Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm Almost Back!

Yippee! Yippee! My bro-in-law called last night and said my PC is fixable! I should have it back by Monday and I can once again get down to business here!

Last night we tore the walls down between the old house & the new. Now it's one big But it's so cool - being able to look from one end to the other and not imagine how it's gonna' be. Of course the kitchen to be is just a bare room (right down to the studs on 2 walls) with no plumbing or anything yet. But last night I stood in front of the soon to be window over the soon to be sink and pretended I was washing dishes. I closed my eyes real tight and tried to picture it. It's a still a long way off but it's happening all the same!

Now about hubby carrying me over that threshold. Hmmm. I've got to get moving on that too. I've been trying to work on the Weight Watcher materials and it helps when I follow the plan. But I seem to keep losing and gaining the same three pounds! Damn!

Tomorrow my sibs and I are going on a winery tour in the finger lakes where my brother's cottage is. That means eating and drinking.....and yes- we DO have D.D. We've hired a limo-bus to escort us around. Too bad I couldn't hire a body-guard to keep my trap shut. But it's one night so I'm not too worried.

In the meantime - I need to think long term. I've got a bad case of the "I'll start tomorrow" syndrome. I say this as I shovel Big Macs and Cookies into my pie-hole. Yikes! And think of excuses not to exercise....

Yes my dear friends...I DO need the accountability that I have been lacking the past weeks while I've been waiting for my faithful PC to return. After Monday I'll have no more excuses...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Checking In....Again

Oh my gosh...has it been this long really? I am still without a computer (darn taxes came due for both places) so we have to wait a bit longer for the old one to get fixed. no new ones right now. Whah!

I think about you guys all the time and miss the inspiration and motivation and lots of other fun stuff that happens when I read your blogs. I am still plugging away with both the house and my weight. I've been disgustingly lax on my efforts and it shows. Last week, I dusted off all my old weight watchers stuff and decided to start making a more concerted effort about recording what goes into my mouth: what - when - how much. It seems to be helping.

One would think with all the hours I've been putting into this house renovating that I'd be at least sweating my butt off. Well...I have been sweating - but the butt unfortunately is still with me. The house is coming along well and I promise I WILL post some pics as soon as the old computer is back from the shop. (The "shop" being my brother -in-law who is supposedly fixing it for us.) When one is getting free work done- one doesn't nag the one doing it...

We have been knocking out walls - ripping out kitchens - tearing off siding - I feel like a star on "Flip That House!" The goal for moving in was Christmas but I'm starting to think we were being too optimistic about that. Right now I need to focus on other goals - mainly my weight!

I found an old driver's licence from about 8 years ago and I couldn't believe how I looked. As in good! as far as weight goes. Only one chin....some noticeable cheekbones...and I'm sure if it was a whole body shot - a lot less of everything else too. I gotta' do this. Knowing what I could look like vs. what I do look like is driving me nuts.

Right now I'm 191. In the license photo I'm sure I was about 150. That's' about 5 pounds a year....which doesn't sound like much - but I'm planning on living a lot more years and I can't keep up at this rate!

Anyhoo - I just wanted to shout out and say hi to you guys and let you know I'm still here and I will be back! With pics and hopefully progress! Pray that my computer comes back soon!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Checking In....

I 'm still here! We haven't gotten the PC yet...just been too darn busy with the house and my time to sneak on this one is minimal. We did manage to put a few days in at the lake this past weekend (4 nights actually! Well needed to say the least!) Mr. Imanass was fairly quiet. A couple of men from the end of the lake came by and threatened to beat him up while we were there (he's not an all too popular guy at the lake...don't know what he did to those men but they were pretty mad!) We found it all a bit humorous.

As for my weight. ARGHHHH! Without my computer I feel so "unaccountable" to all my fellow bloggers. It's reading about you guys that keeps me going. I have put on several pounds and am feeling soo bloated! I haven't given what I out into my pie hole much thought these days and it's showing.


Wednesday was the first day of school here and that was a bit depressing for me. It was weird not to be going back to my classroom and beginning the new semester. I've been using this time to work on the house though, so I guess that's a plus. We've been stripping off the old siding (vinyl AND wood) right down to the tar paper. As soon as the new windows go in on the old part we can get the siders here to side the WHOLE house and it'll finally look like one house instead of two stuck together. We want to beat the rains that usually beset us each fall. Right now summer is still in full swing - weather wise - it's in the 90's again today. It sure has been a hot summer. It helped us make up our minds that we WILL be putting AC in the new house.

Right now I'm on my way back out to rip off some more siding. (after I peak at some of my favorite bloggers that is.) Hopefully I'll be back soon on a regular basis. Until then - keep at it guys!