Friday, September 18, 2009

I have been busy. I think about writing here but get side-tracked daily!

There were family reunions, trips to the lake and funerals. After we said good bye to my dear aunt June, a close friend at the lake committed suicide. Seems he was prescribed the drug Lyrica for nerve pain in his legs and he was one of the unlucky people that succumbed to the "suicide side effect." After 2 weeks on it he began to have crying spells. After 4 weeks he leaned over a shot gun and wasn't found until the next day.

Suicide hurts so much. There's so much guilt. Why didn't we see it. What could we have done...

In between the roller coaster of emotions and over-scheduled days, I managed to get a lot of painting done in the new house. We WILL be in there for Christmas this year. We WILL! I have threatened dear hubby on this :-)

I've also gotten control of the pie hole and have managed to lose 8 pounds. It's a start. I got a kick in the rear end from my Dr. at my physical last month. Seems my blood pressure is not as low as he's like it (I've never had a problem with this before) but I've read enough from Dr. Oz about how this is the ONE number you don't want to mess around with. With the history of heart disease in my family I'm not taking any chances.

So I've reduced my salt intake... I never was an over-salter, but now that I'm reading labels I'm finding that it's hidden everywhere. Especially in so-called "diet" foods! Yesterday I was about to have a cup of instant soup. Only 45 calories. But when I looked at the label it had aver 2000 grams of sodium. Yikes! I opted for some tuna instead.

I've also been filling up on lots of fresh fruit and veggies. And avoiding the dreaded Golden Arches (except for a Southwest Salad now and then). Now I need to step up on the exercise. Hopefully those numbers will be down when I see him again next month.

Tomorrow night I'm hosting an outdoor party at the new house for about 25 former classmates from my high school days. A mini-reunion of sorts. An old flame will be there. (an old flame that actually asked me to marry him way back when.) Last time I saw him he reminded me of how I remember his dad. I wonder if I'll remind him of my mom. Last time he saw her she was about 45 years old. I'm now 52. That's kind of scary!

I'll take some pics of the house this weekend and post them next week. Cactus keeps asking me to do this so I guess I should! (that's weird - I just tried to create a link to her blog and I can't...hmmm.)

Anyhoo friends - I'm still here. I'll try to be more consistent. Things seem to be slowing down. Hope you're all well and happy :-)