Sunday, November 4, 2007

Out of Sight...Out of Mind!

Want to know how pathetic I can be at times? I bought Nerds for Halloween so I wouldn't be tempted to eat them. And of course since we only had about 2 trick or treaters there was a whole crap load left over. So yesterday I see the big bowl sitting there and I grab a box of them. Why? I HATE them! But they were there and I figured I see if maybe somehow I'd developed a taste for them. How insane is THAT?

SO.... I open the little box and pop a few in my mouth. Thank you Lord, that they still taste like plastic soaked in sugar. I spit them out and tossed the box away.

My point here is..I can still tend to eat mindlessly. And for no reason other than - it's there. I'm really good about keeping junk out of the house. Hubby on the other hand sneaks it in. He likes Ho-Hos and Peanut Butter Bars and Oreos...need I go on? I tell him to hide the stuff. Sometimes he does. Once I found his stash (quite by accident) in the Venison box in the freezer in the basement. If I have to go searching for stuff I'd rather not bother. But if it's sitting there right in front of me...well, that's a different story. I've never been one to ignore the call.

So I guess it's time to have a talk with hubby about his stash. He needs to keep it out of sight. (Once I got a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day & made hubby lock it in a strong box so I could only have a piece by asking him.) How crazy is THAT! But it worked. I'm a sucker for chocolate. Sometimes dire measures are in order to tame the beast....

In other areas - I'm really doing okay. I'm still feeling in control most of the time and the hollows of my cheeks have once again made an appearance. I'm 189 (I knew the 188 was a fluke...that's why I didn't get all that excited) but I'm still happy to have broken into the 180's.

I'm shooting for the 170's by Christmas. It's strange but I'm one of these people that actually does better losing weight this time of year. Not sure why. Summer just always kills me with the lack of schedule and the picnic fare.

I'm also watching my waist measurement which has gone down 2 whole inches! I was 39" and now it's 37". Dr.Oz (my hero) says that women need to have a waist measurement of 32" or less to be in the healthy zone. And Lord knows with the heart disease in my family - I want to be in that healthy zone!

It's been a lazy morning since we turned the clocks back last night. We gained an extra hour (of course I couldn't sleep - my internal clock is still on daylight's saving time). So I think I'm going to take a walk before church. Happy rest of the weekend to all!


Christine said...

Yah! I bought Dr. Oz's book. Super happy and have already started reading it.

Sad to say that I like Nerds. I would have loved to trick or treat at your place, haha. Haven't had them for years though...ha.

Scale Junkie said...

I've done that too with candy I don't even like...I'm considering the strong box for the candy, Hubby would make a great candy sheriff as long as it wasn't a kind he liked then he might eat it himself!

honib1 said...

I have done that with candy as well.. oh and I lose weight much better December through June.. than June through December.. how weird is that... at least this time I have kept off what I lost from May on.. which is good.. after the wedding in 2 weeks its full throttle for me.. I would love to see the 170s by Jan 1 .. that would be rockin cool.... MUCH LUCK TO U.. ... I think its a good idea to talk to hubby about moving his treats.. and make sure you have some treats for yourself.. maybe sugar free choc pudding.. Hunts brand now has them shelf stable for between 45 and 50 calories.. I think I saw that on if you do not link to Hungrygirl start doing it.. they have super ideas over there..

honib1 said...

regarding the PB2... 54 calories per 2 tablespoon serving 2.8 grams of fat.. it really is good.. you can use it in recipes and just mix it with a little water and u have a great dip for apples or carrots or celery etc...

CactusFreek said...

I think my waist measurement is 1035 lol
I do the same mindless stuff with food. Jason offered me some lollies the other day. They were peaches and cream lollies & i don't like them at all. But i ate two. The whole time thinking, "What am i doing?!?" But i still swallowed them and digested them, happily, into my fat cells :o(

Other than the Nerds [whitch you spat out anyway] you seem to have a great hold on everything! :o)