Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tommorrow's the Big Day!

I subbed for one of the art teachers in our local school the past two days and then went straight to remodeling when I got home. (Hence no posts...) I even forgot to watch the Biggest Loser last night Waah!

Just those two days being back on a working schedule made a huge difference in my eating patterns. The old packing a healthy lunch while the resolve is still strong in the morning thing...and then having to eat it for lack of anything else when lunch time rolls around. (And Actually enjoying it too!) I need to be working full time again. All this time spent remodeling the kitchen has kept me in the most dangerous room in the house - not a good thing. The pics above are a before and a partial after - there's still work to be done...but we're getting there! (the blue is before...)

Speaking of the kitchen - we have a sink again! Yay! The stove is till not hooked up to the gas line, but the microwave and a hot plate have been holding us over. I've felt like we've been camping the past week. Those two days in Chicago - in a luxury hotel were well needed and appreciated!

Tomorrow is my big debut on Oprah and all of a sudden I'm scared to death! I mean...sure I was nervous as all get out while it was being filmed, but that all happened so fast and then it was over. Now - the show will be aired to 22 million people (and while I really don't care all that much about the people who see this that don't know me) I'm really in a panic about those who do! Here is me, Lora - who is mortified to run into someone from high school that hasn't seen me in the past 10 years for fear they'll be mortified in turn at how I've let myself go - and now I've agreed to plaster myself on national TV!

And I'm also concerned that my story (as it was put in a mini biography form) paints me as a pathetic creature. The author of the book tells me on the show that I may be driving my kids away by not letting them go. Very NOT true! I've always had an exceptional relationship with the girls and try to explain that on the show. But it is EXTREMELY intimidating to be sitting there with a camera on you and correcting someone on the Oprah show! She also tells me that I will someday remarry and also have grandchildren to fill this void in my life. Ummm...someone didn't do their homework. I am remarried and I do have a grandson. So much was left out in the editing of the final vignette of my life....but my sisters said they felt that many women would still connect with what I was going through and not to worry. (I was also so darn nervous I forgot to suck in my chin and sit up straight! I don't think I even smiled once!)

Still - as I said in an earlier post - I DID come away with a new attitude and am thankful for the opportunity to have been on the show. The next job interview I have - I will be bringing Oprah's words of wisdom along with me (said to me after the show) and believing in myself and the ability to be the best candidate for the position! And I've also started seriously thinking about the Children's Book I want to write that has been hiding in my heart since high school. My mother made me promise that before I died - I would write and illustrate one. I'm going to do it! (and the associate producer said to me as I was leaving... "if you write that book...let us know! Oprah just may promote it on her show!") Wouldn't that be instant advertising!

Okay - so tomorrow's the BIG day! Just remember that the Lora you see on TV (while definitely going through a mid-life thing) isn't as bad off as she appears! Thank you Diana - for the plug on the Healthy You Challenge ! I'll "see" you all tomorrow! (and for those who don't get the show for several weeks - you may find clips on the Oprah website.) Not sure - but I'll let you know!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Part Three....'re probably wondering if my healthy eating went down the toilet while I was in Chicago (notice the weight gain in the side bar?) It did...and it didn't.

As in - I didn't eat much (I was given vouchers for my meals in the hotel) and the chef there is renowned so I didn't order salads in case you were wondering. I had a chicken wrap one day and a turkey club sandwich the next. I ordered lots of fresh fruit and one time I did get fries. I was bad...but I couldn't help myself.

We did LOTS of walking - Michigan Avenue is awesome (aka the Magnificent Mile) so I know I got in my exercise. It's just the whole sitting around in the airport drinking way too much coffee that brings on the extra bloat thing that did me in. That and the peanut M&Ms I grabbed before I got on the plane to come home. (I hadn't had dinner and there would be none served on the plane - and did you know you don't get the free nuts anymore!? You have to pay for them now!

I'm having a hard time getting focused now that I'm home. With the kitchen all torn up - we're eating at really odd hours (last night dinner was at 12:30 AM!) I need to get back to my workout DVD and back to journaling my food. I'm chalking last week up to an "out of the ordinary week" (wouldn't you agree?) but this week it's back to basics. And I KNOW when I see myself on TV next Thursday that I'm going to croak. It was bad enough seeing the video vignette they played on my "life" during the show. I look like a chubby little frump. Definitely good casting for someone going through a midlife crisis!

