts to say it - here's what she would've said:

YOU are telling ME how to lose weight? Isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black? Do YOU eat more fruits and veggies? Do YOU walk daily? Are YOUR portions small (because if they are - they ain't small enough mother dear...")

But she didn't say that. Because I said it first. It's so easy to hand out advice. But it's a much bigger pill to swallow. And it doesn't go down too easy.

I've been writing this blog for more than a year and I have lost and gain the same 10 pounds numerous times. It's not that I don't know WHAT to do. It's not that my heart isn't in to it. I truly want to shed those 50 pounds. And I have motivation. I just don't have willpower. Does anybody know where I can buy some? I seem to get it in short bursts that last a few weeks and I'm sailing along and losing and feeling better about everything and all of a sudden - WHAM! I get tripped up by something stupid and before you know it - the slip turns into a slide and I'm sailing into defeat on my behind.

There are a lot of issues in my life right now that are stress full....but stress is a part of life so I can't lean on that any longer. And I have purged the house of most junk food. (hubby actually hides his stash so I won't find it.) But I can get creative if I have to...and believe me, I have.

I think this is a universal problem for a lot of us. There are some bloggers I read daily that have lost the weight and kept it off. But for the better lot of those I read - we're all struggling. We make small gains - but in a few weeks or a month - we've gained it back or just maintained and not moved forward. For the amount of time that most of us have been blogging - we should've lost a whole lot more than we have. Sometimes I think we're too easy on each other. We tell each other not to worry about that slip (ignoring it's the third one that week...) or that it's okay if if exercise didn't happen today - who wants to walk in the cold (but not addressing that exercise hasn't happened in well over a week...)

But in all honesty - these slips and lapses need to be farther and fewer in between as time goes on. I think I need more accountability. So I'm asking you guys - if I mention a slip - or try to gloss over one - or you see I haven't mentioned exercised in a few days - please hold me to it! I won't get mad. I promise! I NEED to be held accountable or I'll never change. All you have to write is....Lora, you said you wanted to be held accountable so....." And don't feel like I'll shoot back and say "Yeah - well what about YOU!" Because I won't. I'm just telling you what I need and trusting you guys - as my blogging buddies - to give it to me!

Whew. I feel better now.

Now I have to go get ready for my secound round at the job I applied for. They are having me in this morning to meet the rest of the team. Sounds positive. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks guys. I love you all!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Skinny Songs and other stuff....

I think I need to get my mojo back as far as exercise goes. Monday was an absolutely wonderful day - the temps soared into the mid 60's! Unfortunately for me I had a ton of errands and was racing around town all day. I did opt for parking spaces far away so that I could enjoy the sunshine and get in a bit of walking - but it just wasn't the same as taking a good long walk around the neighborhood. I could kick myself now. Because last night we had a nice little winter storm here and now it's cold and yucky. Upstate New York can be very fickle when it comes to weather. We don't pack our winter coats away until late April - just in case - but you never know when a southern wind will come out of nowhere and the coats are tossed by the wayside and we are teased with a day such as Monday. I should've walked. Darn!

And I have just the new CD to bring along while I do! It's called Skinny Songs and I just love it! I'm not really into country music - which is what this CD features - but somehow it works here! The songs are funny ~ motivational lyrics that seem to embody what we all think about when we're trying to lose weight and get in shape.

I've found that the more I listen to it - the more the lyrics seem to stick in my head and come back to me at opportune times! The CD is great for walking to (be forewarned...people will wonder what you're smiling about!) and it's also great to just pop in and listen to in your car or while you're puttering around at home.

The song titles tell it all.... "Skinny Jeans" - "Thin!" - "I'm a Hottie Now" - "Who the hell is That?" Check out the website - you can listen to some downloaded samples! I tried to figure out how to put some on my blog but being the technically challenged woman that I am - got frustrated. Anyhoo - if you're looking for something new to listen to - check it out!

