Monday, October 19, 2009

Woo Hoo - Still Here...

Wasn't it me who promised I'd never "fall off the ends of the earth" and stop posting without letting you all know.... yes. That was me. Sorry. I've just been so busy - so stressed - and so not on a schedule that the blog has taken a back seat. But I'm still here!

The new house is coming along and by golly I DO think we will be in there for Christmas! Most of the rooms are painted, the kitchen cabinets have been ordered, the lighting has all been purchased and we have even hung the blinds in our bedroom. It's going to be a mad rush to get the flooring in, order counter tops and install the appliances (not to mention hang the doors, install the trim and the ten million other little things that will make this house our home) but we're making progress and I do see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel!

This past week I got my official diploma in the mail. I now hold a Masters Degree. No job to show for it...but at least now when I fill out those silly surveys that ask about your education I can check the next box down. (big deal..)

Tomorrow I leave for Florida with my 2 sisters and sister-in-law to visit my niece in Pensacola and celebrate my sister's 50th birthday. We decided we needed a "girl's" trip and since we haven't done a get away like this since 2003 - it was time. I managed to lose 9 pounds and seem to be holding at that. It's a small dent. But enough to keep me motivated. We're bringing our sneakers so we can walk every morning while we're there. I can't wait! We had a non-existent summer here this year (it actually didn't arrive until until mid August and then ended abruptly) so I'm looking forward to a spell of warm weather. We'll be gone till Sunday and I plan to leave all my stress at home and just enjoy life while I'm there!

I also promise to try to write more. And visit you all more. And post some pics too!

Oh - and about the min-reunion last month. It was a blast! The old boyfriend was there and as I sat between him and my best friend since second grade (that lives too far away!) it felt like we were back in high school! There were 19 of us and as I looked around the circle as we sat around the campfire - I swear I didn't even notice the wrinkles or graying temples or extra chins that each of us sported in one way or another. It was just the same bunch of friends from so many years ago and it felt so good! The pic is of me and two wonderful friends!

Have a happy week!