Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow? What Snow?

Well so much for the storm! When we left the party last night it was snowing - but no worse than usual. There was a build up on the roads (about 4 inches) but big deal. I expected to wake up this morning and find everything buried. I even had my oldest daughter (who lives alone) come over and spend the night so she wouldn't be snowed in all by herself. Gheesh! Last night the weather advisory was saying not to go out of your house and if you did - make sure you took a blanket and warm gear with you in your car.

So this morning I look out and nothing! I mean, there's some snow out there - but didn't even have to shovel to get to the wood pile to start a fire this morning. I may be eating my words as the warning is in effect till 7 am Monday...but still - all that hype over nothing. Which is good. I'm not complaining. (Remember I said I hate snow?) But a lot of people skipped that party last night in fear of the storm. Oh well...the weathermen aren't God so I guess we can cut them some slack.

The party was nice. The B&B used to be an old Tavern/Inn on the Erie Canal. It has been restored beautifully. The main tavern area had the original ornate bar. Because it's not operated as a bar, my brother (who was throwing the party) hired a bartender and brought in his own beverages. There were three rooms downstairs - each boasting various hors'dourvres that my sister-in-law carefully handpicked from a wonderful caterer. Of course I meandered through each room and sampled everything.

Hubby & I spent a good deal of the evening chatting with the owners of the B&B. They were gracious enough to give us a tour of the guest rooms upstairs and also their private living quarters on the third floor. They shared the history of the place and it was fascinating to step back in time or an evening and imagine all the people who had stopped at the Inn back in the days of horse drawn carriages. The picture above is of the tavern area.

The highlight of the evening though....was this one woman who walked in and immediately collapsed to the floor. Her hubby caught her - right on cue - as she proclaimed that she "felt a presence" and that a "ghost was in our midst." (She claims she's a ghost hunter and can sense these things.) I had to chuckle. Why is it that people think ghosts (which I don't believe in anyway) would only live in old places. I mean - if there were such a thing....wouldn't they be living everywhere? Of course ghosts are actually dead - so I guess they wouldn't be living anywhere so to speak. Anyway - it was amusing.

Time to stoke the fire and make some breakfast before church. And ride out the storm that never was....

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Christine said...

The snow musta blown up north here - looks like Canada got alot of it.