Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not So Pleasant in our House Today...

Well it's been an interesting 2 days in our household. Grand baby (he's 3 1/2) woke up Sunday night with the throw-ups. Which means he didn't go to day care Monday and Grammy (that's me) got to stay with him all day. He pretty much couched it most of the day and took a very long nap. Which meant I was confined to the house all day and couldn't run. I s'pose I could've when his mom got here, but at that point it was almost 6:00 and I figured I'd play catch up today. Except... the throw-ups were still here today.

Hubby was still home at 10:30 this morning so I geared up and asked him to keep an eye on our snookums while I snuck out for my run, but he had an appointment with a customer and had to leave. I should've asked first. So I did the next best thing. Since Mr. Upchuck hadn't projectiled on my sofa since around 8 AM I figured he was good for a walk. The weather was perfect and I was already sneakered up and ready to go anyway. So I strapped him into his stroller and we went for a 2 mile walk. After about the first 1/2 mile I decided that I would try running with the stroller. That was interesting. I could only do it one handed - it was too awkward to run behind it. I ran about 1/2 mile. It just wasn't runner friendly. And I felt kind of foolish. Like I was running to get somewhere quick instead of exercising. Although this kindly old gentelman who was washing his RV commented "Look at you - getting a double work out today!"

So I'm behind a day on the running. I'll definitely catch up tomorrow and aim for 21 minutes. Which is about 1.75 miles for me. I'm getting there. Slow but sure. I'm looking forward to being at the lake over the 4th of July and running with my daughter again. Memorial Day weekend I was huffing and puffing trying to do 5 minutes. Won't she be amazed that her ol' mama can run 4 times that now!

Right now, grand baby is napping and I need to do the last load of throw-up laundry. Gheesh...I thought those days were behind me! I'm going over to the new house to cook out with the hubby again tonight. The fireflies are just starting to make thier appearance and the nights have been beautiful for campfires. I love summer. Very, very much.
By the way - I just noticed the Google Ad on my side bar - for discreet affairs????? Don't know WHY they would put that on MY site - but believe me - I do NOT endorse that! hmmm....and as I go to post this I notce it's gone. Boy are they fast!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where I Slept Last Night!

Last night hubby and I slept (camped out) in our bedroom in the new house! Amidst the 2 x4's and sawdust.... We decided that the camper is just too damp and the bed is hard and the mosquitoes are obnoxious. So we set up a double bed (one that will go in the spare room when we finally move in) in the space that will be our bedroom and rigged an extension cord from downstairs (none of the electric upstairs is working yet). The only lamp available was an old lava lamp so we plugged that in.

Now you have to picture the setting. There are only studs and 2 x 4's separating the "rooms" There is no ceiling - you can see right through to the roof. We unpackaged all the screens that came with the new windows and installed them and felt a wonderful cross breeze all evening (courtesy of the "no wall" situation.)

Our bed seemed dwarfed in our new bedroom which made me very happy. When we laid out the plans with the architect I'd wanted to make sure that the Master bedroom had enough room for a nice sitting chair and side table so I could read if I wanted to. No matter how much chicken scratching I did on paper - until I saw the bed actually in the room - I wasn't sure how big it actually was.

When I woke up this morning I squished my eyes shut and tried to envision myself in the room when it is actually completed. Ceiling, drywall, other furniture, curtains on the windows.... It was fun! It's always nice to have an "adventure" going on in your life. Someday we'll be all settled in the new place...with a daily routine and things will be rather ordinary (which isn't always such a bad thing). But for right now - things are anything but ordinary and I'm enjoying the process!

I won't say that there aren't days that I feel frustrated and just want things normal again. The house we're in now shows definite signs that it's about to be deserted. The living room is empty. (I gave all the furniture to my oldest daughter when she moved into her apartment.) All the pictures are off the walls and packed in boxes. Two of the bedrooms upstairs are empty except for boxes packed for the move. The deck is empty (we moved all the furniture to the cottage). So this isn't really a "home" anymore in the respect that it feels cozy and pretty. And the new place obviously isn't a home yet either! Some days I feel a little caught between two worlds. But I'm trying to enjoy the transition as much as I can in spite of the disarray.

So that has been my weekend so far. I'm off to church now and then back to the other house to cut the grass. With 4 acres comes a lot of grass..... Hope y'all have enjoyed yours!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Longest Day of the Year!

