Thursday, November 29, 2007

This Is a First!

Okay here's a first! Let me preface by telling you that I am THE Queen of Procrastination. If something can be done later...then that's when I do it. (as in why the diet always started tomorrow for so many years...)

So finally - as in the first time EVER - I have accomplished a greater part of my Christmas shopping before the tree is even fully decorated! And get this! The gifts I've bought - are wrapped! (no...I didn't have them gift-wrapped at the stores...I did it myself as soon as I brought each one home!)

Now mind you - I still have a ton of shopping left to do. I buy for 34 people (big family) and for my kids, son in laws, grandson - I buy lots of stuff. (about 10 gifts each.) So that's LOT of shopping! But dang if my tree isn't up (albeit with only the lights on it yet) and is surrounded by wrapped presents!

I feel so very UN-STRESSED! I think perhaps it was due to the fact that last Christmas the stress pretty much did me in. I was teaching elementary school at the time (ART and I saw 632 kids per week) which meant I had 632 opportunities each week to be exposed to whatever viruses happened to be going around at the time. I had pink eye 3 times. I had a cough that started around Thanksgiving and migrated into a myriad of things between then and Christmas. I had several different types of colds. (Yes - there are many types and I was blessed to have them all!) Not to mention my daughter decided to move 2 weeks before Christmas so here was I - the sick momma - helping her move in blizzard like conditions with my puny mini van which took about 6 trips over 3 days.

So being sick - I kept putting of the shopping till I felt better which never happened and I spent several VERY hectic days fighting malls, crowds, snow and a fever - doing what I should have been doing weeks before.

Christmas Eve I pulled myself out of bed and went to my sister's where I lay on the couch all evening. (They made me come - said they didn't are if I spread germs - that I needed to be with my family.) They were all very sorry they said that the following week when everyone got sick.

Anyway - my point is - stress is bad! With a capital B! It runs down the immune system - wreaks havoc on our diet - and takes the joy out of what should be joyful!

So this year I determined to shop early. Put the tree up early. Wrap early. (Usually I wrap everything all at once and it sucks!) I can't vouch for hubby. He can be as bad as I am. Last year he was outside putting the herd of deer we've ammased over the years and the giant candy cane up (we have a 25 foot lit candy cane) on December 23rd.

I want to enjoy the holidays. I want to have time to put some Christmas music on, sit in the big blue comfy chair by the wood stove and sip a glass of wine while I admire the tree. When I do venture out to the malls - I don't want to feel like I'm on a mission to shop till I drop. I want to enjoy the decorations....listen to the piped in music....stop for a leisurely salad if I'm hungry instead of slamming down a fast food combo.

Anyway - Lora's doing the happy dance over here. because it's still November and my tree is up and has presents! Okay....the decorations aren't on it yet but Rome wasn't built in a day!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Interview with Marty Wolff From The Biggest Loser...

Wow! Marty gave some really great answers to the questions below. I hope they inspire you as much as they have me ~ especially the remark about there being "no finish line". Amen! He also mentioned in passing how he missed Thanksgiving last year because he was on the show at the time....and now after this one - he really needs to hit the gym. I think sentiments like that have been all over blogdom this week!

I still have some gift bags to send out - so the first seven people to comment on this post will receive one.

And now for the interview! (My questions are in red ~ Marty's answers are in italics.)

* How do you stay focused at home now. After living in that bubble at the Biggest Loser facility. Life is filled with social things and they mostly revolve around food - how do you do it? (for example - Thanksgiving!)

I constantly determine new goals for myself. On the show Bob said something that has really stuck out, he said " there is no finish line." I do not let myself believe I am "done." There is always something new to accomplish, so I try to challenge myself and set goals for myself. Being a personal trainer now, and constantly being around others in the same battle I am in is also motivating and refreshing. Food is an issue for me, but my plan is work out at least 6 hours a week. I know with that dedication to myself that I can free up my eating and be OK. As a personal trainer I know the power of small changes to daily routines, and there are many opportunities to be involved in programs that are continually challenging. One program I am involved in is the Wrigley's Walk and Chew Gum Challenge. They have developed a web site, and it aims to reward people for making two small changes to their daily routine; taking more steps and cutting calories. Wrigley and I are collectively challenging Americans to cut 10 million calories and walk 100,000 miles. It is really easy to be apart of the challenge! All you do is log on to and sign up for the challenge. You then use the site to log the miles you walk and the calories you save from chewing Extra gum instead of a high calorie snack like a brownie. This challenge is a terrific maintenance tool to use on the Internet and is a reminder that small changes can go a long way!

