Monday, June 16, 2008

Not much to say right now...

The muggy weather has finally given us a break. A cold front is moving in and there has been intermittent rain for the past few days (with more ahead) so the air conditioner is finally getting some time off. And that means my run today won't be so sweaty and sticky!

I'm repeating the 20 minutes straight. If I feel so inclined I may do 21. (Big deal...but Rome wasn't built in a day!) The schedule actually calls for 25 each day this week. Maybe I'll do 25 on Friday. I'm still so darn intimidated before I run - wondering if I can do it. I always do. But the dread is still always there before I begin.

I'll check back in after my run.


Andrew is getting fit said...

Keep plugging away at it. It does get easier. Trust me I've been there.

And you CAN do it.

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

I did it by going telephone pole to telephone pole - bribing myself into just one more. I have three tricks for running when I want to stop - the first is to make myself run as slow as I can possibly run. It is a fun game a good break and always amazes me that my body will always speed up to find its perfect speed again. Another trick is to run slower than usual -it will get you farther. And my third trick is mental - I remind myself of all the worse/harder things I have done for longer periods of time.

Good luck!