Monday, December 3, 2007

Back to Monday.....

The weekend is over and it was a tiring one. Friday I accompanied hubby to a small town about 40 minutes away to look at a stackable washer/dryer unit for the new house. We bought it. Yippee! I'll finally have my first floor laundry! But the trip took a major chunk out of my already busy day that I had so carefully planned. After that I helped daughter move some belongings into her new place. I drove her to pick up her car in the shop (I swear - her car LIVES there!) and then ran home - slammed a few items into my overnight bag and scooted off to my much anticipated "Girl's Nite". Two friends that I've known like forever - one since 7th grade - the other since 9th (which is a long time ago when you're 50!) and I got together to spend the night kind of like we used to back in the day. You know....the day when we had no kids - no hubbies - no responsibilities!

We had a nice time. The evening started out with a healthy meal but went downhill from there. I brought a bottle of wine that 2 of us split. Yep. We drank the whole thing. Naughty us. And then she brought out this incredible stuff called "Chocolate Bark" which we sank our faces into. Except out third counterpart - the one who has made goal at WW. She was a good girl. But that didn't stop us!

After dinner we retired to the living room and popped in a tape of "The Big Chill". The music was from our era and we thought it'd be fun. It's about a bunch of old school friends who get together a decade later for a mutual friend's funeral. We had fun "assigning" roles to each of the actors in the movie - matching their persona's to friends we used to chum around with so many years ago.

Then we fell asleep. Before the movie was even over. We never even finished it! But the evening was fun and it was good to kick back.

Saturday was our first Christmas party of the season - the hostess had prime rib and fried chicken out when we got there! Gheesh. What happened to normal hors'douvres? She had those too of course..but felt she should offer some dinner fare in case anyone hadn't eaten yet! I succumbed to a very small portion of the prime rib and a roll. I stayed away from the appetizers and spent the evening yakking it up with my sister in law. Had 2 glasses of wine and a few diet cokes. So the evening wasn't a total wash, After Friday night I needed to do some damage control.

Sunday I couldn't drag myself to church. I was just so tired. (I think it's the nasty cold I've been fighting and the late nights. ) Okay...Friday we went to bed fairly early - but I had to share the bed with my friend's dog who meandered in and I was awake most of the night.

So now that this Christmas season is upon us - I have to admit I feel my resolve slipping. Part of me wants to say the heck with it all I'll start anew in January. With the rest of the world. But the other part says "NO!"

Who will win? Stay tuned for as the saga continues....


honib1 said...

hey Lora .. just remember.. you can indulge just make what you choose worth it.. !!! choose it if its something you never ever get to have and remember that all the bites will taste the same... so no need to have more than one small portion of a tasty treat!! best of luck! I know the holiday time can be difficult

Lauren said...

who will win? think about which choice makes YOU the winner. because in the body wars, you should always be the one that wins

Christine said...

Rented a show the other night "Mr. Brooks" with Kevin Costner - AMAZING. And so unlike anything that he has ever done.

On a side note - I have not been contacted by Wrigley at all.