Saturday, December 8, 2007

Gotta' Love Those Family Get Togethers!

The party last night was fun. As fun as one can get when all of our extended family gets together. We have a motto.... "Our family puts the FUN in dysfunctional!" Some of your are nodding. (You know exactly what I mean!)

Here are a few of the highlights of the evening.....

Highlight #1 ~ My cousin got beat up by a woman at a bar a few weeks ago. (long story...told you we were "different") I decided to write a song in his honor, commemorating the event and put it to the tune of "Grandma got run over by a Reindeer". My daughter and niece sang it. It was an instant hit - and sadly the only singing at all last night. Late hubby was a professional musician so we always had tons of music and singing while he was alive. Sadly there are only one or 2 now that can carry a tune so we've given up.

Highlight #2 ~ The bitch fest all the woman had at the start of the evening because we ALL hate our hair now. My sister (the hairdresser) left her shop about 4 months ago to embark on a new career. We've all been floundering to find new hairdressers and agreed that no one does it like she did. My poor aunt sat there with orange hair because no one can mach the shade my sister did. My cousin's cute trademark bob now looks like she got the back of her head stuck in a blender. My niece...well we wont even go there. Suffice to say that she needed that firm touch only my sister had when it came to strongly recommending she didn't go platinum. Because she did. And me...well we all know how I feel about MY haircut from my rantings in an earlier blog.

Highlight #3 ~ The grab bag event... This is a good one! Much better than the very first year I brought present hubby to the party to meet the family for the first time when we were dating and my sister screamed to my cousin's boyfriend (who was balking at he socks he had received as a gift) "Take the damn socks you greedy mother f ---er") yep - made me proud! Anyhoo - daughter's boyfriend gets his grab bag gift and it's a lottery ticket. he scratches it off and starts to smile.

"Hey - I won $25!" He continues scratching.

"Wait - I won $50!" Suddenly it's not such a lame gift. He scratches off another box.

"Holy crap! I won $100!" And yes, we had checkers making sure he wasn't pulling our leg.

Gets better! When all the boxes are scratched off - he's won $500!"

He cashed it in the morning and is now $500 richer. Way cool! Better story than the socks one!

On a final note - my family really is wonderful. Yes...we have our oddballs but my dear sister isn't as bad as I made her out to be. The sock guy deserved it. (He's history now anyway...) Like I said - we put the FUN in dysfunctional. And last night was ..... fun!


CactusFreek said...

Gotta love those scratchies!

Christine said...

Thanks so much for your kind comment. It's been a tough week for me - and its so nice to check my blog and see such caring people. I very much appreciate you sticking with me and keeping an eye on my blog. (((hug)))