Monday, December 31, 2007

Good Bye 2007!

Today is my last day of eating like there's no tomorrow. Because as we all know tomorrow always has a way of showing up....bringing along excess poundage. I've been eating like a maniac the past few weeks - gearing up for the New Year.

A New Year always offers a fresh start. A time to put the old behind and press on to things unknown. I haven't always resolved to lose weight come January 1st. (There was a time - believe it or not - that I didn't have to.)

Some years I vowed to be more organized. While I didn't totally succeed in my efforts, I did manage to establish a few new habits that have made my life easier. Other years I've vowed to read my Bible daily. That didn't always work either. But it made me keep it on my nightstand and pick it up more oft than not. One year I vowed to quit smoking. I was a two-pack a day girl. I know - very bad! But I geared myself up for it. Mentally and Spiritually. On Jan 1st at about 9:00 am - I smoked my last cigarette. I crumbled up the pack with the remaining cigarettes still in it and tossed it in the trash. I've never smoked another cigarette in my life. Not even a single drag. That was January 1st, 1985. Not bad eh?

So I'm figuring - I can do this too. In 1984 I couldn't imagine my life without smoking. It was all I knew! I smoked all the time - everywhere (that was back when you could still smoke in public places and no one shooed you out on the back porch ) You could smoke on airplanes - in restaurants - anywhere. There was no social impetus to quit. Was it hard? HArd as hell! Hardest thing I've ever done in my life! I struggled a LOT . But I had a game plan. Strategic alternatives to get me through. I avoided social situations the first month. I chewed a lot of gum. I doodled on paper when ever I was on the phone instead of lighting up. (I still can't talk on the phone without doodling to this day!)

And I did it! The first thing I noticed (but didn't expect) was the freedom. I could go someplace and not worry if I had enough smokes to get me through. I didn't have to fumble around to make sure I had a lighter or matches in my purse. I didn't stink anymore. And I could breathe easier and run faster! (unfortunately that's when my weight problems began....but it was a fair trade off at the time.)

So I'm figuring - nothing is impossible! I can do this too. Lose the weight and adapt a healthier lifestyle. And I'm sure there will be some freedom moments that show up as perks this time too!

Like I said - I've been gearing up for this. I'm going to succeed this time. A lot of us are! And this time around - I WILL have progress pictures I can be proud of.

I'm spending the evening at my brother's house to ring in the New Year. I'll eat for sure. But come tomorrow things will change. One day at a pound at a time.
Happy New Year to you all!


Kathy said...

I heartily congratulate you on successfully giving up the smoking...I heard Don Imus say many times that giving up drugs and alcohol were easy for him compared to giving up smoking. I'm so glad I never began...I'm sure I would be overweight and a problem is enough!
Happy New Year and good luck with better eating in 2008!

Linda said...

You know, you reminded me of just how hard it was to stop smoking.
I used to smoke up to 60 a day, yep, 60 a day....amazing! But myself and my OH stopped in...I think it was 1988.

I loved a cigarette. I would light up before getting out of bed, light another whilst the kettle was boiling for my first cup of coffee of the day, I was constantly lighting up and because I was such a heavy smoker and the fact I loved a cigarette made stopping all the harder BUT I STOPPED and if you and I can stop smoking then we can surely lose some weight. It's not as if we have to stop eating, now that would be even harder than stopping smoking I'm sure.

All we have to do is make wiser food choices and we both know that we can eat a lot of food by making these wise food choices and it is doing our bodies so much good along with the fact that we no longer smoke and even more so because we stopped smoking so many years ago our lungs will now be back to their healthy pink condition which is better to enable us to exercise a tad more.

We just CAN NOT lose.
The only thing we can lose is excess weight. We can WIN this last battle for our health.

Hugs to ya xx

Saweetie-Carleen said...

hey there! nice to meet you- I'm also taking part in the health you challenge, look forward to getting to know you! I'm also having some fun eats today!!

Michelle said...

Just wanted to stop on by and say HI! I hope everything is going well!

I do have to say, habits can be hard to create, but once they are there, they tend to stick pretty quickly. A few weeks ago I forced myself to go to the gym because I didn't want my streak to end. All I wanted to to be was lazy (got to do plenty of that visiting the parents).

I commend you concerning the giving away of chocolate. I'm lucky to be able to keep some on hand without having to worry about indulging too often. Its the salty stuff that gets me all the time.

Keep up your good start!