Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hanging in There!

Sorry I've been away for a few days. Youngest daughter came in from Massachusetts Thursday for a brief visit. Her hubby's hockey team is in town here playing and it seemed an opportune time for a visit. We went to the game last night (confession here - this is the first time I've ever seen him play and it's been 6 years!) and it was awesome! He's a goalie so it was easy to keep my eyes on him and I wasn't gasping every 10 seconds when someone ran into someone else! It was a good game. He blocked 43 out of 44 attempts and we were proud. His team also won (3-1) against another very good Division One school. Lots of fun! The pic is our attempt at cheering for my son-in-law. Hisnick name is Rammy - hence GO RAMMY!

Eating has been a little sporadic. There've been some slips but (like Thursday night whe all the girls got together - cousins, aunts, sisters) and went out to eat. I sipped water with lemon instead of ordering drinks like the rest of them - but the menu was horrible! Not one single lite item! Even the salads were loaded with guilt. So I got a grilled chicken wrap with a side of brown rice. Not too bad (as far as I could tell) but I ate the whole thing and it was big. Little Miss Piggy. I should've wrapped half but I didn't. Then when I got home around 11:00 I saw that hubby had ordered a pizza for himself. Tempting... but I didn't give in. (I was still full of chicken wraps!) but when daughter arrived at 2 AM she spied the pizza (she was tired and hungry form the long drive) and I joined her and had a slice too.

Last night we skipped dinner to go to the game and I was famished when we all came back here (there were 18 of us). Hubby made some stuffed mushrooms and quesadillas and that was dinner. Not bad you say...but I had a few beers and that was bad.

Anyway - weigh in yesterday still reflected a loss from last week albeit not a great one. But a loss is a loss and I'll take it. I did my BL DVD too! And it is getting easier. I'm able to pretty much keep up with those darn lunges and I'm feeling more flexible than I have in a long time. I reached down to pick something up yesterday and was surprised that I could do it so easily!

Daughter is still here and she'll probably join her hubby at the hotel this afternoon that the team is staying at while they're here so I'll do my DVD while she's gone. It's officially February and my second goal for 2008 was to step up the exercise. I'm on track so far and happy with myself that this year's resolution has not fallen by the wayside. I'm finding it easier to get back in the game after a slip if I just forgive myself and get on with it. The "all or nothing" mentality is slowly dying to its ugly self. But it's dying none the less. I'm finally getting it through my head that one slip does not ruin everything. I just wish things would happen quicker on the scale. Once I get to that 10 pound mark the momentum will kick in. Until then...Lora is plugging away!


Hanlie said...

Sounds like you had great fun!

Keep plugging away, Lora. You'll get there!

Linda said...

Well done Rammy!!

Beers in moderation surely wont do any harm and the odd drink is supposed to be good for us....keeps the blood thin...and us colder...teehee AHA BUT then we burn more calaories/body fat trying to keep warm but then because we are burning more fat and so have less fat on our bodies we are colder still...teehee....vicious circles

I think you probably chose wisely with the wrap and rice. If you particularly wanted the salad could you not have asked for it without the dressing?

Pizza isn't bad for us, it is all the added extra's that can do the harm i.e. oil, cheese and well, you only had one slice and you have balanced it all out with the exercise, so all is good I would say.

I used to think that if I had one blip then I had ruined it all and then the inevitable would happen...BINGE! But I too am taking on board more postive thoughts, and it does help.

We all wish things would happen more quickly but slow and steady wins the race.

Keep going, you are doing so well!

Hugs xx

Thinking Thin said...

A loss is a loss regardless of how much. You are doing great.

Pattie said...

Wow! Look at the valuable lesson you learned: all or nothing thinking KILLS us!

I'm so proud of you for hanging in and moving on from the small slip ups you had, because you know what? They'll happen again. That's part of life. But now you'll know not to give up.

Go Lora!