Sunday, February 24, 2008

Part Three....'re probably wondering if my healthy eating went down the toilet while I was in Chicago (notice the weight gain in the side bar?) It did...and it didn't.

As in - I didn't eat much (I was given vouchers for my meals in the hotel) and the chef there is renowned so I didn't order salads in case you were wondering. I had a chicken wrap one day and a turkey club sandwich the next. I ordered lots of fresh fruit and one time I did get fries. I was bad...but I couldn't help myself.

We did LOTS of walking - Michigan Avenue is awesome (aka the Magnificent Mile) so I know I got in my exercise. It's just the whole sitting around in the airport drinking way too much coffee that brings on the extra bloat thing that did me in. That and the peanut M&Ms I grabbed before I got on the plane to come home. (I hadn't had dinner and there would be none served on the plane - and did you know you don't get the free nuts anymore!? You have to pay for them now!

I'm having a hard time getting focused now that I'm home. With the kitchen all torn up - we're eating at really odd hours (last night dinner was at 12:30 AM!) I need to get back to my workout DVD and back to journaling my food. I'm chalking last week up to an "out of the ordinary week" (wouldn't you agree?) but this week it's back to basics. And I KNOW when I see myself on TV next Thursday that I'm going to croak. It was bad enough seeing the video vignette they played on my "life" during the show. I look like a chubby little frump. Definitely good casting for someone going through a midlife crisis!

Now....some funny things that happened during my 15 minutes of fame.

When we got into the limo to go to the Oprah Studios - the driver asked which one of us was going to be on the show. "ME!" I beamed proudly. "Oh..what is the show about today?" he asked. Before I could answer my darling younger sister (the baby of the family and forever the clown) said "The show is about Stupid Human Tricks. My sister here can walk on her hands with her legs wrapped around her neck!" I wanted to die! "She's lying! I'm going though a midlife crisis!" I yelled. I think he still thought I was weird.

When we arrived there a young African American man walked into the greenroom with a badge that clearly said STAFF and the afore mentioned sister asked "Are you STEADMAN??!!" She was kidding of course and thankfully he laughed.

Just before air time my other sister looked at me and gasped. She was staring at my pants and instant panic set it. "WHAT?" She said "We have an issue with your pants here." I looked down and I had split 6 inches on the inseam! This could only happen to me! (I thought I'd heard something tear when I climbed into the limo earlier...) When the nice man who wasn't Steadman returned I informed him that we had a minor wardrobe malfunction. He looked at me funny (maybe thinking of Janet Jackson?) Anyway - he brought me a robe and a sewing kit and some sticky tape and I was as good as new in no time. Whew! Turns out you never see me below the waist anyway (which is a good thing for more reasons than a hole in my pants.)

My extended family is all coming over Friday for an Oprah Party. Even though the show will air Thursday here in the U.S. - we're going to tape it and watch it again all together. I won't mind watching it again. Heck - I'll probably watch it a gazillion times!


Ready Maid said...

How awesome that you had the experience of being filmed for the Oprah show. I just now heard, but I'll be sure to make a note on my calendar to watch for you Thursday.

Good luck with your remodeling and readjustment to "normality."

P.S. You're sister sounds like a HOOT!

Ready Maid said...

Okay, I hope you'll pardon the double comments, but I'm just now "getting to know you" from previous posts on your blog. What a wonderful expression of God you are! And bless your heart and home for sharing your love with your precious grandson.

Having noticed your comment about being a Christian, but wanting God to hold your cards, I want to invite you to meet my 83-year old mentor, Dr. George Monta. He has a precious blog, but I think you would particularly enjoy hearing his 10-minute commentary, posted at the top of the sidebar on his blog. (You'll just have to get past the first minute of some lady's introduction...Don't know WHY they didn't edit that out.)

Click here to visit "Conversations with George."

Heather said...

how mortifying that your pants split! but it makes for a good story :)

I know its always hard for me when I go out of town and my routine gets all shoke up. I know that now that you are home, you can pick that routine up and get into it again. track everything you eat, even if its bad, get some exercise in, and try to eat meals at some semblance of a time.

Nicole said...

SUCH fun! Your sister sounds hilarious. I loved the stupid human tricks thing.

Hanlie said...

No telling when we will get to see it... We're a good few months behind.

The whole experience sounds fabulous! I'd love to be on the Oprah show one day.

Scale Junkie said...

OMG, pants splitting...that would happen to least someone noticed! Your sister sounds like quite a clown, I'd do that to my sister too.

Last week was an extraordinary week and it sounds like overall you did a really good job with food and exercise, don't beat yourself up over a few pounds. This is a fresh new week!

I have the DVR set and I'm ready to watch!!

HappyBlogChick said...

That is all just the coolest thing ever! Even the pants splitting, because as a result of your wardrobe malfunction I bet your Oprah story is better than other guests' Oprah stories.

It sounds like you did well while away. When I travel, I find I retain water for a little bit after the flight. I bet you'll see the gain melt away in no time.

Pattie said...

Oh Lora, your post made me laugh! What an experience. Think of the stories you can tell for weeks to come!

I'm looking forward to watching the show, and to "meeting" my blogging friend.

Anonymous said...

What a great adventure... sounds like you did brilliantly. Well done. :)

Good luck getting back to normailty...and make sure you enjoy the 15 mins of fame!!!

Teale said...

hahah, your sister definately cracked me up!

CactusFreek said...

Your diet sounded great, how come you gained? When you mentioned fries, did you eat a bucket full? lol

Sounds like having your sisters there made it an easier situation all round :o)