* What was the most shocking thing that happened at the house that wasn't on the show?

I really am not supposed to comment on things that were not seen on TV, but... let me just say there were several fights that took place that were never shown.

* How has your life changed since the show, besides the obvious physical changes?

Well I can't go out to eat without strangers counting my calories!!! Really the biggest changes have been adapting from psycho weight loss mode to maintenance and finding that happy balance in my life. Amy (who is my fiance now) and I are now personal trainers and want to help others on their weight loss journey. We have a web site if you want to check us out. There is really so much that is different it would take hours to tell, but as I walk through life now I am constantly reminded in everything I do of the person I was before the show (emotionally, physically, bad habits I had, and how I look at life in general). The Biggest Loser does create weight loss machines, but more so, it changes lives for the better! I feel I am reminded of that every day.

* Do you keep in touch with the other players from season 3? How about the trainers, Bob and Kim?

I keep in touch with Amy obviously! Wylie, Eric, Brian, Pam, and Poppi mostly. I hear from Bob from time to time. There are online communities established to keep all of us together, so I generally know what everyone is up to now a days.

* How in the world do they really lose that much weight weekly. Some of the results are just seem unbelievable!

There is a sort of hidden pattern on the show. The first week is usually a crap shoot because people are contaminated with toxins and sodium and they lose excess water weight naturally. That week really depends on who was the most contaminated and who's body was shocked the most from starting the program. Then about a month into the show weights begin to even out (if people are not playing the game and drinking water like in this season). At this point you will begin to see more consistent weight loss, and if you ask me, is where the big men have an advantage. Once you wake up that great machine (their body) the weight will fall off. At this point in the show, even though the people still look heavy, their bodies are so clean and healthy from the previous 3 months of training and hard work.

* Your bio states: "Marty believes anyone can lose weight, but it takes a great deal of inner searching to change your life forever. He says the biggest difference between old Marty and new Marty is that he has answered a simple question. He would love the chance to share this question with you!"
So...what is that question?!

"WHAT KIND OF LIFE DO YOU WANT TO LIVE?" Until the answer (s) to this complex question are found, diets, fads, and tips are no use at all! This helps find the reasons BEHIND the bad habits and downfalls, and gives a blueprint for positive change in your life! What kind of life do you want to live?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Miss Piggy Checking In....

Well my resolve finally cracked. Yesterday at the in-laws I ate. And ate. And ate. A few glasses of wine...several tastes of the brie...a couple (or 5) cheese squares...second helpings on the stuffing and mashed potatoes (with gravy of course) not to mention all the stuff I'm sure I mindlessly shoved into my mouth as I hovered over the appetizers (like I promised myself I wouldn't - but that's where hubby's family hangs out so I had to be sociable, right?) I was too stuffed for dessert thank goodness, but hubby's mom sent left overs home with us so naturally that's what I had for lunch today. And backing up - for breakfast I had a hunk of Thanksgiving cake (a traditional family recipe) that my daughter made for us.

Can we say *oink*!

My pants felt tight this morning as I got ready for church. The scale is registering a 3 pound gain. And I feel just plain bloated. I'm heading over to the other house to help hubby knock out a walkway between the new basement and the old. (Doesn't that just sound like an incredibly fun way to spend an afternoon - in a cold gutted house that has no heat!) The heating system will be installed Tuesday. Yeah! Now if we could put a firecracker under the siding guy. Our house has been wrapped in Tyvek for months now and I'm getting antsy to see it all come together.

Anyway - I should burn off a few calories between tearing the wall out and trying to keep warm. Of course not enough to undo the damage I did yesterday.

My middle daughter and I are trying to mesh our schedules so we can start meeting at the church gym (our church has an awesome fitness room). She is in great shape - but her treadmill broke down and she needs an outlet. She runs on it every single day. Not sure where she got that resolve. Certainly not from her momma! I'm figuring we should start now because come January when everybody in the universe goes an a diet - we'll have our places saved.

Keep me accountable and ask if I've gone to the gym. Thanks (!)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Baby It's Cold Outside!

