Tuesday, January 1, 2008


So we rang in the New Year and what was I doing when the ball dropped in Times Square? Playing basketball with my sister! My brother has this indoor game where there are 2 baskets and 4 balls. You compete with a partner to see who can score the most baskets in the allotted time. It was down to seconds when we heard the others in the next room counting down along with Dick Clark. (Gheesh - the guys never ages!) And being the competitive sports we are - we couldn't stop till the time ran out. Which made us about 4 seconds late for New Years. No biggie- they were all still blowing noisemakers and trading hugs when we got in the room. Point to all of this is...I was doing something ACTIVE when 2008 arrived! Woohoo! Yippee for me!

This morning (we all slept at my brother's) we had breakfast and I portioned my helpings and I was okay. I didn't pile my plate high or go back for seconds. (Except for the coffee - had about 4 cups of that! Had to - we were up till almost 4am!)

I'm feeling in control. Part of it being I did a really, REALLY hard thing last night. I knew if I was going to suceed at this I needed to purge my cupboards of anything that might trip me up. Like the 25 bags of peanut M&M's my daughter gave me for Christmas. What a gift! I absolutely adore peanut M&M' so she bought me a bulk supply. When I opened them Christmas morning I felt sick inside as I feigned a smile and knew I would never get to indulge in them. I'm not saying I didn't consume a few bags between then and yesterday. but last night, I packed up the box (along with the box of chocolates our neighbors gave us) and brought them to my bro's. I handed the stash over to my niece and nephew and said "Enjoy! Just don't tell Rachel!" (my daughter.) They were delighted beyond words. I felt a little sad....

But now it's a new year and they are there and I am here! And that works for me. That was a mighty step for me. But I'm serious this time around. Very serious.

So Happy New year all my friends! May 2008 bring success for us all!

Stay tuned tomorrow! I'll be explaining the Filter For Good Banner on my site and how it relates to The Biggest Loser AND....the 3 really cool prizes I'll be awarding in the next contest I'm sponsoring in my blog!


Kathy said...

Our friends attend a church that keeps a food pantry going on year round so we packed everything that wasn't on our plan up and made a nice donation to them...everybody benefited...and we don't have sweet nothings calling our names. Good for you ridding the house of those M&M's!

Christine said...

Really excited about the upcoming year and everything that it holds. Shannon and her easter challenge is going to be what gets me back on track! As well as my Biggest Loser workout DVD! :)))) I have something to do while its so darn cold outside. Happy 2008!

Linda said...

How fab, being active as 2008 came in....excellent!

Well done on a successful day and for giving the Peanut M&M's away...OUCH!...HARD! I love them too.

Enjoy your day.

Hugs to you XX

Scale Junkie said...

Welcome to 2008!! I've started cleaning out the pantry and removing temptation. I'm really proud of you for giving away those M&M's. I know that had to hurt since they were a heartfelt gift from your daughter but by giving them away you are giving her a bigger gift in return. You are working on improving your health and quality of life so you can be around to enjoy life with her for many many years to come! That is worth more than any M&M!

Susan said...

Happy New Year!

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. It's always nice to have a new visitor since I'm still trying to get the ball rolling. :)

Good for you on getting rid of the temptations! I'm thankful I don't like chocolate. If I did, I'd be in a world of trouble, I'm sure!!

I look forward to following your progress here on your site. Talk to you soon!


CactusFreek said...

Excellent job on the M&M's! I love those peanut ones too. Ooohhhh how i love them!

I'm reading a book at the moment called "The diet alternative" by Diane Hampton. She says at the beginning that the points she covers can be for any addiction, so i'm taking it into account with my booze problem as well.
It's a small Christian based book that really packs a punch! She puts into every day form, what God says about our diet. Most of the stuff, i didn't even know was in the bible! It's quite humbling. If you get a chance to, check it out :o)

BTW, it's awesome that you got brave enough to add your photo :o)
Go me for picking you out in those pics too! lol

OhYeahBabe said...

A happy & healthy new year to you, too!

Resolve not to get ripped off by scams like Kimkins!