Now....some funny things that happened during my 15 minutes of fame.

When we got into the limo to go to the Oprah Studios - the driver asked which one of us was going to be on the show. "ME!" I beamed proudly. "Oh..what is the show about today?" he asked. Before I could answer my darling younger sister (the baby of the family and forever the clown) said "The show is about Stupid Human Tricks. My sister here can walk on her hands with her legs wrapped around her neck!" I wanted to die! "She's lying! I'm going though a midlife crisis!" I yelled. I think he still thought I was weird.

When we arrived there a young African American man walked into the greenroom with a badge that clearly said STAFF and the afore mentioned sister asked "Are you STEADMAN??!!" She was kidding of course and thankfully he laughed.

Just before air time my other sister looked at me and gasped. She was staring at my pants and instant panic set it. "WHAT?" She said "We have an issue with your pants here." I looked down and I had split 6 inches on the inseam! This could only happen to me! (I thought I'd heard something tear when I climbed into the limo earlier...) When the nice man who wasn't Steadman returned I informed him that we had a minor wardrobe malfunction. He looked at me funny (maybe thinking of Janet Jackson?) Anyway - he brought me a robe and a sewing kit and some sticky tape and I was as good as new in no time. Whew! Turns out you never see me below the waist anyway (which is a good thing for more reasons than a hole in my pants.)

My extended family is all coming over Friday for an Oprah Party. Even though the show will air Thursday here in the U.S. - we're going to tape it and watch it again all together. I won't mind watching it again. Heck - I'll probably watch it a gazillion times!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Part Two....

First off let me premise this to say I am totally up to my neck in remodeling over here! I have been with out a kitchen sink or stove for 2 days - there is stuff piled EVERYWHERE as we have emptied out the old cupboards to replace the new. It's stressful to say the least. And to think we get to do this all over again in the new house soon (!)

Okay - before I tell you a little more about my experience on the Oprah show - I need to back up a bit. The Associate Producer was here Sunday to film (and my house was in total chaos) drop cloths everywhere - plaster dust a 1/2 in thick! Who invites 22 million people into their home when it looks like that? Me, I guess.... When all is done I am told that I'll be flown out to Chicago Tuesday and the show will be taped Wednesday. I'm was like in total OMG mode! How was I going to lose 50 pounds in 43 hours?? Turns out that was the least of my worries.

As I'm scrambling around to try to get things organized here, trying on outfit after outfit to see what looked best and still reeling from all the excitement - I began to get chest pains. Now I've been having these twinges for sometime now and they have been scaring me enough that I've googled heart attack symptoms on the Internet more than once. But this time the pain localized and I began to have dizzy spells. This was at one a.m. mind you.

I sat there looking at hubby who'd fallen asleep on the couch and was deciding if I should wake him and have him take me to the hospital. Isn't that just how we women are? I'm worried about waking him while I could be having a heart attack!

Anyway - we go to the hospital and I become their prisoner for the next 27 hours. Of course I only sleep for about 2 hours. They tell me I may have to stay a few days to which I reply "NO WAY! I'm leaving for Chicago tomorrow to be on the Oprah show so let's figure this out and get me out of here!" Of course then I'm the talk of the ER and heads keep popping in to visit their little celebrity. But it did help expedite all my tests.

And thankfully it turns out that my heart is fine. (We have a strong history of heart disease in my family so I'm always on guard.) They think that it may have been caused by stress (me stressed???) But I got a clean bill of health and found out that my borderline cholesterol levels are now in the perfect zone. Thanks to all those almonds and whole grains, I'm sure!

In the mean time poor hubby is fielding calls from the Oprah show as my travel arrangements are being made. I told him NOT to tell them where I was for fear they'd cancel me - you know - liability issues - it wouldn't look good if a guest on the show keeled over during taping.

Anyway - I was sprung form the hospital in time to buy a new shirt and pack for the trip. I was tired but on a high that kept me going all day Tuesday!