Today was a crappy running day. I was supposed to go yesterday but we had our appointment for the loan closing right smack in the time slot I like to run and since I'd already showered and gotten dressed for the bank - I didn't want to get all sweated up and have to shower again. I was also feeling yucky - headache most of the day and a bit feverish/nauseous in the evening.

So I went today. It's hot again here - and after I'd run for 12 minutes my daughter pulled up in the car to ask me a question. Once I stopped I was hard put to start again so I walked 3 minutes and then ran again. But after a few minutes I was dragging again and walked some more. I finished up about 5 more minutes before I came to my house. Not a good day. But I still made it out there and gave it my best shot. I think whatever was ailing me yesterday must've zapped my energy. And it didn't help that last night I met hubby at the new house and we had a campfire and slept out in the camper. Which translates to I didn't sleep much because the bed is hard...there were mosquitoes circling my head all night and hubby snored (which he normally doesn't do - usually it's me!)

Right now the sweat is dripping off me and I can't decide weather to shower or crash on my bed. Maybe I'll do both.

Today is the first official day of summer here - the longest day of the year (daylight wise...) How sad. From here on in the days get shorter again. And we've only just begun !

Hope you're all having a great weekend so far!

Friday, June 20, 2008

"What's your pace?" and other bubble bursting lines....

So last night some of my old high school pals got together for dinner. It's great that after all these years we still manage to do that! And when we're together it feels as if nothing has really changed - we're still teenagers giggling and gabbing and reminiscing. Except of course when it's time to order and we all pull out our reading glasses. Or the topic turns to the latest self-cure for hot flashes.... Other than that we're 16 again for an evening.

The topic turned to exercise and I mentioned casually that I have been running. Two of my friends were wide-eyed and amazed that I was able to run 20 minutes without stopping. They made me feel so proud! Then the gal next to me asked "What's your pace?"

Oh oh. Seasoned runner here. I stammered..."Well...I run about a mile and a half in 20 minutes." She smiled.

"Do you run?" I asked.

"Yes. I can do about 8 miles. I'm thinking of training for a half marathon."

Now mind you she said this in the least condescending way possible. She is one of the sweetest people I know and weighs all of about 100 pounds soaking wet. We were cheerleaders together and I guess she never got over being athletic. Somewhere along the line I did.

All of a sudden my mile and a half seemed pathetic.

Then I opened up my e-mail just now and read all the encouraging comments form you guys and mile and a half seemed not so bad. I guess we need to remind ourselves that it's all relative. I may not be running 8 miles or training for half marathons - but I'm running 21 minutes straight - which is something I thought was impossible 6 short weeks ago.

And the advice on writing things down makes sense too. I'm not running daily. It's only 3 times a week. I think I was secretly hoping that the fat would just melt off me and I'd become a size 10 overnight. One can dream, right?

One more bit of happy news....we just returned from the bank. We closed on out home equity line of credit and now we have some money to finish the new house! Once this one is sold we can pay it right back and stash the rest into investments. Maybe we will be in there by the end of summer! Maybe.
ps...the pic is of the gals I went to dinner with last night. It was taken a year ago. The middle one is the 8 miler.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good Morning for a run!

I definitely run better earlier in the day rather than later. It was cooler today and I knew 8 minutes into my run that I would finish the entire 20 minutes. When the 20 minutes were up I ran one extra minute just to make this my longest run yet.

I was breathing fine and my legs didn't feel like they weighed 40 pounds each. Hey wait...they probably actually weigh more than that. Oh well...the point is - I wasn't dragging like yesterday. Interestingly all I had for breakfast (an hour before I ran) was 1/2 a bagel and 2 cups of coffee.

It feels so good though - to know it's behind me - that I did it - which translates to this is the first time I've embarked on an exercise program and kept it up for this long (6 weeks so far) in a very, very long time. A funny thing I've noticed too...my appetite isn't as voracious as it normally is. I had thought that when you exercise more - you want to eat more. But the opposite has been true for me. I just seem to be satisfied with less. Maybe the whole smaller plate thing is finally making a dent. My eyes may be adjusting to smaller amounts perhaps.

Still - the weight is staying the same (in fact it has even gone up a pound) and that is messing with my head. Big time. Okay....I know the whole thing about muscle weighing more than fat...and I've posted numerous comments on fellow bloggers sites telling them not to sweat the numbers on the scale....but now it's hitting home and I'm puzzled.

