Sunday, December 30, 2007

Two More Days....

Okay...yesterday's post was a joke. I'm really not giving up and accepting my rolls! Funny as it can be, when we try to sugar-coat the numbers on the scale - there comes a point where you find yourself not really laughing anymore. I got a good gander of some photos taken of me this Christmas and frankly- there was nothing funny about it. First of I realized how "old" looking I've gotten. That I guess I have to accept. But the numerous chins, the jowls, the sagging eyelids - they are a direct result of too much padding!

And the hips - I won't even go there! Suffice to say - reality hit me like a 2x4 and the veil of denial was torn away. I'm one of those people who carries it all in the rear end. Seriously - even in high school when I only weighed 118, I got teased about my butt. Crisco I believe my friends lovingly called me. You know...fat in the can.

But now that lard has crept up to my belly, my arms, my neck, my face!

So this is it. I'm eating with abandon today and tomorrow. Because come hell or high water (my mom always used to say that...I have no idea what it means but she always said it to preface something really important) starting January 1st I am on a new roll (to lose my rolls so to speak!) I'm sticking with the resolutions I posted the other day. My monthly goals. And I'm sticking by them with a vengeance.

I need you guys to push me when I get lax. Encourage me when I want to give up. I'll do the same! We're gonna' look great in 2008!


Kathy said...

I'm loving your blog...and your Crisco story was so funny!
I'll be there following you in the new year.

Trevor said...


If you believe you can do it, you will do it. It is great to hear you have decided to lose weight once an for all. Keep that iron will and the success you have already achieved will be obvious to others soon without you even having to say anything. I know you can do it! I applaud your initiative.

Linda said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

So, 1st January it is for you also then eh? Right let 2008 be the year we reach our goals.

Like you said
We're gonna' look great in 2008!

I will be visiting daily now I know you are there.

Hugs to ya xx

Linda said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours

Love from me and mine in the UK xx