Have I mentioned that there's never a dull moment in my household?

Okay - tomorrow I'll finish with Part 3.

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Part One!

I'm home and still reeling from the past 2 days! I got to meet Oprah Winfrey! I got to be a guest on her show! I got to spend 2 days in Chicago with my sisters and one of my daughters! How cool is THAT!

So here's how the past few days of my otherwise mundane life have played out.....

I wrote a letter to Oprah....defining my midlife years and the somewhat crisis mode I've been in lately. For those new to the blog - my life in fast play mode:

Age 40 - both parents die in the same month (instant orphan)
Age 45 - husband dies of cancer (instant widow)
Age 47 - remarry present husband (instant newlywed)
oldest daughter...unmarried...has baby (instant grandmother)
Age 48 - Two younger daughters get married in a double wedding (instant empty nest)
oldest daughter is diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and grandson moves in with us
without his mommy (instant parent of 18 month old)

It's no wonder I'm having an identity crisis these days. Couple that with realizing that my age is a definate detriment to my finding a job - school districts want those young kids still wet behind the ears - not grandmas....and I'm finding myself feeling pretty old these days - and not liking it.

So...the Oprah staff decides my story might resonate with a lot of other women and they ask me to be on the show.

It all happened very fast - and now here I am - back at my computer again as if nothing happened! But it did! And I think the most amazing thing is that I have come back home charged with a new perspective on my life and I'm feeling pretty darn good right now.

I sat in the front row along with two other guests also close to my age - with very different life stories. Stories of chasing dreams and realizing them and starting brand new chapters in their lives. I was the sad story. The poor women who needed help form Marianne Williamson - the guest author that day who has just written a book dealing with the mid-life years.

When my story was shown - I was bit taken aback. Who was this sad, forlorn woman whining about her life? Oh my gosh - it was ME! And I hated what I saw. I didn't think I'd portrayed myself as being that pathetic- but the edited version sure did. And I guess....maybe it was kind of true. I was living the life I had destined myself to play out which has had a lot to do with my negative thoughts.

Let me preface this by telling you that I am a Christian and I don't buy into a lot of the new age mumbo jumbo. So I'm not saying that I plan on visualizing my way to success. I believe that God holds the major card in my life and I cannnot circumvent that. On the same token - I do believe that when one thinks in a negative way - it spills out into all areas of your life - and can have a direct effect on how you view and live your life.

On the "Oprah - After The Show" segment I had the opportunity to be lectured by Miss Winfrey herself. I say that in a kidding way - because what she had to say to me made a ton of sense and I am grateful. But all I could think of at the time was "Oh MY! Oprah Winfrey is looking right at me and giving me heck!"

Suffice to say - that I returned to my beloved town in upstate New York with a much needed attitude adjustment. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to go to be whisked around in a limo and stay in a luxurious not only attend a taping of the Oprah show - but be a real guest - hooked up with a mike and able to actually talk to her! How exciting! But even more so - I actually learned something while I was there. It was one of those smack yourself in the head things - where all of a sudden a whole lot of things made sense.

Circumstances don't determine our lives - it's how we react to them that does. It's how we percieve ourselves. Because that's how others will percieve us. We may not be able to write our life's story - but we can sure be a part of the editing process.

Part two tomorrow......because there's lots more to tell!
Oh! The show airs next Thursday (2/28)!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Getting Ready for a Trip....

Yes...I've been AWOL here. So very much happening on all fronts of my life in many areas. I am leaving in a few hours for a trip to Chicago ;-) and will fill you in as much as I am able when I return.

Hang in there and keep up with that Healthy Challenge!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Another Quickie...

Sorry I can't post more after I left you with that teaser. Suffice to say that I am scrambling right now to get my house in order because I have "visitors" coming today.

I have to keep mum. Sorry!

But I promise I WILL update as soon as I am able :-)

Friday, February 15, 2008

A Quickie!

Wow - wow! Lots going on today but no time to write.

A few teasers until I can carve out a niche today or tomorrow to fill you in....

I received an incredibly motivating CD called Skinny Songs in the mail today. I was was asked to try it out and share my thoughts on my blog. I listened to a few snippets and it's pretty neat! I'll try to download some samples soon...put a link up and let you know what I think.