I'll admit - I am not watching what I eat religiously. but like I said - I am eating less than I used to. I guess I figured now that I'm exercising regularly and at a higher intensity than I have in ages....that I could fudge on the eating part. Still people! I should be losing something!!

Has anyone had any experience like this when they started running? Will I eventually make some headway here?

Okay - regarding the pic of the rooster.....

Every morning for that past few weeks - at about 5:30 - my neighbor's two roosters meander over to my front yard (right under my bedroom window) and crow...and crow...and crow! It's driving me crazy! For some reason they've decided that they like my front yard and they hang out here all the time. Which doesn't bother me (I'm a country gal at heart) but 5:30 in the morning? So today I go out for my run and there is one of them on top of the car!

Hubby says we'll be having chicken for dinner one night soon. (No way - I can't eat anything I've met.) As for talking to the neighbor....he's an old fellow, not doing too well so I'm willing to let it be. I mean, I've survived his goats eating my flowers, his pigs tearing up my lawn and even the Emu that used to come around now and then. I guess I can handle the roosters.

Besides - in contrast - living next to him is MUCH more enjoyable than having Mr. Imanass for a neighbor down at the lake. Now him I'd let hubby cook for dinner. As long as I got to be the one who poked the fork in him to see if he was done.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Okay...still not much to say except...

Just finished my run. Forget what I said about it not being humid. It was brutal. And today was the first time since I started that I cut a run sequence short. I was going to run 20 minutes straight. Then I got out there and I was just dragging. My legs felt heavy and I was breathing harder than I have been lately. Not like I did at the beginning 6 weeks ago (my gosh...has it been 6 weeks?!) but still harder than I have in a few days.
I've been running in the mornings lately. This one was at 4:00 PM. I ate my lunch late today (2:45) and gave my sandwich an hour to settle. I did gulp down a big glass of water before I left. Maybe that was a bad idea. Not sure - but it just felt like an off day.

I ran 10 minutes - walked 3 and planned to run another 10 but after 6 I decided to stop. I walked another minute and ran again. I only did 3 more minutes because I arrived at my front door about then. The extra walking messed with my route.

I decided I would rather listen to my body and for what ever reason it was being a slug today - I would go with it and get back on track Wednesday. Do I feel like a failure? No way! I went out there and ran! When I think back to that first week - where the whole sequence was 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes (and how hard the running was) and to now - where 1 minute of running is nothing(!) to me - I realized how far I've come in such a short time.

You runners out there keep assuring me that I can do this and that it will get easier. And from reading your blogs - I see you have off days too. We're all only human, right? So I will forge ahead and try to keep a log of what time of day I run - what I eat before hand - yada, yada to see if I can find my rhythm here.

If any of you out there are sitting on the fence about the Cto5k program (like I was for several months before I decided to give it a go) I am encouraging you to try it. Go at your own pace. I assure you - if you make up your mind to give it a fair chance - you will amaze yourself!

Right now...I need a shower!

Not much to say right now...

The muggy weather has finally given us a break. A cold front is moving in and there has been intermittent rain for the past few days (with more ahead) so the air conditioner is finally getting some time off. And that means my run today won't be so sweaty and sticky!

I'm repeating the 20 minutes straight. If I feel so inclined I may do 21. (Big deal...but Rome wasn't built in a day!) The schedule actually calls for 25 each day this week. Maybe I'll do 25 on Friday. I'm still so darn intimidated before I run - wondering if I can do it. I always do. But the dread is still always there before I begin.

I'll check back in after my run.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ahh Summer!

Last night I packed up a nice dinner and went over to the new house with my grandson to cook up dinner for hubby and have a nice campfire. His mommy is visiting her younger sister in Massachusetts for the weekend.

We don't even go into the new house when we're there - we hang out back under the pavilion. We have all we need there - out door kitchen, bathroom....

So we arrive and it is MUGGY! The sweat was dripping off me and my clothes were sticking to every part of my body. The mosquito's were having a feast and the thought of spraying repellent on my already sticky body was too much to bear.