There's this strange thing about people who live in Upstate New York. We hang onto summer until there's absolutely nothing left we can squeeze out of it. We are really just poor creatures in denial....

Case in point ~ last night hubby said let's grill those portabello mushrooms we have. Without any hesitation I agreed. The grill is on the deck and yes...there's a little snow out there. But heck! Last week it was in the 50's and didn't feel like November at all so why not?
Well - I offered to do the grilling. I kind of like standing out on the deck under the stars by myself. Even when the air is crisp. But let me tell you! Last night was more than crisp! My first hint should've been when the knobs on the grill were frozen. But that didn't deter me. When the snow under my feet squeaked I started thinking "Gee...maybe winter is really here...." When the inside of my nose started freezing up I knew there was no denying it.

Hubby came out and said "Wow it must be about 25 degrees out here." My frozen boogers told me it was much lower than that! I took a peek at the outdoor thermometer. 13 degrees! Where the heck did THAT come from??

I don't like winter. I don't like snow. I like sunshine. And sand beaches and flowers. But this is where my family is. This is where we've always been and I guess this is where I'll probably always stay. *sigh* So my guess is we'll be grilling until the snow hides the grill. Pretending it's still summer.....
In a few hours we'll be off to my in-laws for Thanksgiving number 2. This place send us home armed with left-overs. Gonna' have to step up the willpower for the next few days!

Happy weekend to all and hey~ send me some questions for Marty from the Biggest Loser! I've got 8 more prize packages to send out to whoever helps me with some questions for the interview. There must be something you want to ask him! I know I sure do!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Assessing Damage Control...

SO I didn't get to walk yesterday. The rain turned to snow and we were behind schedule so it was a wash. I did sip my water all day at the farm (treated myself to a wee glass of wine after dinner....) As for the meal - I took small portions (of everything) and was pretty stuffed by the time my plate was clean. Now usually I take bigger portions and go back for seconds - so this was a step forward. The bad thing is ~ I was full before I finished everything and the "Clean Plate Club" mentality kicked in.

After the farm we trekked off to another location for dessert which was 90 minutes away. Enough time for me to work up an appetite! I had a slice of my healthy cheesecake and one peanut butter cookie. (Did I mention I had a small slice of blueberry pie at the farm?)

Even though I wasn't super bad - I know that I DID consume a ton of calories. And now I have to go to a baby shower Saturday and right after that another Thanksgiving meal at the in-laws. Gheesh! This is gonna be tough!

Anyhoo - it was a wonderful day at the farm - there were 28 of us and it was so nice to see late hubby's family. They'll always be my family too. No matter what...and for that...I'm truly thankful!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Getting Ready for the Feast!

Today is the big cooking day for me. I've armed myself with some healthy alternatives to my usual fare (the cranberry relish recipe Kathy sent me , the Pumpkin Pie recipe on Healthy Girl, and a Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe that I can't remember where I found - but it's been modified to be oh-so-healthy!) Also a green bean casserole that has been cut of some fat and a few adjustments to my squash courtesy of some Splenda...

Of course some things that can't be Praline topped sweet potato casserole that has been a staple for years....the brie en crute I always bring....but hey - it's Thanksgiving!

Here are my weapons of choice to combat this holiday that begins tonight (hubby's cousins always have a party the night before Thanksgiving - which I think is totally ridiculous but that's another issue for another time....) Anyhoo - I will drink bottled water. I will hang out other places than the kitchen - where the food is. I will make sure I eat something healthy before I go. Tonight won't be too hard. After cooking all day I'm never that hungry.

Tomorrow at the farm - same deal regarding appetizers. When it comes to dinner - I will take smaller portions of the more fattening fare...larger of the stuff I know is good for me. No second helpings. And yep...I'll eat whatever I want (like I's Thanksgiving!) But with the afore mentioned tactics - the day won't be as damaging as it could be.

That evening - at my cousin's house for dessert - I have my trusty pie & cheesecake to choose from.

Saturday - when we do it all again at hubby's family's house - same as Thursday.

I don't expect to lose any weight this week - but I also don't expect to gain! I'm stepping up the walking (it's been pleasant again here - in the 50's). Our upstate NY weather is notorious for keeping us guessing....only here can you wear shorts one day and a scarf the next!)