Last night the Oprah show called about possibly interviewing me on the ramifications of mid-life crisis. They are still deciding if my experiences are interesting enough (aka ~ show worthy). I'll definately keep you posted on that one!

Right now drop cloths are spread everywhere. We're sanding, painting, installing - up to our ears and in over our heads! Hence my lack of time to blog right now.

Will return as soon as the dust settles (!)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Hearts & Flowers Day!

February 14th can be the most wonderful day for some - and the worst for others. It all depends on if you have a sweetie to share it with. I've been in both places. Truthfully I think the day puts a lot of pressure on the male half of the species as they are forced to be romantic which does not always come naturally. (If you're married to one who has the romance gene - God bless you ~ if not ~ well...then God bless you too!)

I awoke this morning to a computer generated note saying Happy Valentine's Day - propped up against the coffee make with two bags of gourmet coffee. There was a time this would've made me blow a gasket. Very un-romantic. Used to be only a candle lit diner at a swanky place and a fancy card professing my sweetheart's undying devotion to me (and some flowers and jewelry of course) would suffice. As the years have progressed I've realized that it's the little things that matter most. Maybe because I lost my first husband too young and I shudder now when I think of the times I got angry because he wasn't romantic enough. Or that his gifts were...shall we say - less than stellar. Once I got a window fan. Another time I got a lawn chair. He paid. But now looking back - it was the gestures that came on days when it wasn't required - that meant the most. And those far superceeded one day on the calendar that the Hallmark company has claimed as its own.

Often times present hubby will walk through the door with flowers for no other reason than he saw them and thought of me. That means a lot. The perfuntory bouquet of roses that is a staple on this day of days is nice but not so necessary to me anymore. You see - the coffee (while not up there with jewelry and chocolates) was sweet because he knows I'm trying to lose weight and he figured the decedant aroma of caramel and vanilla and chocolate in the coffee (without the added calories) would make me happy without making me fat. And it did!

Ah...there's no real point to this post - except to say I hope you all have a wonderful day today. Honey or no honey. It's a day if for nothing else - to tell someone how much they mean to you.

And you guys mean the world to me!

ps...I did get some roses too. A few days ago. He wanted to "beat the rush." What a guy.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Yesterday wasn't a very good day. I ate all day. Every now and then I'll have a day like that (and it always follows a bout of really good days - eating and exercising and losing pounds) where I just want to eat everything in sight. It's almost cyclical. And it's not related to that time of the month because that hasn't been happening for over a year. I'd like to blame it on hormones....menopause....anything except myself. But *sigh* I'm pretty sure I'm the one who's at fault here.

On a more positive note (we're focusing on the positives here, right?) I did my DVD workout and my strength training. But please don't tell me in your comments that it's okay - at least I worked out - and we all slip up now and then. Because today dear friends - I need a swift kick in the butt. I know myself pretty well, and a day like yesterday easily can slip into several days and before you know it - I'll have undone all the good I did so far.

This journey we're all's hard. Because sometimes it seems so darn long. The finish line seems so far off! And perhaps that's the problem right there. Because when you think about it - there really shouldn't be a finish line. We like to think of our goal weight as that ending point. But this is all about LIFESTYLE changes! I have to keep reminding myself that! The weight coming off is just a perk. And yes, I did say other day that we need goals. And we do. But they can't be that final magic number on the scale. They have to be more tangible. Focusing on that goal weight can be so self defeating at times. Because most days it seems so far off. And some days it seems darn near impossible. And those are the days we tend to throw our hands up in the air and say why bother...then systematically eat anything that isn't nailed down.

Yesterday was one of those days for me. I didn't write down anything I ate in my journal. I only drank about half my water. I didn't even take my vitamins. And of course...there was the food.

I'm taking a dose of my own medicine here - you know - the stuff I so freely hand out to all of you as if I had the perfect handle on everything (which I DON'T). I'm making a U-turn and getting back on track. But kick me in the butt anyway okay? I need it! And I promise I won't be offended!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Checking In Between Renovations

Okay...I was a good girl. Sort of. I only had two pieces of pizza (not very big squares). And I drank water all night. No wine or beer. But I did shove my hand in the peanut M&M bowl several times. And the chocolate covered pretzels called my name a lot. There's just something about a food that's salty & chocolately at the same time that gets me everytime. And I ate a brownie. A small one. In the morning I ate a few mini blueberry muffins with my coffee.