Then...all of a sudden the temperature dropped a bit and the sky grew very dark. Rain! On our nice cookout? Ahh...but it was a welcome thing! It came down in sheets. And the thunder and lightening was incredible. We were safe and dry under the pavilion but grandbaby kept his hands over his ears the whole time (he's 3) and stayed right by our side.

It never did stop but we managed to have a campfire under the pines anyway and cook our dinner. I cut up some red potatoes and onions and cooked them in a foil packet over the fire. Then we grilled some portabello mushrooms and steak. I only had about 4 thin slices of the steak (it was actually beef - we usually eat venison).

We put grandbaby to sleep in the camper that sits out there and sat by the fire till about 12:30. We were wet...but it was still nice to be outside. We practically live outside in the summer nights. Even when the new house is finally finished - we'll still probably eat and prepare most of our meals out back in the summer months. Are we weird?

Today's run calls for 25 minutes straight - which I will not do since I deviated from last week's final run which was 20 minutes. But since I did 13 the other day with no problem - I'm just going to run and see what happens. I'm going to try to get out there right away because it's 76 degrees already and will probably just get muggier as the day wears on.

My husband's cousin & his wife are coming over to the new house tonight for a cookout and we're going to all camp out overnight. There's that weirdness again! But summer's are so fleeting here in Upstate NY - that I squeeze all I can out of them. (I'm itching to get to the lake again too...hubby's schedule is tight in the summer months....)
I ran.....20 minutes - no stopping - in the rain! Woohooo!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Surprised Myself Once Again!

I didn't have to sub today so I got to do my run in the morning. I checked today's schedule on Cto5k and it said I had to do 2 10 minute runs with 3 minutes of walking in between. At first I thought "no way...I'll do the two 8 minute runs - no way I can run 10." But then I got out there and started running and realized that I'm getting pretty good at this!

I ran the 10 with no problem and here's the funny part ~ as my stop watch is just registering that I'd run 10 minutes, this car pulls up to the corner (I happened to be right at the corner of my street) filled with a bunch of boys that are my students. (Not sure why they weren't in school...) and I see them leering out the window at me - I'm sure thinking "There goes Mrs. E running her fat ass around the neighborhood.." and there was no way I was going to stop and do my 3 minute walk. They would've thought I was a wuss and couldn't handle it. So I kept running. And after they passed...I still kept running. I did a total of 13 minutes. Woohoo! I ran 13 minutes! I'm in my 50's people!

So then I walked 2 minutes (instead of the 3) and then ran another 7 minutes which brought me right to my driveway. And here's the cool part. When I got done I was NOT out of breath. I was sweating like a pig but breathing fine! My body is actually getting used to this. I know now that I will be able to do this! It used to be the breathing part was the hardest for me. But now my lungs and heart are actually getting conditioned to handle this. I could've run longer than the 13 minutes. But I decided to just stay with the program and not jump ahead of myself. It seems that whenever I think I can't do this - I amaze myself and see that I can!

Hubby and I also got pre-approved for our home equity line of credit so we can proceed with the new house. We've been at a stand still for several months. Until this house we're living in now is sold - we have no funds to move forward on the new one. It is finished on the outside - siding, roof , windows.....but the inside is just a shell. The heat & electric are in - but other than that - nada. So hopefully after next Friday we'll be able to proceed.

Hope you're all having a fantastic week!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pushing on....

Yesterday I did NOT want to run. It was the first time since I started this program that I started feeding myself excuses as to why I shouldn't run that day. First it was too hot. Okay. Sounds fair enough. But then it started raining and the temperature dove about 20 degrees. So now it's cool but it's raining. Then the rain stopped. So I sucked it up and looked back at how far I'd come and remembered all you guys cheering me on. I put on my running shoes, strapped my MP3 player to my arm, grabbed my stopwatch and headed out the door.

It was an easy run. The schedule called for 5 min. walking & 5 min. running repeated 3 times. And I felt good when I was done. That sense of accomplishment can be beat by little else! So I'm still on schedule and making progress. And today I'm subbing or that teacher I mentioned before (the one who turned her life around by running) so I'll get an extra dose of "go get 'em" just by being in her classroom and seeing all her awards and posters and pics about her marathons.

I took my measurements again yesterday and I've lost 3/4 of an inch on my waist and a 1/2 on my hips. Not much - but I'll take it. Not sure about Mr. Scale because my dear little grandson discovered the buttons and decided to randomly push them. Now the numbers are up and I'm not sure how to get them back down. It's one of those fancy scales with all the bells and whistles that of course I never bothered to learn how to use because excuse me - but no scale can tell your body fat just by you standing on it. So I only learned how to set the weight (which I've since forgotten how to do).

