Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Did You know?

I missed Biggest Loser last night and forgot to set the VCR. Crap. We went to a Fire Safety Demonstration last night. We got "free" tickets for dinner at one of the nicest places in town if we agreed to sit through a "Live Infomercial" (which is what it was....) In all fairness - it was very interesting and I learned a few things I never knew about fires.

Did you know that if you keep a 9 volt battery in the same drawer as a steel wool pad (you know...the junk drawer)that if the 2 rub even slightly against each other the steel wool will ignite? It's also a no-no to keep them in your purse or pocket where they could come up against any kind of friction. I never knew that! I also never knew that the power strips we all have behind our TV's, stereos, computers....are NOT supposed to be on the floor! They are supposed to be hung on wall. Go figure! They are NOT supposed to be allowed to accumulate dust. Hubby checked the one behind our microwave - the one that also has the toaster, coffee maker. etc. all plugged into it. It had started to melt!! Wow! I'm a little paranoid about fires now. Hubby is meeting with someone today (from afore mentioned dinner presentation) to discuss some new alarms for the new house.

Anyhoo - the dinner. I ate real slow. Set my fork down between EVERY single bite. And it didn't even feel weird. (It feels weirder when I do it at home - alone.) And I was more than full when I finished. And I took less than I normally would have. Problem is - I got the hunger signal well before I was done. And I kept eating. I know now that I truly have to take way more than I think I need. I need to tell myself that it's okay to go back for more (if I'm truly hungry still). This is hard stuff to learn. But I know that it all makes sense.

I have really started to analyze my eating patterns and the middle to late afternoon is my bad time. I will eat anything not nailed down. So I'm working on alternative plans. There is a good energy shake recipe in the WW plan that I made yesterday. 1 banana, 1 cup frozen berries, 1/4 cup plain non-fat yogurt and 1/2 c skim milk. Blend it in a blender with ice. It was good. And satisfying. So that's a start.

Can anyone fill me in on Biggest Loser? I know Brittany got voted off and they all got did they all look?

Has anyone else tried this new eating technique. (I know it sounds so easy it's almost stupid) but I'm finding it very helpful.


Brittany said...

The guys looked just kinda eh. Nothing really shocking. Dan did cut his hair, but it doesn't look that much better. Maggie also got voted out. Brittany and Kelly looked fantastic after their makeovers. I think there are pictures on tv guide's website.

i did not know that about those power strips. eek! i better go check mine when i get home! now i'm paranoid!

Heather said...

dont worry, you will get it. it takes a while to retrain yourself and your behaviors, and each day you will get stronger and more able to understand your body and listen to it.

Scale Junkie said...

WOW, I have power strips all over the floor.

I haven't tried the way of eating suggested because well, because eating in front of the TV is a hard habit to break...tonight I'll try!

Biggest Loser...

Maggie voted off at the beginning

They get make overs and surprise visits from a family member.
Ali looked great
Brittney looked great
Kelly looked great

The guys looked ok but..whatever. Dan cut his hair and showed off his MAJOR EGO that night. (sticking finger down throat now)

They did a challenge where they had to walk backwards on the treadmill over a pool of water. The guy who always wins (Mark?) won AGAIN...yawn

Below the yellow line, Brittany and Jay. Everyone voted for Brittany except Kelly and the guys all gave Kelly a very hard time about not voting with them. Roger wrote on his card with Brittany's name on it under the tray "smokin hot" or something like that, she could be your daughter pervert. Ali voted with the boys. Kelly needs to stay above the yellow line or she is GONE baby gone!

The end.

Pattie said...

I can't help with the Biggest Loser, but I wanted to chime in that mid-afternoons are my worst eating time, too! I'm noticing that this is the time when I have an energy slump. I wonder if that's why I turn to food... I'm not hungry, per se - I'm tired. Hmmm. Food for thought for both of us, Lora (pardon the pun!)

If we don't "talk" again, Happy Easter!

Christine said...

The make overs were wondeful - everyone looked great! Great episode actually - I invested in a TeeVoo and record all my reality tv - not sure what I would do if I missed something - ha. Do take care and enjoy your Easter Weekend!!!!!