Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Skinny Songs and other stuff....

I think I need to get my mojo back as far as exercise goes. Monday was an absolutely wonderful day - the temps soared into the mid 60's! Unfortunately for me I had a ton of errands and was racing around town all day. I did opt for parking spaces far away so that I could enjoy the sunshine and get in a bit of walking - but it just wasn't the same as taking a good long walk around the neighborhood. I could kick myself now. Because last night we had a nice little winter storm here and now it's cold and yucky. Upstate New York can be very fickle when it comes to weather. We don't pack our winter coats away until late April - just in case - but you never know when a southern wind will come out of nowhere and the coats are tossed by the wayside and we are teased with a day such as Monday. I should've walked. Darn!

And I have just the new CD to bring along while I do! It's called Skinny Songs and I just love it! I'm not really into country music - which is what this CD features - but somehow it works here! The songs are funny ~ motivational lyrics that seem to embody what we all think about when we're trying to lose weight and get in shape.

I've found that the more I listen to it - the more the lyrics seem to stick in my head and come back to me at opportune times! The CD is great for walking to (be forewarned...people will wonder what you're smiling about!) and it's also great to just pop in and listen to in your car or while you're puttering around at home.

The song titles tell it all.... "Skinny Jeans" - "Thin!" - "I'm a Hottie Now" - "Who the hell is That?" Check out the website - you can listen to some downloaded samples! I tried to figure out how to put some on my blog but being the technically challenged woman that I am - got frustrated. Anyhoo - if you're looking for something new to listen to - check it out!

About the job interview - it seemed to go very well and they are going to have me come in next week to meet the rest of the team. Sounds promising. This job won't find me in the classroom - but behind the scenes coordinating training classes for one of the Hospital Health Systems in our area. I think I'd enjoy it!
The interviewer asked me if I'd had any interaction with their hospital in the recent past and I said "Actually...I was just treated there 2 weeks ago...nothing just turned out to be a case of anxiety that caused some chest pains." She asked "What were you anxious about?" To which I replied "Well...the associate producer of the Oprah show was at my house all day filming me for the show this past Thursday and I guess having the camera on me all day got to me." She went ballistic! "Oh my gosh!! You were on Oprah! Can I have your autograph!!" I figured I had to weave that experience into the conversation somehow - let her know I knew how to pitch myself and could handle myself in front of people and it worked! It's good she didn't actually see the show or she might've thought twice about hiring me!

Well guys - it's March. How are you'all doing? As you can see by my sidebar - I'm at a standstill pretty much. My fault totally. Too much distraction in my life and not making food and exercise a priority. This Friday I'm posting a loss no matter what!


Felicia said...

I saw you on Oprah too and thought you were just wonderful!!! Good luck with the job prospect. I hope it all goes the way you want it to!!

Have a SUPER wonderful day!

Pattie said...

I loved that you weaved your Oprah experience into your job interview! Very smart! Let us know when you hear anything, ok? My fingers are crossed for you.

Please don’t beat yourself up right now. Your home is in chaos: get through that and life will get back to normal again, I promise. We were without a kitchen for over three months some years back. It's nutso and plays havoc with your eating. So be kind to yourself, ok? This too shall pass!

Honi said...

excellent that you put Oprah in the mix .. hope it all goes your way!

Simone said...

Well done on your interview. keep your chin up and can only get better.

Scale Junkie said...

Way to name drop at the interview! I saw you on the show and I thought you did wonderful. I'm sure you are very qualified for the job and now with your Oprah mention, you've made yourself memorable for more reasons than your skills. I hope it goes the way you want!

Linda said...

Your fickle weather....Tell me about it, you described our British weather to a T, it can go from one extreme to the other all year round.

I just love the way you slipped the Oprah show into the job interview...WELL DONE!!

Hugs to you xx

CindyPTN said...

I'm enjoying the new CD too. It's pretty fun. Way to go on your interview.

I'm pretty happy it's March. The promise of warming weather and getting outdoors is so close.

Heather said...

grr I just typed out a long comment and I dont think it saved!

well I think I was saying that its ok to feel the way that you do, but dont ever let yourself think that you are the wrong person to be instilling advice. because I think sometimes the ones who are the best at knowing what works are those who have done the things they should have, and then also dont sometimes. you know what works even if you dont do it all the time. And no one is perfect all the time. I think its great that you are giving advice to yoru daughters about this.

CactusFreek said...

Good on you for getting some positives all lined up!
The CD sounds great! I might pop over to that link to check it out.
The job you have gone for may not be teaching as yet, but it's a foot in the door that could lead to it :o)