Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tommorrow's the Big Day!

I subbed for one of the art teachers in our local school the past two days and then went straight to remodeling when I got home. (Hence no posts...) I even forgot to watch the Biggest Loser last night Waah!

Just those two days being back on a working schedule made a huge difference in my eating patterns. The old packing a healthy lunch while the resolve is still strong in the morning thing...and then having to eat it for lack of anything else when lunch time rolls around. (And Actually enjoying it too!) I need to be working full time again. All this time spent remodeling the kitchen has kept me in the most dangerous room in the house - not a good thing. The pics above are a before and a partial after - there's still work to be done...but we're getting there! (the blue is before...)

Speaking of the kitchen - we have a sink again! Yay! The stove is till not hooked up to the gas line, but the microwave and a hot plate have been holding us over. I've felt like we've been camping the past week. Those two days in Chicago - in a luxury hotel were well needed and appreciated!

Tomorrow is my big debut on Oprah and all of a sudden I'm scared to death! I mean...sure I was nervous as all get out while it was being filmed, but that all happened so fast and then it was over. Now - the show will be aired to 22 million people (and while I really don't care all that much about the people who see this that don't know me) I'm really in a panic about those who do! Here is me, Lora - who is mortified to run into someone from high school that hasn't seen me in the past 10 years for fear they'll be mortified in turn at how I've let myself go - and now I've agreed to plaster myself on national TV!

And I'm also concerned that my story (as it was put in a mini biography form) paints me as a pathetic creature. The author of the book tells me on the show that I may be driving my kids away by not letting them go. Very NOT true! I've always had an exceptional relationship with the girls and try to explain that on the show. But it is EXTREMELY intimidating to be sitting there with a camera on you and correcting someone on the Oprah show! She also tells me that I will someday remarry and also have grandchildren to fill this void in my life. Ummm...someone didn't do their homework. I am remarried and I do have a grandson. So much was left out in the editing of the final vignette of my life....but my sisters said they felt that many women would still connect with what I was going through and not to worry. (I was also so darn nervous I forgot to suck in my chin and sit up straight! I don't think I even smiled once!)

Still - as I said in an earlier post - I DID come away with a new attitude and am thankful for the opportunity to have been on the show. The next job interview I have - I will be bringing Oprah's words of wisdom along with me (said to me after the show) and believing in myself and the ability to be the best candidate for the position! And I've also started seriously thinking about the Children's Book I want to write that has been hiding in my heart since high school. My mother made me promise that before I died - I would write and illustrate one. I'm going to do it! (and the associate producer said to me as I was leaving... "if you write that book...let us know! Oprah just may promote it on her show!") Wouldn't that be instant advertising!

Okay - so tomorrow's the BIG day! Just remember that the Lora you see on TV (while definitely going through a mid-life thing) isn't as bad off as she appears! Thank you Diana - for the plug on the Healthy You Challenge ! I'll "see" you all tomorrow! (and for those who don't get the show for several weeks - you may find clips on the Oprah website.) Not sure - but I'll let you know!


Kathy said...

I'm giving your appearance on Oprah tomorrow a shout-out on my blog today! Are you ready for the press to appear at your door and the autograph sessions at the local supermarket?

Grumpy Chair said...

I'm sure you did fine, but that would annoy me too when the author of the big didn't know your background (already re-married and have a grandson).

Looking forward to it tomorrow. I wrote a post-it-note and put on the mirror to remind me to watch.

Oh and the kitchen looks great. Glad you got water!

Pattie said...

Don't you worry, Lora: we know the real you! I can tell that you're a positive, genuine person... that's why I come back to your blog day after day. So phooey on what the Oprah editors kept in and left out!

We're all rooting for you! Go Lora!

Felicia said...

I cant wait to watch. I have a big note on the TV to help remind me!! I am sure you did wonderfully and it will be so exciting to actually "see" you in person. So to speak lol.

The kitchen looks amazing!!! GREAT JOB!!


Heather said...

the kitchen looks great!

very excited to watch your episode tomorrow, and Im sure you will be portrayed just fine. you did a brave thing!

sybil said...

Wow. You've had a busy week. It was very interesting to read about your Oprah experience...thanks for sharing it with us.

Kitchen looks very nice. As hard as DIY projects can sometimes be, isn't it sweet when they are finished and you can just stand back and admire and enjoy?

Linda said...

STOP panicking about your Oprah show, you will have done great and you will and do look GORGEOUS!! You are a LOVELY person and I am so pleased and PROUD to know you and to be your blogger friend.

I wonder when your appearance will be shown here in the UK. I will keep a look out.

The kitchen look really FAB!!

Hugs x

Anonymous said...

Youll be ok... I am sure it will all go fine. :)

Try not to worry about how the show portrays you (its not as if your worrying will change anything).... the people you love know the person you are... they will just be stoked to see you on TV!

Scale Junkie said...

WOW the kitchen looks great!

I was always told that TV edits stuff to appear how they need it to appear. Its a shame the expert got your details wrong but it just shows us all you can't take everything you see on TV, even the Oprah show at face value.

I have the DVR set and I'm ready to watch. There is no way I'd come away from this thinking you are pathetic, you are a strong and courageous woman and that shows through your words here! You are a beautiful woman Lora!

I think its really exciting about the childrens book too, go for it!!

HappyBlogChick said...

How exciting - I've got it set on the DVR.

But yeah, I can see it would definitely be a little annoying that the interviewer didn't know your history. Well, hey, WE know, and more importantly YOU know. And I bet you look and sound and come across great. We can be our own worst critics, you know?

The kitchen is looking beautiful! Nice work!

Kathy said... star of the Oprah show friend!!! You looked great...I was so proud to tell my family, "I know her!" well, kinda, in a blogworld way!

You are so pretty!

Ready Maid said...

Please, please, please tell me somebody recorded the show for you (AND me!). I missed it, even though I had my heart set on seeing it. And believe me, no matter how they edited it, nothing could mask your sweet spirit.

RunningNan said...

You are hardly pathetic. You looked fabulous as well!

Oh... and I love the kitchen!

Grumpy Chair said...

Just wanted to let you know you looked fantastic and you certainly don't look 50 years old!

Also, what beautiful daughters you have.

I wished I could take credit but I saw lots of HYC blog posts about the Peter Walsh book right after he was on Oprah - so you probably read it on one of those blogs.

Again, I thought you looked great.

Katschi said...

Hi Lora! I watched your Oprah segment and you looked a little nervous and I also noticed they didn't give you much time to flesh out any of your answers. Oprah does that alot. I find that frustrating when I want to hear someone's opinion...why have guests? I didn't hear any concrete suggestions for you. It was like they were putting words in your mouth. Anyway you were wonderful!
and it was fun to see you live after having only seen you in a weeny teeny square of your profile pic.
Definitely go for the book! Who knows where it will lead you!

JoLynn Braley said...

Hi Lora,

I saw Oprah that day and I just want to say that I did not at all see you as being a "pathetic creature". I think that there are many many women out there that have gone through the same thing as you have and I bet they could relate to you.

If I'd known before then (just read Diana's post about you), I would have spread the word on my blog.

BTW, how cool that you got to meet Oprah!! Are you doing the Oprah & Eckhart Tolle webinar starting Monday night? I'll be on there, I think it's an awesome event and I like Eckhart's teachings...The Power of Now is excellent, as well as his new book that the webinar will be on (A New Earth).

CactusFreek said...

I hope you taped the show, coz if i miss it i'll be asking for the tape! lol

Again, the kitchen looks great.