Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How I Spent My Summer Vacation...(or why I haven't been blogging!")

This summer is flying by and I have nothing to really show for it. Except a few extra pounds. You'd think when you're so busy you often don't even have time to pee in the morning that you'd not have time to eat. Not me. I'm at my all time high and I want to scream!

It's been a very busy few months but not so busy that I didn't pack on an extra 5 pounds. Doesn't sound like much - but when the 5 pounds is going in the wrong direction it's discouraging. I'm not going to say I don't know why. Because I do. I'm mindlessly snacking.

Hello...my name is Lora and I'm a snackaholic. There. I said it.


Anyway, I'm determined to turn this around. My sisters and I are going to Florida in October to celebrate a 50th birthday for one of them and I refuse to go weighing what I do. I've been so lax lately. Eating whatever I please...not exercising....it's gotta' stop!

Enough on the fat soapbox. Here's my essay on "How I spent my summer vacation" by Lora.

I've managed to squeeze another trip to lake in. I tried to get the order of protection against Mr. Imanass but because no charges were filed in the last altercation it couldn't be done. *sigh* But he did lay low this past weekend and didn't bother me at all.

I camped with my kids in the Adirondack mountains 2 weeks ago and we survived. No bears - just rain. But hasn't it been doing that all summer? Gheesh!

I'm still volleying back and forth with my advisers on my thesis. I want it done already! And I'm still searching for a full time job. Though I desperately want to teach art - I'm willing to do just about anything now to have a steady paycheck and some kind of health insurance benefits. I hate the home health aide job. Can't stand living away from home 2 days every week! It throws off my entire rhythm.

The new house is coming along slowly. Very slowly. Hubby has been so busy with his seasonal job that there hasn't been much time to do anything else. We finally have a front lawn. The rain washed away the seed three times!! Most of the drywall is primed. Other than that - it's still un-livable.

We have a massive garden this summer (I don't know what my husband was thinking - like we don't have enough to do right now) but at least we'll be eating lots of fresh veggies from here on in. And the berry bushes have been bountiful with all the rain. I have 12 quarts of blackberries in the freezer and will have that many blueberries after today's picking. The garlic and onions are picked and hung in bunches to store in the fruit cellar for winter. We're still waiting on the tomatoes but the snap peas are doing great and so is the corn! The beans on the other hand are being ravaged by Japanese beetles. Any suggestions on how to handle those pesky things without resorting to pesticides? We're also waiting on the beets, carrots, swiss chard and a bunch of other stuff I don't recognize, but we did pick our first cucumbers yesteray and a big zucchini.

And lastly we laid my dear Aunt June to rest 2 weeks ago. She was my mom's sister and I adored her. Last Christmas she was diagnosed with fronto-tempera lobe dementia. It doesn't effect the mind though - just the body. With in a few months she could barely talk and by May she was in a wheel chair. It happened so fast and it was sad to watch. After the ceremony by the graveside my siblings and I walked across the street to "visit" with our parents and my late hubby. They are all buried together in a mausoleum. We decided that we are the official "grown ups" now. Whether we want to be or not. We took some roses from the spray on Aunt June's casket and wedged them into the crevices around the around the face stone by mom and dad and Pat. No one cried. Just a few arms around the shoulders....

So that's my summer so far.

I'm sorry I've been so AWOL lately. It seems my "to-do" list is always a mile long and blogging gets put on the back burner. This weekend we're hosting our annual family picnic at the new place - the yard is hospitable - just not the house. And we have an outdoor kitchen and bathroom so it's do-able. Of course it will rain....this has been the summer of rain here in upstate New York. But we'll manage.

Always do!