And about those questions for Marty! I have a few good ones but I'd like some more! I have those gift bags to give away!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Marty Wolff is Stopping Here for a Visit!

This is for all you faithful fans of The Biggest Loser! How'd you like to ask Marty Wolff (from season three) some questions? I've been asked by Wrigley's (yep - the gum people) to do an interview with Marty and I'll be posting the interview right here on this blog, next Tuesday.

Sooo....I need your help coming up with some questions! I know there are some of you out there that are just itching to pick his brain! So here's what I'm gonna' do - so we can ALL be a part of this! Wrigley and NBC’s The Biggest Loser are giving away 10 Walk and Chew Gum sets. These include a pedometer, a water bottle, gum, and a bonus Biggest Loser DVD. If I use your question in the interview I'll make sure you get one!

So post those questions! And be sure to check out the Walk and Chew Challenge that Wrigley's and NBC have teamed up to do. It's great motivation at this volatile time of year for weight gain and there are some pretty great prizes too!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Getting Mentally Prepared for this Weekend...

Wow - I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week! We have several dinners to go to.
Thursday we trek out to my late husband's family gathering. It's always nice when we go there. It's a vintage farm tucked on a quiet country road. I always feel like I've stepped into an old movie when I go there. There's lots of home cooked food....a big fire in the wood stove...singing and music....hayrides and treks into the woods to find Christmas trees. If any of you from Upstate NY ever followed "The Alps Road Journal" (which use to be syndicated in the Buffalo news and various other small papers) that's where we're going! My late brother-in-law was the author of that column and we're spending Thanksgiving on Alps Road :-)

When we leave the farm we'll travel about an hour and a half to my cousin's house for "Pies." When the extended family got too big to all eat together we decided that we'd at least gather for dessert at someone's house and now we call it "Pies."

Friday we get a breather, then on Saturday we're going to present hubby's parents' house for yet another meal.

Eating right - and light - will be a challenge. I've gathered some healthy, lo-cal recipes together and will try (I said try) to stay on track. But it's Thanksgiving and even if I don't stay completely on the wagon....I'm going to try to hold on to it for dear life as I bounce through this weekend.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Need a Recipe!

Help! Last week I came across a recipe for cranberry relish. I thought it was on Hungry Girl and I thought I saved it! but I can't find it anywhere. Maybe I saw it somewhere else.

Since we're all on the lookout for healthy recipes, perhaps one of you saw it too?

If anyone has it can you send me the link?

Thanks oodles!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Goodbye Summer.....

Thursday I took a solo trek to the lake to batten down the hatches for winter. It actually started snowing while I was there....It's always sad to close down the cottage. It's like finishing another chapter in our lives and I tend to dawdle and sift through the memories as I put things away.

My middle daughter always had a tradition at the end of summer. She'd stand at the end of the dock and throw a rock into the lake. It was her rite of passing, I guess. Her "goodbye" to another summer. This year I threw one in for her. Now that she's married and doesn't get here much I figured the tradition was something of a distant memory. When I told her I'd thrown a rock for her she laughed and said, "Oh mom...I did that when Nate I were there that week in September! I'd never miss throwing my rock!" It's nice to know that some things from childhood live on....

I emptied out the fridge and scrubbed it down so it will be shiny & fresh when we come back in the spring. All the canned goods and soda were packed for home so they wouldn't explode when the freezing temps hit. I put the lawn furniture away and took the umbrella off the table outside. I emptied the water lines and put antifreeze in the traps. (I was a widow for a while, remember? I've learned to become quite self-sufficient without a man thank you very much...though I do like having one around!) Then I set out the "mouse food" ~ just in case.

I decided to take one last walk around the lake before I left. To collect my memories and say goodbye to another season. It was getting colder and the sun was going down so I grabbed a flashlight. I didn't get too far when I realized it would be very dark when I got back so I turned around. I don't mind the dark in the summer when the lake is bustling with people but when I had driven in earlier I noticed that every cottage was empty on our side of the lake. There are a few year-rounds on the other side of the lake but our side was much too quiet for me to go prancing around in the dark. There are bears after all - and we did have a murder several years ago. The caretaker at the abandoned kids camp at the end of the lake was found dead in the woods - next to a crow bar. (Sounds like a movie, eh?) They never did solve the mystery...

