Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Still Here.

Still on this busy schedule and not finding the time to blog, or comment. This week I'm working 64 hours. The laundry is mounting dangerously.... Hubby is trying to pitch in but he's working long hours too.

Needless to say I'm not exercising or eating very well. And we're entering the dreaded holiday zone (dreaded as far as eating and weight gain go!) Time to get a re-charge and get back on track.

If I haven't commented on your blogs please don't think I've abandoned you! I get on the computer for snippets of time and try to catch up when I can. I'm still here! I'm able to read blogs while at school during my free periods...but not comment. There's a block on that now.

Hope you all are hanging in there too!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Lately I just haven't had the time to spend on the computer like I used to. I seem to have so much on my plate these days. (Not a real good metaphor, eh?) But honestly! I'm working 2 jobs (one which takes me overnight two nights) the other per-diem subbing so I never know what each day will bring. I lead a women's Bible study, teach Sunday School, am taking a graduate course and trying to put together a proposal for my thesis (a separate course next semester but one I need to prepare for now, as my thesis will be due next Spring.)

Did I mention we're still working on the new house which still *sigh* only has studs for walls at this point and absolutely MUST be done by Christmas! I refuse to host the holidays here as I have no furniture at present in my living room (gave it to my daughter when she moved out because I knew we wouldn't need it in the new place) and all my decorations are packed away for moving.

Can anyone say STRESS???

I'm trying to keep things in perspective. Prioritize and all that. And I have been saying no to some things. Like when our Pastor asked all of our small group leaders to spearhead a missions project in November. Nope. Nada. No can do.

On top of everything I'm supposed to be winning the weight loss war. I feel more like hoisting the white flag at this point. Sticking to my challenges has proven to be just that - a real challenge. Because friends - I'm stress eater. And believe you me (!) when I opened our stock report this month and saw how much of our retirement investments were wiped out - I ran straight for the Oreos.

Christmas is coming. Bills are due. Money is short.

Sorry - I had to vent. If I didn't I was headed straight for the Oreos again.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Farewell Summer.....

Last night I slept in my own bed for only the 2nd time in 10 days. In a few minutes I leave yet again to spend another night away. Tonight I'll be at the lake with my oldest daughter. But it's not exactly a pleasure trip. We're battening down the hatches for winter. You know....water off, antifreeze in drains, fridge emptied, can goods brought home, boats away, outdoor furniture stored.... I'm getting tired (and sad) just thinking about it.
Wasn't it just a short time ago that we were doing all of the above in reverse? I remember vividly standing on the end of the dock - looking across the lake and thinking how the WHOLE summer loomed ahead of us! That was 5 months ago *sigh*
There was a day when we spent more time at the lake than not during the average summer. First hubby was a teacher and I was a stay at home mom. We were truly blessed. I'm so glad we bought the place when we did - he had 4 wonderful summers there before he died.
Fast forward to hubby number two. He's self employed and the summers are his busiest times. Add building a house onto that and what do you have left? Four...maybe five quick trips to the lake if we're lucky. Although we did splurge and spend a whole week in July (!)

Next summer (God willing) will be better. The house will be done. Our lives (again...God willing) will be less hectic. I plan on spending much more time there. Even if I have to drag him. Or go alone (which I've been known to do.)

But for right now - I'm heading down to say goodbye. As always, just before I leave I'll pop my head back in the door (Mary Tyler Moore style...which means nothing if you never saw the last episode...) and whisper goodbye to the memories we made - this summer 0f 2008. I'll walk around the lakefront real quick and take in the view. And then I'll walk to the end of the dock and toss the obligatory rock into the lake that always heralds the end of the season. My middle daughter started this tradition years ago. Recently we started finding a pretty little rock and letting it rest on the railing of the deck all summer in order to "absorb" the memories. That's the one that will find its niche in the bottom of Lake Demmon tomorrow. With all the others. (I know - we're a really hoplessly, sappy, sentimental lot.)
Hopefully Sunday, I'll have time to catch up on blogs. Until then - enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm Still Here....

I'm still here. Just getting used to this wacky schedule...being gone 2 nights out of the week with no computer and then a jaunt to the lake for the holiday weekend.

I've been pretty lax on my challenges. Being at this house every Wednesday through Friday has messed me up. All meals are included in the deal... but it's been strange. The woman I'm caring for eats weird things (and I'm told to "help myself"). Which is awkward....rummaging through some one's fridge or cupboards looking for something to eat. So when she goes out (as she often does...friends will pick her up and take her places) I usually make a run over to the local supermarket (which is a very bad thing for me to do) because they have a literal smorgasbord of buffet items all cooked and ready to take out as you please. And I crack every time. Not to mention the downtime there. I literally spend hours in "my room" with nothing but a TV and over 1300 channels to surf. So I tend to grab unhealthy snacks from home and nosh through out the day.

I know I have to make some major changes or I'll put on this weight I've taken off. Bringing my own meals....healthier snacks....filling my water bottle regularly.

And this weekend at the lake - my sister threw her back out so there was very little walking. And there was good food. We tend to throw caution to the wind when we're at the lake. Not good. I haven't even stepped on the scale since last Thursday and I feel bloated.

Things have just been so darn disorganized around here. I hate living between two places (well...actually 4 if you count 'em all!) This house, the new house, the cottage and my job. I feel so disoriented! I need routine!!

And now I may need to go to my "job" today instead of Wednesday to cover for the other live-in aide who's sick. And I haven't even unpacked all the way from the lake. ARGGH!

Okay. 'Nuff moaning.

Enjoy the picture of the lake we took this weekend, Fall is beautiful there!