Saturday, November 24, 2007

Baby It's Cold Outside!

There's this strange thing about people who live in Upstate New York. We hang onto summer until there's absolutely nothing left we can squeeze out of it. We are really just poor creatures in denial....

Case in point ~ last night hubby said let's grill those portabello mushrooms we have. Without any hesitation I agreed. The grill is on the deck and yes...there's a little snow out there. But heck! Last week it was in the 50's and didn't feel like November at all so why not?
Well - I offered to do the grilling. I kind of like standing out on the deck under the stars by myself. Even when the air is crisp. But let me tell you! Last night was more than crisp! My first hint should've been when the knobs on the grill were frozen. But that didn't deter me. When the snow under my feet squeaked I started thinking "Gee...maybe winter is really here...." When the inside of my nose started freezing up I knew there was no denying it.

Hubby came out and said "Wow it must be about 25 degrees out here." My frozen boogers told me it was much lower than that! I took a peek at the outdoor thermometer. 13 degrees! Where the heck did THAT come from??

I don't like winter. I don't like snow. I like sunshine. And sand beaches and flowers. But this is where my family is. This is where we've always been and I guess this is where I'll probably always stay. *sigh* So my guess is we'll be grilling until the snow hides the grill. Pretending it's still summer.....
In a few hours we'll be off to my in-laws for Thanksgiving number 2. This place send us home armed with left-overs. Gonna' have to step up the willpower for the next few days!

Happy weekend to all and hey~ send me some questions for Marty from the Biggest Loser! I've got 8 more prize packages to send out to whoever helps me with some questions for the interview. There must be something you want to ask him! I know I sure do!


Christine said...

I hate winter as well - BBQ is a huge part of our summer lives and when I have to break it to hubby that BBQ life is over - he cries.

Nervous about your interview with Marty? Super anxious to read the details. With every season of the Biggest Loser, things get better - its not like alot of other reality tv. How many seasons of Survivor have we had to sit thru? And its just getting worse. Biggest Loser makes me feel good and makes me want to do better for myself.

Laura said...

That is so funny that you hate the snow and live right in the middle of it because I am stuck in hot, muggy, extremely humid East Texas where it is a miracle for us to ever see snow. Now when we do it is mostly ice and everyone thinks it is snow. I lived in IL until I was 10 and LOVED< LOVED the snow. Wish for it every year. But as you said, I to am probably stuck here.

I do have a question that runs through my mind everytime I watch The Biggest Loser. How in the world do they really lose that much weight weekly. Some of the results are just unbelievable to me.

Another question, the contestants are able to block out the real world and concentrate on weight loss constantly. So, could a person really start from day one at home and incorporate this type of regimen and truly see these types of losses while working and taking care of day to day life.

Don't know if my questions are really worthy, but they run through my mind every week. I enjoy the show, but who would be able to do this in the real world and see the weight loss results these contestants see?