So I locked up and hopped in the car and said "goodbye" to the lake for the winter. I stopped in town and grabbed a cup of coffee for the ride home. I like days like that. Where something is accomplished that won't get messed up, used up or need to be re-done for a long while.

So winter is here - not officially by the calender - but when the first snow flies - it's here for me! Walking will be hard - I don't do snow - I HATE snow! Give it to me on a Christmas card once a year and I'll do just fine. Our church has a gym with all kinds of exercise equipment in it that we can use for free. I'm thinking of finding a partner and dragging my arse there this winter on a regular basis.

I need to do that! (I found three packages of frozen chocolate cookie dough in the freezer at the cottage....made a batch last night and have already eaten half of them.) I'm so very bad!

Friday, November 16, 2007

I've been tagged....

I've been tagged by Cactus Freak, So here goes...

Five "FOUR" questions for me to answer ~

Four dishes I like to cook:

Chicken Stew with dumplings
Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding (my grandma's dish from England)
Pasta Primavera
Thanksgiving Cake

Four qualities I love in people:

sincerity (I know...that's 5 but they're all important to me!)

Four things in my bedroom:

a telelvision
a bible
an air conditioner that needs to be put away for winter
my hubby's dirty socks laying in the middle of the floor

Four dirty words I like/tend to use:

(for some reason I've always believed that if I change them a little they don't count!)

Four objects I will never part with, and will leave to someone to inherit when I die:
My great-grandmother's bible (signed & dated by her in 1895)
All of my books (there's LOTS)
My wedding rings
My cottage

So there you go.I will tag.....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Have Met the Enemy...and His Name is Hershey.

Okay. We've all done these things. These incredibly stupid, stupid things that we rarely share with anyone except perhaps that first day at weight watchers when everyone confesses to their most embarrassing binge.

Well...I'm about to confess a whopper here and I'm only telling because I need to tell someone! ARGHH! I can't believe I reverted to my "old" ways and did what I did!

So here's the story. Hubby bought himself a King Size Hershey Bar with Almonds. You know - the really big size one that isn't eaten all in one sitting. So it sits there all day (he forgot to take it to work) and it's whispering my name every time I walk by it. So I put it out of sight. Good so far. I make it throughout the whole day and don't touch it. Even though every time I walk through the kitchen it's whispering, "Psst. I'm under the mail."

The next morning I wake up and it looks like hubby heard it too because it's half eaten and the remainder of it is carefully wrapped back up in the package. Not a good thing. Now that it's open I can sneak a small piece and he'll never know. Which is what I do. Several times. Until it's GONE! Oh no! I ate hubby's candy bar and he'll tease me now for sure! So I go to the store and buy another one. Of course I must cut it in half and wrap the remainder up carefully just as he did the night before. And of course (now you knew this was coming) I had to hide the evidence so I ate the half I'd just cut off.

It gets worse. The carefully wrapped half sits right where hubby left it (I dare not move it or he'll know I was into it and may ask questions and I couldn't lie to him - and to admit what I did would be even worse!) all day again. This time it doesn't whisper my name. I shouts it. "Hey. Lora! C'mon....I'm right where you left me!" Crap! I eat this half too! And of course - I run right out to the store, buy another, cut it in half, re-wrap it and once the evidence.

Thank goodness when I got up this morning the empty wrapper was in the trash and the saga was ended.

They say confession is good for the soul. That may be well true, but unfortunately it doesn't negate all those calories I ingested in that chocolate-crazed binge I partook in.

Anyway. Had to fess up. I'm not perfect (of course you knew that!) So it's another U-turn for me. Gosh I'm getting dizzy here! But I'm pressing forward. And the next time hubby brings the enemy into the house like that I'm taking action right away and demanding he gets it out. PRONTO!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Here Come the Holidays!

Wow! Already the holiday parties are filling my calendar. After Thanksgiving (we have 2 meals to attend - one on that Thursday and the other on the Saturday following) the schedule heats up. Every weekend starting on December 1st, is booked with a party! Our only reprieve is the weekend before Christmas ~ but that could change too.

