Saturday, February 23, 2008

Part Two....

First off let me premise this to say I am totally up to my neck in remodeling over here! I have been with out a kitchen sink or stove for 2 days - there is stuff piled EVERYWHERE as we have emptied out the old cupboards to replace the new. It's stressful to say the least. And to think we get to do this all over again in the new house soon (!)

Okay - before I tell you a little more about my experience on the Oprah show - I need to back up a bit. The Associate Producer was here Sunday to film (and my house was in total chaos) drop cloths everywhere - plaster dust a 1/2 in thick! Who invites 22 million people into their home when it looks like that? Me, I guess.... When all is done I am told that I'll be flown out to Chicago Tuesday and the show will be taped Wednesday. I'm was like in total OMG mode! How was I going to lose 50 pounds in 43 hours?? Turns out that was the least of my worries.

As I'm scrambling around to try to get things organized here, trying on outfit after outfit to see what looked best and still reeling from all the excitement - I began to get chest pains. Now I've been having these twinges for sometime now and they have been scaring me enough that I've googled heart attack symptoms on the Internet more than once. But this time the pain localized and I began to have dizzy spells. This was at one a.m. mind you.

I sat there looking at hubby who'd fallen asleep on the couch and was deciding if I should wake him and have him take me to the hospital. Isn't that just how we women are? I'm worried about waking him while I could be having a heart attack!

Anyway - we go to the hospital and I become their prisoner for the next 27 hours. Of course I only sleep for about 2 hours. They tell me I may have to stay a few days to which I reply "NO WAY! I'm leaving for Chicago tomorrow to be on the Oprah show so let's figure this out and get me out of here!" Of course then I'm the talk of the ER and heads keep popping in to visit their little celebrity. But it did help expedite all my tests.

And thankfully it turns out that my heart is fine. (We have a strong history of heart disease in my family so I'm always on guard.) They think that it may have been caused by stress (me stressed???) But I got a clean bill of health and found out that my borderline cholesterol levels are now in the perfect zone. Thanks to all those almonds and whole grains, I'm sure!

In the mean time poor hubby is fielding calls from the Oprah show as my travel arrangements are being made. I told him NOT to tell them where I was for fear they'd cancel me - you know - liability issues - it wouldn't look good if a guest on the show keeled over during taping.

Anyway - I was sprung form the hospital in time to buy a new shirt and pack for the trip. I was tired but on a high that kept me going all day Tuesday!

Have I mentioned that there's never a dull moment in my household?

Okay - tomorrow I'll finish with Part 3.

Happy Saturday!


Felicia said...

No kitchen sink or stove for 2 days? *GASP* I would go nuts. Hang in there with lots of deep breathing LOLOL.

I can't wait to see the show!! Can you believe that you are FAMOUS!?!?

I think its so awesome. But then again I think you are to so it only makes sense.

I hope you have a SUPER weekend!

--Who will be barried in the remodle of a closet today lol. Not the same as a kitchen but I so know what you feel like as I have clothes EVERYWHERE!!

Hanlie said...

That was hilarious! Only because you didn't have a heart attack, of course. But you really had me laughing!

Heather said...

im so glad you got a clean bill of health and congrats on your cholesterol being in the healthy range!

Linda said...

Best to be safe than sorry, so going to the hospital was the right move. I am so pleased you went but more pleased that all is well.

Yep I can relate to the not wanting to wake the hubby up....we must be mad...teehee they would blummin wake us up...teehee

I am not technically minded and usually I don't bother using electronic gadgets and gizmo's to their fullest but with these new scales I just had to figure them out although I have to keep referring to the book still....heehee

Hugs x

Scale said...

Of course you were having a heart attack, you were about to go on Oprah and her people came to your house when you had an inch of dust, you were afraid they'd say,"hmmm, hang on a minute here, maybe we should feature you on the 'my house is covered in dust show'", thats enough to cause anyone chest pains! {{{Lora}}}

Should I tell you about my friends who remodeled and it ended up taking three, probably not a good time eh?

I'm just so glad you woke up your hubby and had it checked out, its nothing to mess around with.

Looking forward to Part 3!!

CactusFreek said...

Not telling the Oprah people that you were at the hospital is smart but funny lol

Do you still have your grandson living with you?
I don't recall you ever mentioning him.
I have a form of bi-polar as well :o/

Kathy said...

Lora...hospitals, torn-up kitchens,'re starting to sound like one of those heroines who finds a dead body in her closet and spends the rest of the book solving the mystery. I can't wait for Thursday...I'm popping a bag of popcorn before I sit down to watch!