About the job interview - it seemed to go very well and they are going to have me come in next week to meet the rest of the team. Sounds promising. This job won't find me in the classroom - but behind the scenes coordinating training classes for one of the Hospital Health Systems in our area. I think I'd enjoy it!
The interviewer asked me if I'd had any interaction with their hospital in the recent past and I said "Actually...I was just treated there 2 weeks ago...nothing just turned out to be a case of anxiety that caused some chest pains." She asked "What were you anxious about?" To which I replied "Well...the associate producer of the Oprah show was at my house all day filming me for the show this past Thursday and I guess having the camera on me all day got to me." She went ballistic! "Oh my gosh!! You were on Oprah! Can I have your autograph!!" I figured I had to weave that experience into the conversation somehow - let her know I knew how to pitch myself and could handle myself in front of people and it worked! It's good she didn't actually see the show or she might've thought twice about hiring me!

Well guys - it's March. How are you'all doing? As you can see by my sidebar - I'm at a standstill pretty much. My fault totally. Too much distraction in my life and not making food and exercise a priority. This Friday I'm posting a loss no matter what!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Still Here!

No...I haven't been in hiding since my brief television debut - just up to me ears in remodeling! We're almost done with the kitchen - put the ceramic tile back splash up last night and I have a free minute here this morning to catch up on my reading before church and then the in-laws who will convene here at 2:00.

Thanks you so much for all the kind comments you guys left or e-mailed after watching the show! Of course I was as critical as heck about myself as I watched it. Noting the chipmunk cheeks and how darn nervous I was! It was also interesting in the final editing that they left my correction out about being a grandma. Guess they didn't want Marianne Williams to look like she didn't do her homework. I still feel that I was made to look WAY more pathetic than I really am. I really am not a depressed old woman who sits around all day moping on her couch. I thought the show was about the struggles we women ALL go through when we hit that "magical" age. I didn't know I would be showcased against two highly successful women and be the poster child for middle age depression. I'm still very happy I got to be on Oprah though - and was treated royally while in Chicago. The show was after all - not about me - it was about Marianne's book and of course - Oprah!

Now that the excitement is over and I'm back down to earth - my eating is not. It's been all over the place! There has been no routine here as far as a normal day goes in almost 2 weeks. I want my kitchen back and I want some normalcy here! I've been eating standing up at the counter - or at a TV tray in the living room and at very odd hours.

Last night we ordered a pizza for dinner at 10:00 because the stove was unhooked as well as all the kitchen outlets while we tiled. And I ate 3 pieces - and there was pepperoni involved....

I haven't been journaling my food - can't find the blasted journal under all the dust and piles of what-not stacked in my living room! I haven't done my workout DVD - truly and honestly - no time! I subbed three days last week at school and then came straight home to work on the kitchen. It has been a total priority in my life right now because the kitchen is the hub of activity in my household and when it's not in order - neither is the rest of my house - or my life!

I have however, been getting some strength training in...lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, bending, stretching.....I'm way more sore now that I ever am after a DVD workout or lifting my weights. Some of my muscles are saying, "Hey - remember me? Betcha' forgot all about us! we are!" It sure feels good to fall into bed after a hard days work and fall right asleep. Although I haven't been getting my 8 hours in each night. And that takes a toll...

But I also have not been sitting on the couch in a forlorn slump as you saw me on Oprah. In that shot I was actually watching a video of my late hubby and daughters from many years back - on a Christmas morning - and was immersed in the memories of the moment - hence the tear I wiped away in a subsequent shot.

So people - Lora truly needs to get back on track here. The fan fare is over - I can now say "I was on the Oprah Show" and life goes on. All of my long lost friends from years gone have seen the weight I gained and I have more motivation than ever to get back into better shape!

I also have a job interview Tuesday for a position as an Education Training Coordinator for a local hospital. Not teaching Art (as I long to do) but still in the realm of education.... I'm taking the advice Oprah gave me after the show into the interview with me. Believing in myself - positive attitude - and going for the gold! Wish me luck!