Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Have You Taken Your Vitaimins Today?

Did I say the weather was pleasant yesterday?? Today it's miserable! Low 20's and windy as all get out. We lost power during the night and got it back just after lunch time. I had to make coffee on the stove top (mmm grounds taste good...does that count as fiber?) and stay close to the wood stove. Such is life in Upstate New York. Ya' never know if you're going to need your boots or your shorts!

I don't think taking a walk today will happen. In fact I know it won't. I'd blow away! The winds are averaging about 40 mph right now and there's a wind warning in effect through this evening. Not to mention the bitter cold as far as the wind chill factor is involved. I wish I lived where it's sunny all the time. I really do hate the cold. (Although as I mentioned yesterday....those hot flashes have made winter here a lot more tolerable than it used to be!)

There has been a lot of talk about eating healthier and caring for our bodies these days in blogdom. It's that time of year~but I was wondering how many of you take vitamins in addition to eating balanced meals? I don't know about you - but reading all those labels and trying to figure out what's good and what's not has got my head spinning. I automatically look at the calorie count first. (That's a no brainer) Then I check the fat content. The trans and the sats (as I call 'em.) I look to see if whole grains are used - how much sugar or salt - stuff like that. But I have to be honest. If all or most of that checks out - I don't read much further. Like the vitamin content. And I should. But like I said, sometimes that's just too much reading! I'd rather be eating! (Ha! Now doesn't that give one pause to think...)

Anyway ~ Last summer I began taking vitamins. I took the Real Age test sponsored by the "You-On a Diet" website and learned what vitamins I may be lacking considering my lifestyle. I learned I should be taking folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, fish oil and a multi-vitamin too. I picked them up at my local grocer (not too expensive at all - but you DO have to read the labels to make sure you're getting the proper amounts - there are many varieties of the same thing out there.) Then I bought myself a little pill box. The kind with seven compartments for each day of the week. I load my box up on Sunday and haven't had any problems remembering to take them.

I think it's important to make sure we take vitamins. I now there's controversy over whether taking them that way is benenficial ( we just pee them out anyway) but I know for me, it gives a little added security that I'm at least getting some of the things I may be lacking. I do find that my complexion has gotten better (Sharon - you asked about that once) and I think it's a result of those vitamins! I'm also not as tired. Maybe it's all in my head but I just wanted to toss it out there and see if any of you are supplementing with vitamins.

Here' another thought (I'm rambling today as I sit here and listen to the wind howl).... If someone opened up a chain of grocery stores - that catered ONLY to healthy eating (and I'm not talking Health Food Stores - they are just over priced and gimmicky in my mind) but a regular store where you could do your weekly shopping and KNOW that every single item in the store was good for you - I think they'd be millionaires in a week. I'd shop there! It would take all the guess work out of trying to figure out what's in what I'm buying. I'm talking normal food items that could be found in any store - that are healthy and low cal and just plain good choices - and all the other stuff that's loaded with fats and sugars and salt and who knows what else - would be banned from the shelves! I think it would take off! (But it would have to be priced right too - my biggest gripe with health food stores....)

But until that happens - I guess I'll just have to be diligent in reading those labels and learning for myself what I should and should not be eating.

And about those vitamins...any thoughts?


Hanlie said...

I'm afraid I'm in the anti-vitamin camp. I take Barleylife (juice from barley leaves) and flax seed oil every day and that's that. I don't read nutritional information, just lists of ingredients. It should have no preservatives, sugar or sweeteners, salt, colourants, stabilizers, heated fats, etc. In fact, the only products I buy are packets of olives, tins of chick peas, tins of italian tomatoes, butter, cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil, capers, dates, raw cashew nuts, raw almonds, brown rice, tahini, tofu, polenta, millet, raw honey, herbal teas and herbal salt. The rest of my groceries consist of fresh fruit and vegetables. The only frozen things I buy are berries, directly from the farm.

This is of course when we're on plan! Which is pretty much going to be the rest of our lives, from now on!

Felicia said...

I take several vitamins and supplements a day. I have to for the rest of my life now. I know what I need to take and how much of it by having blood work done regularly.

Odd's are most people should be taking at the very least a multi vitamin. And if you are a woman calcium is a must for sure!!

Great post!

Hope you have a SUPER day!

Lidian said...

Sorry, am complete ignoramus about vitamins.

Those healthy grocery stores sound wonderful - what a good idea!

We have got that wind too in Ontario - hope your power is back on by now!

Heather said...

oh we had nasty weather here in IL!

I am so bad about vitamins. I always forget to take them. I am a pretty healthy person though so I dont know how much of a difference Id see, but you are right, they are very important.

for me when I look at ingredients, I look to see how natural they are. I dont like reading stuff I dont know what it is or cant pronounce it.

HappyBlogChick said...

I take a basic women's multivitamin and a calcium chew every day. Well ... every day I remember. I have to take thyroid meds in the AM, and I can't vitamin it at the same time. I never forget my AM med, but the vitamins sometimes fall by the wayside. So I should say I take them *almost* every day.

I love the idea of the healthy grocery store, but I fear they might go out of business. So many people aren't interested in healthy food. But if it is inexpensive, it might work. I know I'd shop there!

*ccc* said...

Holy's so interesting that you've brought up the vitamin talk today!!!

I'm doing some research today, exactly, on vitamins. I have never taken vitamins...even though I know how much they help, and for some reason, the urge kicked in this week (okay, that's not true. My BB asks me daily if I've taken my multi-vitamin...and the little box on my WW journal mocks me every day with the little vitamin I never check off...)

Regardless--it's interesting you brought this up. Good for you for doing something that positive for your body!

As to the cold, well, you can come live in South Florida. It's always sunny here! (Except when we get hurricanes, lol)

CactusFreek said...

I'm not in the anti-vitamin "camp" but for me personaly, i try to get my vitamin needs from food. I'm aware of what i need to eat to get what vitamins, and i arrange my diet around them.
My husband eats REALLY poorly, but takes vitamin tablets, so he thinks he's covered. It really annoys me! lol

Honi said...

i sit in the anti vitamin camp too.. i usually get sick when i take vitamins.. i prefer to eat them in my daily foods... I agree about a lot of these "health food" stores..

Mary said...

I take vitamins almost daily. I forget on some days, but I generally try to take a daily vitamin. I try to get all my vitamins from food, but I know it doesn't happen. I mainly started taking vitamins because I always had low iron levels. Since I like to give blood that is a problem, so I started down the vitamin route.

Linda said...

We too have been getting strong winds, up to 70mph, well that is what the weather forecasts have been telling us. They have already blown our fence down which my OH has sorted out...phew!

I like the healthy grocery store idea!!

Hugs x