Well, I'm off to work folks. Hope you have a great one and get a little respite from the heat. We seem to have cooler air today and I plan on enjoying that!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


The wedding yesterday was beautiful! My niece looked lovely and of course I cried. Weddings always make me cry. I'm not sure why...but as soon as the bridal march begins I lose it. I guess it's because weddings are such happy occasions - full of hope and promise for the future. They are a sign that the circle of life continues as a new family is formed and two extended families are merged together. My duaghter and her hubby also sang a beautiful duet during the ceremony "When God made you..He must've been thinking of me..." and of course that made me cry too! (thank goodness for waterproof mascara!)

The reception was so much fun and I danced half the night (unusual for me) but now that I'm running I've tapped into a little more energy than I knew I had. My son in law (whom I haven't seen in a couple of months - he didn't make the last trip in from Massachusetts with my daughter) asked me if I had lost weight (!) That made my night! I told him that I'd been running and while the weight has been slow to come off - I think it's rearranging itself. And my other daughter (bless her heart) told me my butt looked a lot smaller.

Those are the things I need to make me continue on believe that this journey is worth the struggle. And it was those words that compelled me to go out in the sweltering heat this morning before church and do my run. As I'd planned - I deviated form the schedule of running 20 straight minutes. I repeated the two 8 minute runs with a 5 minute walk in between. It was hot but I did it and I'm finding that the breathing is getting easier.

I have also come to the truthful realization that I really need to watch my food intake better. I've gotten lax since I started the Cto5k program thinking that it didn't matter. But it does. Last night at the reception they had stations with the most incredible food! And I helped myself to what ever I wanted. But I did take tiny servings and I passed on the wedding cake. (Each table had their very own cake which amounted to very large slabs of cake!) but being that I'm not a real cake person, it was easy to pass up.

In between the ceremony and the reception we went to my cousin's house for an "in-between" party and I found my hand in the snack bowls more often than it should've been. And it didn't help that the morning of the wedding my oldest daughter showed up at the house with cream filled chocolate covered donuts. My absolute favorite. And of course...I ate one.

So I need to watch it. And maybe when this running becomes something I do daily instead of every other day - and I've managed to drop the weight I'm carrying now - I'll be able to not be so concerned about what goes into my mouth as long as it's in moderation.

I'm trying to keep up with the small plate theory (I swear it really has some merit) and drinking my water and choosing whole grains whenever possible. I keep telling myself - one foot in front of the other and eventually I'll reach my goal.

I've included a few pics of the happy day - the happy bride and groom and me and my siblings. (Me on the far left - the matriarch of the family...) This was at the end of the evening...tired and swaety!
Hope you'll had a great weekend!

Friday, June 6, 2008

The heat is on!

It's hotter than blazes here right now - 90 degrees on my thermometer in the shade. The classroom I taught in today had to be one of the hottest rooms in the school. I felt like I was melting. The kids were dripping wet and I had 3 fans going. I know you people in hotter regions of the world are probably saying "you call that hot?" But here in upstate NY (where summers are fleeting - our schools don't have A/C) so we suffer.

Anyway - I need to hop in the shower before the rehearsal dinner (thought I had this covered this morning ~ NOT!) If it's this hot tomorrow (the humidity is awful) I won't be running. Anything to put off that 20 minute run, right? Oh wait. I told myself I was doing the two 8 minutes stretches. But I'll run Sunday. Not to worry. Lora is not giving up. I just don't want to get heat exhaustion before the wedding!

Hope you all have a great weekend. I'll try to check in, but who knows. Stay healthy and eat well!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I DID IT! gasp...pant...wheeze...

No - actually it wasn't that bad. I'm not saying I had the time of my life - but it really wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. Which is why I am going to repeat this sequence again in two days. The schedule calls for a 5 minute walk followed by 20 minutes of continuous running. A big jump adding an extra 12 minutes to the 8 I accomplished today. But the Cto5k program says to modify it to fit your pace.

Face it folks - in a few weeks I'll be 51 years old. The fact that I'm out running at all is a feat I never imagined for myself. And if I try to follow the program to the letter (which I've done so far) and can;'t do it - I'll feel defeated and perhaps give up.

