Friday, December 21, 2007

Fa La La La Last Minute Shopping...

Whew! What a whirlwind rush these past few days have been. Shopping, shopping, shopping! I have been a good girl and wrapped every single gift as soon as I got it in the house. The tree is surrounded with gifts and they are starting to spill into other corners of the living room. I know it's not all about the gifts. But for some reason I have been so nostalgic for my mom and dad and the Christmases we used to have... And seeing the tree harboring all the tokens of my love for all the people I care about is bringing back some very fond memories.

The thing about being super busy is - it wreaks havoc on your eating. Either I forget to eat all day and then devour half the fridge that night - or I stop and grab something quick - which equates to fast - and we all know about fast food! I have NOT been eating good. And I don't think I will from here on in until the New Year rings in. I definitely have put all on hold until then. And in the meantime have put on about 5 pounds. Yikes!

Thing is - I know that there will be incentives everywhere come January first for weight loss. It has to be THE number one resolution that most people make. I've seen a lot of challenges going up on blogs and I know we'll all be ready to give it our best shot. This next year WILL be the year for some of us. Others will fall away...abandon their blogs...others will hang in there and post...not lose weight (but hang in there just the same) which in my opinion is a good thing - because it means they haven't given up!

So let's make a pact that 2008 is the year we do it! In the meantime - we can still try to make time for exercise in spite of the food temptations the holidays bring. Park a little farther than usual. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Shovel the walk instead of making hubby do it. Every little bit helps!

I hope y'all have your shopping done! If not - there's a small window of opportunity left. But be forewarned - now is when all the men are hitting the malls (procrastinating creatures that they are...) I try to stay way from the stores when it gets this close (although I always inevitably have to run out for something at the last minute) which can be a real mood wrecker. People that wait until the last minute to shop - aren't so jolly.

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