Sunday, November 25, 2007

Miss Piggy Checking In....

Well my resolve finally cracked. Yesterday at the in-laws I ate. And ate. And ate. A few glasses of wine...several tastes of the brie...a couple (or 5) cheese squares...second helpings on the stuffing and mashed potatoes (with gravy of course) not to mention all the stuff I'm sure I mindlessly shoved into my mouth as I hovered over the appetizers (like I promised myself I wouldn't - but that's where hubby's family hangs out so I had to be sociable, right?) I was too stuffed for dessert thank goodness, but hubby's mom sent left overs home with us so naturally that's what I had for lunch today. And backing up - for breakfast I had a hunk of Thanksgiving cake (a traditional family recipe) that my daughter made for us.

Can we say *oink*!

My pants felt tight this morning as I got ready for church. The scale is registering a 3 pound gain. And I feel just plain bloated. I'm heading over to the other house to help hubby knock out a walkway between the new basement and the old. (Doesn't that just sound like an incredibly fun way to spend an afternoon - in a cold gutted house that has no heat!) The heating system will be installed Tuesday. Yeah! Now if we could put a firecracker under the siding guy. Our house has been wrapped in Tyvek for months now and I'm getting antsy to see it all come together.

Anyway - I should burn off a few calories between tearing the wall out and trying to keep warm. Of course not enough to undo the damage I did yesterday.

My middle daughter and I are trying to mesh our schedules so we can start meeting at the church gym (our church has an awesome fitness room). She is in great shape - but her treadmill broke down and she needs an outlet. She runs on it every single day. Not sure where she got that resolve. Certainly not from her momma! I'm figuring we should start now because come January when everybody in the universe goes an a diet - we'll have our places saved.

Keep me accountable and ask if I've gone to the gym. Thanks (!)


CactusFreek said...

lol like you didn't know all this wasn't going to happen!
Walk woman, like you've never walked before!!

honib1 said...

hey lora.. guess what I started eating last monday after my wedding... and I forgot to stop until today LOL... dont feel bad.. its over..