I'm not even going to try to add up what I ate. Because even though I ate more than I should have - it was still less than I would have otherwise. And I had fun!

Now I have to get back on the exercise roll because I haven't done anything in several days. It's so easy to get lax and let one day slide into the next and before you know it you've gone a whole week doing nothing. And me being the "all or nothing" type...well, nothing happens pretty easily sometimes. It's so darn cold here right now that walking is definately not in the stars. All of our schools were closed this morning due to the extreme cold. The wind chill factor made things pretty frigid. I wasn't going out. Not in booger freezing weather! And instead of doing my DVD I was busy stripping wallpaper again all day. Not really exercise. And a lame excuse not to...but it had to be done. Yesterday was spent ripping out the kitchen cupboards. My kitchen is a total disaster area now! Half the cupboards are sitting where they will be when all is said and done. The pine hutch is in the hallway because the fridge now sits in its place instead. The stuff that was in the cupboards we tore out is strewn all over the kitchen table. The cupboards yet to be installed are all over the living room. Things are a mess for sure!

So.... I haven't even had time to really visit all my favorite blogs. But I will! I miss the inspiration when I don't get time to peruse in the morning with my cup of Joe and fleece blanket wrapped around my legs in the wee hours before hubby wakes up.

Right now I'm headed of to bed. I'll be back in the AM - Joe in hand - to see what you've all been up to!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Tempting Evening....

Tonight I face a big hurdle. I'm not all that confident I'm going to make the best choices. My 2 sisters, sister-in-law and all of our daughters are getting together for a sleepover. You know....girlie bonding time and all that. We're going to watch chick flicks, maybe play a game of Apples to Apples and just veg without the men folk. Some of the guys are going up North overnight to Snowmobile and my dear hubby is going to work on the kitchen some more.

Now I don't know about you guys - but when ever the gals get together for a hen fest in my family - food is paramount to the success of the evening. I know there'll be pizza, and salty snacks and some sweet stuff for sure. Not to mention breakfast in the morning. I'm getting fat just thinking about it!

I could pass on the evening - spare myself the temptation - but I enjoy being with the girls and heavens (!) I should miss something! My game plan thus far is to bring a healthy snack. I'm thinking plain popcorn. At least I can eat a lot of that - satisfy my crunch need and it won't do too much damage. I know I'll eat a piece of pizza. That's a given. I just hope I can resist a second (or third!) As for the beverages - I'm planning on ice water all night. I'm not much into pop these days (diet or not) and anything alcoholic would be a disaster.

I'm heading off there with all these good intentions. Let's hope I can pull them off. I need to focus on the fact that we're getting together to enjoy each other's company - not to stuff ourselves silly as wer'e prone to do on these occasions. We're all dieting (except the younger girls who are still youthfully and blissfully thin) so you'd think this would be a no-brainer evening. Except in my family - all bets are off at get-togethers. Which is WHY - I can't call this a DIET! If I'm not on a diet - I can't abandon it. If I'm eating better and making changes (changes meaning DIFFERENT choices) then those changes have to carry over into everything I do.

Don't I sound all confident and sure of myself? I'm not. But I'm trying! Wish me well :-)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Friday!

Weigh in today found me exactly one pound less than less week. So I can officially keep my 5 pound loss badge up. Whew! I know I wasn't as good this week as I could've been. Had a run in with some oreo cookies the other day and a few dinners with extra helpings. But I've been keeping up with my workouts (the DVD as well as the weights) and I'll take a one pound loss.

I'm actually starting to see a little definition in my upper arms beneath that layer of padding I have and I can also do 6 push ups nows! (The girlie kind.....I have horrible upper body strength and the real kind are so hard for me!) But two weeks ago I could only do two so I can tell I'm gaining strength.

