Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Little Bit of Mojo for Wednesday.....

Before I those waiting to hear from Wrigley's regarding your gift bags - I did hear from the spokesperson, Mary Metcalf, and she will be contacting you via e-mail. I'm sorry it's taking so long! Rest assured - you will get those gift bags!


While perusing the Oprah website today I came across the highlights of a show I SO wish I had watched! I don't watch TV during the day - but late afternoon I tune in to watch Dr. Phil and Oprah. (Where else can I see my hero - Dr. Oz?) Anyway...I don't tune in every day (I do have somewhat of a life) so I missed last week. Rats! There was a show on about this amazing woman who lost over 500 pounds - all on her own! No all just resulted from her filling the emotional needs she had with something other than food. It's just amazing to hear her story. She has just started a web page that has some interesting links in the press room.

Skip ahead and I'm reading some of my regular blogs and come across Scale Junkie. She mentions this woman also! And she has a link to an interview with Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America. You gotta' see this!

What a motivating story! I am eager to see her website develop and hear what she has to say.

So guys...if any of you are thinking (present company included) that we'll never get there - remember Nancy! I know I will :-)

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Scale Junkie said...

Isn't she just an inspiration for all of us? I'm so glad she is getting the attention she deserves after such a monumental achievement.