Right now I can't say I love running. I love the way I feel when I'm done - and I love that I'm helping my body and feel younger than I have in a long time - but I don't love the running. I kind of like it. The challenge part I guess is what thrills me. But I want to do this and compete in a 5 K and continue running for exercise. My goal (when all is said & done is to run 2 miles daily.) I'll never be like some of you who run 4, 5 even 6 miles. I just can't see myself doing that. But I CAN see myself running 2 miles daily. But than again..ya' never know!

Now if I had him to chase me I might do that 20 minutes!

Okay - sweat is dripping all over the keyboard. I have lots to do today. Daughter & her hubby come home from Massachusetts tomorrow for the wedding (she's a bridesmaid) and the house is in dire need of cleaning. (I have to work tomorrow so today is the day to get cracking.)

If you have a chance - stop by the "garden Party" at Manuela's and see her lovely flowers!

Happy Thursday all!

Ready Set Go!

It's 10:05 AM and 79 degrees. I'm heading out now to do my run. Two - 8 minute stretches (3/4 mile each) separated by a 5 minute walk in between. I'm hesitant. It's warm and humid and I don't know if I can run 8 minutes straight. Twice. But I'm going to try.

I'll check back when I'm done.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Counting down to the Wedding!

I just came in from my Cto5k run for today. It's week 5/day 1. I got a day behind because of the busy weekend. Today's schedule was (after a 5 minute warm up walk) to run 5 - walk 3 -run 5 - walk 3 - run 5. It seemed daunting (as it always does when I bump it up a bit) but I did it without stopping. It was the third 5 minute run where I could feel the endorphins kick in. I was breathing easier - running smoother and not minding it as I did the first set.

As usual I'm looking ahead and thinking there's no way I can do this! My next run has 2 - 8 minutes sets with a 5 minute walk in between. Is it just me or did whoever thought up this schedule become a sadist halfway through? And get this - the last run this week is 20 minutes without stopping. I don't think I can do that. I really don't. If I do - I am giving myself one of Diana's badges - or maybe even a couple of 'em!

Things are getting busy around here with the wedding coming up this weekend! All the family is buzzing with excitement! My sister's daughter is getting married and she's the first to leave her nest. My own two daughter's were married just 2 years ago this month in a double wedding and all of this is bringing back such happy memories! I remember it was about 95 degrees that day (and we had no air conditioning in the house). Hubby set up 2 large fans to try to circulate the air so we all wouldn't melt before we got to the church. One by one family members trickled in for pictures and last minute primping for the bridesmaids. Because it was a double wedding there were LOTS of bridesmaids! There were 28 attendants, 2 flower girls and 2 ring bearers! What a day! Our local newspaper covered the story (I mean how often do you have a double wedding?) and we savored every minute of the whole wonderful ordeal.
Now my niece is getting married and once again the family is all in celebratory mode as we anticipate this happy event and look forward to seeing family & friends that live out of town. My only regret is that my mom & dad cannot take part in the festivities. But I know they will be with us in spirit this Saturday.
Okay....gotta' take a shower! Wish my luck on my next run. I need it. Big time!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm Tired!

I've been awol again - but it's been a busy few days. Friday night my in-laws and I threw a surprise birthday party for my hubby (50 years old!) It was all family and a few of his close friends but ended up at about 50 people so there was lots to do. It turned out well - he was surprised and the rain held out till about 11:00. It was out back in our "picnic" area so we had a pavilion for cover and after a while didn't care much if we got wet or not. (see pic)

Saturday all the girls in the family drove to Keuka lake to have a bachelorette party for my niece who ties the knot next Saturday. Needless to say...I'm pretty tired and didn't so so well eating "good" food.

I also didn't get my run in Friday. I was up and at the other house real early to get things ready for the party. I am planning to do it today. Don't worry - I AM NOT THROWING IN THE TOWEL!

I plan on really working at things this week so that at the wedding next weekend I won't have to wear the pig nose (a contest we girls have going on in anticipation of the wedding....)

Right now I have to unpack and get dressed. (I wore my jammies home from the lake!) They look kind of like exercise clothes and I did put my bra back on.....you know, just in case of a flat tire or something.

Hope you all had a great weekend! I sure did!