I am so itching for the weather to warm up so I can get back to walking. I know I could trudge through the snow and slush but I just don't enjoy going out in the cold. It's 28 degrees right now (8:30 AM) and I'm thinking...not today! But then I look out the window and see my neighbor across the street plodding along through the snow to her barn and I feel guilty. She is always up very early - outside doing chores - hangs her laundry outside EVEN in the winter - and here I sit at my computer with a cup of coffee in my cozy bathrobe - talking about exercise insted of doing it. Did I mention she's thin? Did I have to?

Okay - so I think maybe I WILL walk today. AND do my DVD. I have to go out to the new house with hubby (which is cold anyway) to lay out the plan for the electric. The house is coming along so slowly.....and it seems we'll never be living there! Not to mention the overwhelmingness of what's going on in this house! We are doing a "flip" of sorts on this place to make it ready to sell and sell fast. Which involves (besides painting every room of course) a new kitchen, bathtub and carpeting. We ordered the kitchen cabinets and they arrived Wednesday. We spent all day yesterday putting them together. We've already put a new laminate wood floor in and my kitchen is going to look better than it has in the 14 years I've lived in this house. (Isn't it always like that?) It's not until you move that you finally get the things done that have always needed doing?) Now my living room is filled with cabinets - and it's looking like a warehouse in here! There is just so much to be done here - so much to do at the new place....but I shouldn't complain. Hubby is a handy guy and is doing a great job and someday we won't be living amidst the sawdust and stray nails.

The pic is my kitchen as it looks now (sans the blue wallpaper I stripped off last week). I'll keep you posted on the progress. In the meantime - I hope you all face the challenges of the weekend with success. Remember - if you slip - the weekend isn't a wash! Just put it behind you and press on!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

C'mon - Get Back Up!

If I had to choose any one thing that I believe is the biggest sabbotager of dieters everywhere - it's the "all or nothing" attitude. You know the one I'm talking about - the "I just blew it by eating that twinkee so I may as well eat the whole box" mentality. Which ALWAYS leads to the "Guess I'll start tomorrow" syndrome. It's a vicious, vicious cycle and I'm convinced that breaking that cycle is the key to ultimately winning the war on weightloss.

We must never say to ourselves "I've blown it!" As soon as you you do - you're back to square one. You have NOT blown it if you overeat at a meal - or pig out at a party - or even devour a whole box of twinkees. You've only blown it if you tell yourself you have. One screw up does not negate the exercize you did the day before - or the smaller portions you took at lunch - or the donut you passed up at the office. All of those are victories and they can not be squashed by an occasional slip up.

One of the things that has been helping me stay on track is to focus on all the POSITIVE things I've done during the week. Just doing that spurs me on to keep forging ahead. Do I slip up? You betcha! More often than I'd care to admit. But I do. The thing is - I've learned to pick myself - dust myself - and start all over again! (Remember that song?) Next time you slip up - start humming it to yourself!

I remember when my daughter was learning to walk. I'd hold out something enticing from across the room and coax her to come get it. She'd start out ever so slowly and inevitably end up falling after the first few steps. But you know what? She didn't sit down where she was and give up. And she didn't turn around and crawl back from where she'd just started. She would fix her eyes on that shiny bauble in my hand and with determination, get back up and try again. She never took her eyes off the goal. She kept going. And each step got her closer to where she wanted to be. That's what we have to do. Keep our eyes fixed on that goal!

What is your goal? Keep a visual reminder so you stay focused. Hang a picture on the fridge of you in skinnier days. Or a picture of a cute outfit you'd like to be able to fit into. Hang a bathing suit up where you can see it everyday! Or a pair of jeans that you haven't been able to wear in eons. Anything that will remind you of where you're headed! Each time you have one small victory over an old habit that used to control you - you are one step closer to your goal. You might trip. You might even fall flat on your face once in a while. But pick yourself up - dust yourself off - and start all over again!

