Sunday, December 23, 2007

A New Camera!

Hubby and I decided to fore go giving gifts to each other this year. Instead we decided to buy ourselves a nice camera that takes pics as well as video. The camera we have takes crappy shots - the battery case falls open and is held together with tape (I kid you not!) So after some research I went out yesterday and picked up the camera. It was the last one in stock! I was so excited to open the box that I started tearing at it while I was driving home.

Too bad I didn't get it all the way open before I got there. What I discovered was a beat up old broken camera inside! It was all scratched up, the lens was sticking out, it was a mess! So I called another branch of the same store and they had two left. I ran over there and snagged one. When I showed them the one I originally bought - they were flabbergasted! The box it came in wasn't even the same design as the one they had. It was an older model. Apparently someone had returned this old beat up camera and the store just re shelved it! I mean c'mon! The camera had to have been used for a good , long time to be in the condition it was in. I'm just thankful I didn't wrap it up and tuck it under the tree. I'm glad I was so excited I just had to look it over right away!

Anyhoo - now it sits on our kitchen counter. We admired it all night. Even put the batteries and memory card in it. But dang if we can figure out how to use the thing! It has so many setting and icons and doohickeys that we were overwhelmed just trying to figure it out. It came with a pretty lengthy guide on how to use it. I suppose we should read that. But we both figured we'd wait until tomorrow when my daughter comes in from Massachusetts with her hubby. She has the same camera. (She was always the technologically savvy one in the family) so she'll show us what to do.

Aren't we pathetic?

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CactusFreek said...

Aaawww thats not pathetic!