Friday, June 12, 2009

Dr. Phil Called.....

I really am still here. Just up to my elbows and other nether parts in primer and plaster dust. We SO want to be in the new place before summer is over. Hubby is up to his own body parts in grease working 12 hour days at his mechanic job (and since said machines are of the lawn care nature) this is the B-U-S-Y season!

My diet (or lack thereof) is in the hole. I'll be wrapping a big towel around my rear end anytime I get the nerve up to take a dip in the lake. I've been so sore and achey lately that exercise seems daunting. When the weather changes (especially the humidity) these old joints remind me that I'm not a spring chicken anymore. Not that I'm ready to join the old hen party yet - but somewhere in between.

A few weeks ago one of the Producers from the Dr. Phil Show called (in response to a letter I'd written) and asked if I would be interested in partaking in a weight loss segment. Hello?! Like - YES! So I sent in the obligatory full length pics and answered all the questions they had. And then was told that it (meaning the segment) was on the table for now and maybe they would be contacting me in the future. *sigh* (I'm not holding my breath). But too be able to say one was on Oprah AND Dr. Phil! Wouldn't that make a fine addendum to my resume! Oh well. My biggest "alas" was because I thought just maybe the accountability factor would spur me into thinness.

Guess I'm back to doing it on my own.

My sisters and I are going to Florida in October for a few days so I have that in front of me. Perhaps it will be incentive enough.

I'm still job hunting fiercely and coming up short. Last night I went to a cocktail gala that celebrated accomplishments in the PR field. My middle daughter was receiving what's called the "Rising Star in Journalism" award so hubby and I went as her guests. The place was filled with youngsters! As in - almost every business person there was younger than 30. There were a few oldsters (maybe 10?) but everyone else was looked squeaky clean - barely out of college! It's a young persons world out there right now. Explains why someone my age is having a hard time breaking into the professional scene.... I actually have been omitting my Masters Degree on my resume as of late as I apply outside of my chosen field so as not to appear "over qualified". It doesn't make sense.

Right now I have to pack a lunch (healthy of course...) for hubby and I before I head over to the new place to prime some more walls. The downstairs is done. Only 3 more bedrooms. a bathroom, stairway, hall and walk in closet to do. ARGHH! (It must count for some sort of exercise though, right?)