Monday, July 13, 2009

Back to Reality....

Oh my...I've been way for a while! Tweaking the thesis, working on the new house and then away for 10 days at the lake. Oh complete blissfulness!

We were finally there long enough to settle into somewhat of a routine. Morning coffee on the dock...leisurely strolls around the lake after dinner....campfires in the evening with Benny Goodman crooning endlessly from the boom box (yeah, we're rustic there - no fancy stereo system, a TV that only plays videos, no A/C or laundry - but we do have an array of cellphones when we're all there that we actually have created a shelf for now!)
All of my daughters were there - the hubbies were gone to work during the week so we had some extra nice bonding time. My sister was across the lake (a short sprint across on the boat) with her 2 daughters and my youngest sister drove in for a night, so we definitely had an excess of estrogen at times. All good!
I received a complimentary bottle of green tea supplements from a fellow blogger (see side link under "Diet and Weightloss" ) the day I left for the lake so I decided to give them a shot and see what happens. I've read good stuff about green tea so I'll let you know!
The only flaw in the whole vacation was Mr. Imanass. (He's my jerky neighbor - the deranged one that is always harassing me.) Last night as I was leaving to go home with my 4 year old grandson (everyone else had gone - it was just the 2 of us) I walked to the top of the stairs and there he was in all his looniness - drunker than skunk with a pitchfork in his hand. Reminded me of that Grant Wood Portrait - Gothic America. Anyhoo - as I'm backing out the idiot whacks my car with the pitchfork! I jumped out (shaking like a leaf) and used some of the words I try not to say very much on him. Then I went back to my cottage and called the police. He hightailed it inside his cottage and turned all the lights out. We're on a small lake and word travels fast so it wasn't long before a few neighbors showed up. When the cops finally came (it was almost an hour...) note to self - if I'm ever in a real crisis - don't call the Bath Police! we had a small crowd and Mr. Imanass was nowhere in sight.

Well it seems that because there wasn't any damage to my car they couldn't charge him with criminal mischief. And because he never raised the pitchfork towards me (just my car) he couldn't be charged with attempted assault. My car was assaulted - what the heck??! But that's how it is down there. We actually have him on video tape throwing my lawn ornaments into the lake but he was never charged. There's lame D.A. down there that doesn't like to deal with "lake stuff". But the officer last night was nice enough and said he go down and try to scare some sense into the guy. In the meantime he told me to get an order of protection so the creep would maybe finally leave me alone.
Who knows what his issue is. He's not very popular on the lake (remember small lake - big mouths...) I think when first hubby died he kind of like to think of himself of my "guardian". He was always friendly before that (still creepy and perverted - but nice enough). Then he started referring to me and my 3 daughters as his little "Harem." Enter hubby number 2 and all hell breaks loose. The "harem" was busted up and Mr. Imanass started getting jerky about property lines and other petty issues. Anything to start a fight. Ah but I'll leave it at that or I could go on forever!

Yet even he could not wreck the peaceful bliss I experienced the past 10 days with my family at our little cottage, nestled in the hemlocks, perched on the edge of a small lake where the bass are big and gentle summer breeze rustles the curtains as the sun sets and sparkle time starts - casting glinting diamonds of light across the ceiling. How I wish I lived there all the time! Even in spite of Mr. Imanass.
Hope you all had a delightful 4th of July - picnicking with family and friends, watching the fireworks, puttering in the garden....
I'll be catching up on blogs this week. No computer at the lake so I've been out of the loop.