Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm Still Here....

I'm still here. Just getting used to this wacky schedule...being gone 2 nights out of the week with no computer and then a jaunt to the lake for the holiday weekend.

I've been pretty lax on my challenges. Being at this house every Wednesday through Friday has messed me up. All meals are included in the deal... but it's been strange. The woman I'm caring for eats weird things (and I'm told to "help myself"). Which is awkward....rummaging through some one's fridge or cupboards looking for something to eat. So when she goes out (as she often does...friends will pick her up and take her places) I usually make a run over to the local supermarket (which is a very bad thing for me to do) because they have a literal smorgasbord of buffet items all cooked and ready to take out as you please. And I crack every time. Not to mention the downtime there. I literally spend hours in "my room" with nothing but a TV and over 1300 channels to surf. So I tend to grab unhealthy snacks from home and nosh through out the day.

I know I have to make some major changes or I'll put on this weight I've taken off. Bringing my own meals....healthier snacks....filling my water bottle regularly.

And this weekend at the lake - my sister threw her back out so there was very little walking. And there was good food. We tend to throw caution to the wind when we're at the lake. Not good. I haven't even stepped on the scale since last Thursday and I feel bloated.

Things have just been so darn disorganized around here. I hate living between two places (well...actually 4 if you count 'em all!) This house, the new house, the cottage and my job. I feel so disoriented! I need routine!!

And now I may need to go to my "job" today instead of Wednesday to cover for the other live-in aide who's sick. And I haven't even unpacked all the way from the lake. ARGGH!

Okay. 'Nuff moaning.

Enjoy the picture of the lake we took this weekend, Fall is beautiful there!


RunningNan said...

The picture is gorgeous!

I completely agree on the routine. Every 3rd night I don't eat a planned dinner like I do the other two nights previous to it. Tonight will be that third night. I hope that by me mowing the lawn and taking care of household stuff, I won't have time to stuff the old face!

MizFit said...

lax is better than announcing youve quit?

(she types knowing shes all kinds of SUZIE SUNSHINE this morning)

do what you can and be kind to yourself about the stuff you cant!

grammy said...

Glad to have you back. I was worried. Yes, sounds like you need to deal with some stuff. Take food is one thing I think would help. Tell her you are on a diet so she won't feel like you snub her stuff lol. A few years ago I was doing daycare at someone elses house. It worked to bring my own stuff, then I was not eating all day like I might of at home. Tell your self the store is off limits. It will eat up your own profits. lol You could walk maybe while she is gone. ??? Glad you are ok.

JC said...

Beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing it.

I would go insane trying to keep up with where I'm suppose to be and when.

You are right if you don't get a handle on it you will start to gain. Your body is telling you it ain't happy. I'm amazed at how our body sends us signals if we will pick up on them.

Sorry about our sister. I hope she will be better very soon.

new*me said...

We still have a few more weeks till our fall is in full color. Your picture is beautiful. You can get back into the swing of things. One little step at a time :)

Honi said...

the picture is wonderful.. ..
I would pack my food that way you know what you are eating.. and wont be tempted by the supermarket.. how long is this job for.. or is it a long term thing.. i know it must be hard.. uhm when she is not there .. can u go for a walk or something.. ? best to u!

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