Monday, February 4, 2008


Well daughter and her hubby were sent safely back to Massachusetts yesterday. This one was a hard goodby because unlike the past few (where we know we'd see each other again in a few weeks) it will be a few months this time *sigh*

After she left I did my workout and it truly is getting easier. I have tried to really study the way the trainers in the video are demonstrating the exercises (namely the dreaded lunges) and realized that I was doing them wrong! Just concentrating on where your weight is supposed to be and the muscle being worked has made all the difference in the amount of pain I was experiencing! I have also noticed that I ache less - especially in the morning. I kept blaming my stiffness on "old age" but I think it was just under use of those muscles of mine! Kind of like an old machine. If you don't run it now and then the gears jam up and things don't work like they're supposed to.

If I'm feeling benefits this quickly then I can't wait to see what happens a month or so down the road! I've been doing really well with the water consumption too. I can't rant enough about the benefits of drinking water. How about these for starters?

* Improves endocrine (hormone) function
* Increases metabolic function
* Drastically declines appetite
* Increases fat used for energy
* Liver function improves
* Decreases fluid retention
* Increases natural thirst

I think the reason I dropped those 5 pounds that first week I stepped up my water intake wasn't a fluke. I was bloated before. As in puffy-wuffy! People think if you drink more water you get bloated. Exact opposite my friends. I've also noticed that since I've upped my H2O intake - my thirst has actually increased! I remember reading once that you can sort of turn off your natural thirst by ignoring it long enough. And when you begin to drink the water your body actually needs -it makes a comeback. And a real plus to being thirsty is this - when I'm thirsty I think about water. Not chips or cookies or Big Macs. Just good old water. And that's a craving I can deal with!

This is a great webpage touting the benefits of water. (I know....they're trying to get you to buy thier water filter....but the article is good just the same.)

If you do nothing else this week - drink that water. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes.(those of you who won the Water Bottles from the Biggest Loser Contest on my site - fill 'em up and put 'em to use!)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hanging in There!

Sorry I've been away for a few days. Youngest daughter came in from Massachusetts Thursday for a brief visit. Her hubby's hockey team is in town here playing and it seemed an opportune time for a visit. We went to the game last night (confession here - this is the first time I've ever seen him play and it's been 6 years!) and it was awesome! He's a goalie so it was easy to keep my eyes on him and I wasn't gasping every 10 seconds when someone ran into someone else! It was a good game. He blocked 43 out of 44 attempts and we were proud. His team also won (3-1) against another very good Division One school. Lots of fun! The pic is our attempt at cheering for my son-in-law. Hisnick name is Rammy - hence GO RAMMY!

Eating has been a little sporadic. There've been some slips but (like Thursday night whe all the girls got together - cousins, aunts, sisters) and went out to eat. I sipped water with lemon instead of ordering drinks like the rest of them - but the menu was horrible! Not one single lite item! Even the salads were loaded with guilt. So I got a grilled chicken wrap with a side of brown rice. Not too bad (as far as I could tell) but I ate the whole thing and it was big. Little Miss Piggy. I should've wrapped half but I didn't. Then when I got home around 11:00 I saw that hubby had ordered a pizza for himself. Tempting... but I didn't give in. (I was still full of chicken wraps!) but when daughter arrived at 2 AM she spied the pizza (she was tired and hungry form the long drive) and I joined her and had a slice too.

Last night we skipped dinner to go to the game and I was famished when we all came back here (there were 18 of us). Hubby made some stuffed mushrooms and quesadillas and that was dinner. Not bad you say...but I had a few beers and that was bad.

Anyway - weigh in yesterday still reflected a loss from last week albeit not a great one. But a loss is a loss and I'll take it. I did my BL DVD too! And it is getting easier. I'm able to pretty much keep up with those darn lunges and I'm feeling more flexible than I have in a long time. I reached down to pick something up yesterday and was surprised that I could do it so easily!

Daughter is still here and she'll probably join her hubby at the hotel this afternoon that the team is staying at while they're here so I'll do my DVD while she's gone. It's officially February and my second goal for 2008 was to step up the exercise. I'm on track so far and happy with myself that this year's resolution has not fallen by the wayside. I'm finding it easier to get back in the game after a slip if I just forgive myself and get on with it. The "all or nothing" mentality is slowly dying to its ugly self. But it's dying none the less. I'm finally getting it through my head that one slip does not ruin everything. I just wish things would happen quicker on the scale. Once I get to that 10 pound mark the momentum will kick in. Until then...Lora is plugging away!