Thursday, February 21, 2008

Part One!

I'm home and still reeling from the past 2 days! I got to meet Oprah Winfrey! I got to be a guest on her show! I got to spend 2 days in Chicago with my sisters and one of my daughters! How cool is THAT!

So here's how the past few days of my otherwise mundane life have played out.....

I wrote a letter to Oprah....defining my midlife years and the somewhat crisis mode I've been in lately. For those new to the blog - my life in fast play mode:

Age 40 - both parents die in the same month (instant orphan)
Age 45 - husband dies of cancer (instant widow)
Age 47 - remarry present husband (instant newlywed)
oldest daughter...unmarried...has baby (instant grandmother)
Age 48 - Two younger daughters get married in a double wedding (instant empty nest)
oldest daughter is diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and grandson moves in with us
without his mommy (instant parent of 18 month old)

It's no wonder I'm having an identity crisis these days. Couple that with realizing that my age is a definate detriment to my finding a job - school districts want those young kids still wet behind the ears - not grandmas....and I'm finding myself feeling pretty old these days - and not liking it.

So...the Oprah staff decides my story might resonate with a lot of other women and they ask me to be on the show.

It all happened very fast - and now here I am - back at my computer again as if nothing happened! But it did! And I think the most amazing thing is that I have come back home charged with a new perspective on my life and I'm feeling pretty darn good right now.

I sat in the front row along with two other guests also close to my age - with very different life stories. Stories of chasing dreams and realizing them and starting brand new chapters in their lives. I was the sad story. The poor women who needed help form Marianne Williamson - the guest author that day who has just written a book dealing with the mid-life years.

When my story was shown - I was bit taken aback. Who was this sad, forlorn woman whining about her life? Oh my gosh - it was ME! And I hated what I saw. I didn't think I'd portrayed myself as being that pathetic- but the edited version sure did. And I guess....maybe it was kind of true. I was living the life I had destined myself to play out which has had a lot to do with my negative thoughts.

Let me preface this by telling you that I am a Christian and I don't buy into a lot of the new age mumbo jumbo. So I'm not saying that I plan on visualizing my way to success. I believe that God holds the major card in my life and I cannnot circumvent that. On the same token - I do believe that when one thinks in a negative way - it spills out into all areas of your life - and can have a direct effect on how you view and live your life.

On the "Oprah - After The Show" segment I had the opportunity to be lectured by Miss Winfrey herself. I say that in a kidding way - because what she had to say to me made a ton of sense and I am grateful. But all I could think of at the time was "Oh MY! Oprah Winfrey is looking right at me and giving me heck!"

Suffice to say - that I returned to my beloved town in upstate New York with a much needed attitude adjustment. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to go to be whisked around in a limo and stay in a luxurious not only attend a taping of the Oprah show - but be a real guest - hooked up with a mike and able to actually talk to her! How exciting! But even more so - I actually learned something while I was there. It was one of those smack yourself in the head things - where all of a sudden a whole lot of things made sense.

Circumstances don't determine our lives - it's how we react to them that does. It's how we percieve ourselves. Because that's how others will percieve us. We may not be able to write our life's story - but we can sure be a part of the editing process.

Part two tomorrow......because there's lots more to tell!
Oh! The show airs next Thursday (2/28)!


Heather said...

wow that is very exciting! that must have been an amazing experience and Im glad you got a chance to get some advice.

Grumpy Chair said...

This is just too exciting! I'm 44 and feel like I have not idea what I want to do with my life now that the 4 year old will be starting kindergarten in the fall.

Sounds like this will be a very interesting show. Did I already mention I was excited too?

Hanlie said...

I am absolutely thrilled! This is just so exciting! And if it gives you new perspective, great!

Pattie said...

Oh Lora, I'm so excited for you! I've been holding my breath, waiting to hear how it all went. It sounds like it was everything you could have hoped for, and so much more.

To come away with an attitude adjustment, as you call it, was probably the most valuable gift you could have received from your experience. It was meant to be, girl!

As I always say, Attitude Changes Everything!

Congratulations to our shining star!

Scale Junkie said...

I'm really excited that you got to be on Oprah but your reasons for being on there ::::HUGS:::: I'm glad you got a chance to get some expert advice and spend time with your sisters and one of your daugthers.

The show topic sounds like something I'll get a lot out of so I'm looking forward to watching it. Oh who am I kidding, I really just can't wait to see YOU on TV!!!

Lidian said...

Oh that is so exciting, I can't wait to watch next week (I hope it airs the same time in Canada)!

Honi said...

drat it all i wont get to see it.. my boss.. will be here otherwise on her days when she is not here I have my little tiny tv on... I am watching Oprah right now... oh well.. sometimes we need a little shake up to help us put things in a better perspective...

Susan said...

How fun for you! Did Oprah look like she does on tv? :)

I'm sorry for what you've gone through. (((HUGS)))

I feel honored to *know* you. :-)

CactusFreek said...

Wow you go girlfreind!
What is the title of the show? I'll keep and eye out [coz we get it a few weeks after the US]

Anonymous said...

Wow... what an amazing journey! How exciting!!!

I love these words of wisdom... very nicely said.

"Circumstances don't determine our lives - it's how we react to them that does. It's how we percieve ourselves. Because that's how others will percieve us. We may not be able to write our life's story - but we can sure be a part of the editing process."

Teale said...

oooh, I love to live vicariously through your Oprah visit!