Saturday, November 10, 2007

Here Come the Holidays!

Wow! Already the holiday parties are filling my calendar. After Thanksgiving (we have 2 meals to attend - one on that Thursday and the other on the Saturday following) the schedule heats up. Every weekend starting on December 1st, is booked with a party! Our only reprieve is the weekend before Christmas ~ but that could change too.

Actually - I'm not too worried about the parties. I plan to sip on ice water with lemon so that's a TON of calories saved. And the hors douv'res...well ~ I'll just have to make wise choices and be extra diligent during the week. You see....the way I figure it - it's all about lifestyle changes. Holidays will always be with us. I'm not looking at this weight loss thing as a diet anymore - like I once was a "way back when". Diets are something temporary. Lifestyle changes are permanent. It's all about balance...moderation...wise choices.

When I look at others (who don't seem to battle the bulge like I do) I don't see them skimping at holiday parties and denying themselves. On the same token I don't see them hovering over the food table inhaling all its contents either. They seem to pick and choose what they will eat. And maybe they'll consume more calories that evening than most. But that's the key. Than most... You see - it's all about getting back on the bandwagon and sticking with the healthy habits we've acclimated into our lives. I'm not going to beat myself up over a few indulgences at those holiday parties. Like I said - one lifestyle change is already in effect. The ice water. No booze. And I know that I must limit my conversations to places OTHER than the buffet table. After all - isn't that what these parties are all about? Mingling with people...sharing smiles and laughter amid the festive holiday coziness? It's not all about the food. So why must I be in close proximity to it all evening? Out of sight...out of mind...right?

What are some holiday survival strategies that you'll incorporate into your lifestyle this season? Any healthy appetizer recipes you want to share?

We CAN do this. Survive the holidays. Like I said. They're not going away (nor would I wish them to!) But we can peacefully co-exist and still lose some pounds in the process!


Anonymous said...

Hi, great blog. I enjoyed reading it and I will return. By the way, the image you posted makes mention of bandwith instead of letting us see the actual image. When you find a picture (of any kind) online you need to first save it to your computer before you can post it on your blog. If you simply copy an image and post it on your blog...someone actually has to continue to pay for it. You see they actually rent out internet space for images and when you take one without saving it are forcing them to coninually pay up on it.

Lora said...

I dind't know that about the pictures...I usually just find one on google images and copy from there. Thanks for the tip!

honib1 said...

great post... luckily for me I dont celebrate christmas otherwise I think it would be a nightmare.. as I love to cook.. and well.. I love to eat LOL... but we do get invited to christmas parties.. and chanukah parties.. and all holiday parties.. I sometimes eat before I go.. then pick a treat or two... or I pick a few things I really want and have them and then just stick to the fruit or veggie tray... if its a dinner I have a small snack before hand and dont eat all on my plate.. and a lot of times Steve and I will share things..