Actually - I'm not too worried about the parties. I plan to sip on ice water with lemon so that's a TON of calories saved. And the hors douv'res...well ~ I'll just have to make wise choices and be extra diligent during the week. You see....the way I figure it - it's all about lifestyle changes. Holidays will always be with us. I'm not looking at this weight loss thing as a diet anymore - like I once was a "way back when". Diets are something temporary. Lifestyle changes are permanent. It's all about balance...moderation...wise choices.

When I look at others (who don't seem to battle the bulge like I do) I don't see them skimping at holiday parties and denying themselves. On the same token I don't see them hovering over the food table inhaling all its contents either. They seem to pick and choose what they will eat. And maybe they'll consume more calories that evening than most. But that's the key. Than most... You see - it's all about getting back on the bandwagon and sticking with the healthy habits we've acclimated into our lives. I'm not going to beat myself up over a few indulgences at those holiday parties. Like I said - one lifestyle change is already in effect. The ice water. No booze. And I know that I must limit my conversations to places OTHER than the buffet table. After all - isn't that what these parties are all about? Mingling with people...sharing smiles and laughter amid the festive holiday coziness? It's not all about the food. So why must I be in close proximity to it all evening? Out of sight...out of mind...right?

What are some holiday survival strategies that you'll incorporate into your lifestyle this season? Any healthy appetizer recipes you want to share?

We CAN do this. Survive the holidays. Like I said. They're not going away (nor would I wish them to!) But we can peacefully co-exist and still lose some pounds in the process!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Who Left The Book in my Door?

Yesterday I opened the front door to go outside and someone has slipped a book in between the 2 doors. It was brand new, still in the shrink wrap seal. There was no mailing label on it - so it didn't come from the postman. And nowhere was my name on it so it's very puzzling.

The name of the book is "The Church Supper Cookbook." I don't recall it ever being mentioned at our church (and our church wouldn't hand deliver something like that as a gift...they'd set it out in the lobby for the taking.)

So where did it come from??

Anyway ~ I opened it up and started perusing the recipes. Egad! Every recipe is a dieter's worst nightmare! Oil, sour cream, sugar, butter..... No wonder pot luck dishes at church taste so darn good!

The thing is here...I don't think I'll ever make anything from it. How could I in good conscience? How's that for irony - a church cookbook loaded with guilt!

I'm still puzzled though...about where it came from. I'm sure the mystery will solve itself eventually.

In the meantime...speaking of recipes....I read one on Hungry Girl a few weeks back about french fries made from butternut squash. It sounded very intriguing. Has anyone tried this? I'm almost thinking it might be a good way to get my grandson to eat some veggies. And frankly...I need a little variety in that department too. I love squash & sweet potatoes....but unfortunately I like to cook them with butter & brown sugar. Not such a good idea. Does anyone else have any suggestions?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Oh What a Day! I weigh myself this morning and I'm still hanging in there at 189 (I was 188 the other day but I don't get too consumed with minor fluctuations). As long as I'm below 190 ~ I'm satisfied for now. And I'm feeling good - waist measurement down, tummy feeling flatter, cheekbones peeking out at me from the mirror. So what's the problem you say? Well......whenever things are going really cheeky - as they are now - something comes over me in the form of a raging beast and I want to eat everything that isn't nailed down!

The day started out good. I had a healthy breakfast - high fiber cereal and skim milk. Lunch was a diet broccoli & turkey roll up and an apple. Then 3:30 came and I went berserk! I tamed the tummy growling with another diet roll up. (Not good - that was 210 calories.) When that didn't satisfy I nuked some fish sticks. 10 of them! Well - 5 the first time and another 5 the second round. They were little....but that was another 400 calories. (I won't even mention the tartar sauce!) Then....Oh it gets worse! I ate 2 ho-hos! Another 270 calories! then I stopped. But I feel like crap now! Why is it that as soon as I start to get confident - I revert to my old pathetic ways? But ~ not one to linger at pity parties too long - especially my own....I'm taking some of my own advice and making a U-turn and getting back on the road to less of me. I will not chalk this day up as blowing it. Because it's not over. I guess the old me would've said "Oh well - may as well pig out the rest of the day and start again tomorrow." But not this time! It's going to be a healthy dinner (if I even feel like eating) and back to where I was headed.

I guess that's progress. In any case - the day started out good - and it's going to end good. Period.
Oh...and it snowed here this morning! Yucky poo!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Out of Sight...Out of Mind!

Want to know how pathetic I can be at times? I bought Nerds for Halloween so I wouldn't be tempted to eat them. And of course since we only had about 2 trick or treaters there was a whole crap load left over. So yesterday I see the big bowl sitting there and I grab a box of them. Why? I HATE them! But they were there and I figured I see if maybe somehow I'd developed a taste for them. How insane is THAT?

SO.... I open the little box and pop a few in my mouth. Thank you Lord, that they still taste like plastic soaked in sugar. I spit them out and tossed the box away.

My point here is..I can still tend to eat mindlessly. And for no reason other than - it's there. I'm really good about keeping junk out of the house. Hubby on the other hand sneaks it in. He likes Ho-Hos and Peanut Butter Bars and Oreos...need I go on? I tell him to hide the stuff. Sometimes he does. Once I found his stash (quite by accident) in the Venison box in the freezer in the basement. If I have to go searching for stuff I'd rather not bother. But if it's sitting there right in front of me...well, that's a different story. I've never been one to ignore the call.

So I guess it's time to have a talk with hubby about his stash. He needs to keep it out of sight. (Once I got a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day & made hubby lock it in a strong box so I could only have a piece by asking him.) How crazy is THAT! But it worked. I'm a sucker for chocolate. Sometimes dire measures are in order to tame the beast....

In other areas - I'm really doing okay. I'm still feeling in control most of the time and the hollows of my cheeks have once again made an appearance. I'm 189 (I knew the 188 was a fluke...that's why I didn't get all that excited) but I'm still happy to have broken into the 180's.

I'm shooting for the 170's by Christmas. It's strange but I'm one of these people that actually does better losing weight this time of year. Not sure why. Summer just always kills me with the lack of schedule and the picnic fare.

I'm also watching my waist measurement which has gone down 2 whole inches! I was 39" and now it's 37". Dr.Oz (my hero) says that women need to have a waist measurement of 32" or less to be in the healthy zone. And Lord knows with the heart disease in my family - I want to be in that healthy zone!

It's been a lazy morning since we turned the clocks back last night. We gained an extra hour (of course I couldn't sleep - my internal clock is still on daylight's saving time). So I think I'm going to take a walk before church. Happy rest of the weekend to all!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Dr. Oz Rocks!

Last night I stayed up till midnight watching a marathon of Dr. Oz shows. Remember...he's my hero when it comes to health, nutrition and weight loss. I saw him on Oprah yesterday discussing his newest book :You Staying Young and they mentioned he'd be on the Discovery/Health Channel later in the evening.

I'm telling you - the guy rocks! He really knows his stuff when it comes to our bodies and how we need to treat them. He had these two hearts (real specimens) that he used to demonstrate the effects of a non-healthy diet. Unbelievable! The fatty one was double or more the size of the normal one. It was gr-oss! He also had two aortas. One was normal and healthy. Very soft, a flattened tube. The other had plaque build up from cholesterol. You could see the hard chunks! You could see the tears in the surface. Egads! If that isn't enough to make one think twice before they put something in their mouth - I don't know what is!

Anyway ~ the three shows: You-The Owner's Manual, You-On A Diet and You-Staying Young were all very similar but also all worth watching. They followed about 9 or 10 people whose eating was out of control as far as their health was concerned. Dr. Oz put them on a 90 day regime to change their eating and exercise habits. At the end of the 3 months it was amazing to see the transformations! Not only did they look good - they all felt good too! They were able to throw away their cholesterol meds and their blood pressure meds. Their diabetes was now under control. One women (on Oprah) was even raving about her new found sex life and the great orgasms (while her hubby sat by smiling!)

Since reading You-On a Diet, I've become much more health conscious. Now that I've watched those three shows I'm even more determined to eat better and move more. (And...learn how to handle stress better too.) It's not even about the weight anymore. I mean...I DO want to lose weight and look better - but even more so, I want to be healthy too! I want to live to see all my grandchildren have children! I want to still be hiking and swimming and camping well into the next several decades! I want to FEEL young.

Lately the aches and pains have been creeping up on me. I'd chalked it up to aging. Now I'm saying BULL! I have a choice about the way I age. And like that commercial says - I plan to fight it every step of the way!

I urge you - no, I'm TELLING you (!) to read at least ONE of Dr. Oz's books. It will change the way you look at your body in the most profound way.