Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This Stuff Could Be Dangerous...

Yesterday I stripped wallpaper. If you've never done it before - it's the bomb! (not.) We're trying to spruce the house up before we put it on the market and decided that the 14 year old wallpaper had to go. Hubby has also gotten really ambitious and decided we need new kitchen cupboards and countertops . (He watches too much HGTV). I keep telling him we're not flipping this house...just selling it. But he says a new kitchen will bring in the cash - so I'm trusting him.

Actually, with my hands busy all day in water and old paste...they stayed occupied and away from the food. I took a break for lunch - cabbage soup & some saltines and had a rice cake somewhere in there because I just needed to crunch on something. So I didn't really eat too much. Which I'm realizing now, was not such a good thing. When I take in too few calories during the day I get ravenous around dinner time and would lick the inside of the refrigerator door if nothing else was available. I know. EEEWW!

One of my neighbors from the lake - who happens to live right around the corner (literally) called and asked if I'd like to walk with her. We do that sometimes. It was really cold outside but I knew I needed to walk so we did about 3 miles. I was going to post on my blog when I got back home but my legs were itching something fierce and I got sidetracked. (I don't know if it was becasue they were so cold and were finally thawing out or what - it was intense!)

While perusing through the fridge to see what fixings we have left for a nice salad for dinner, I spotted a jar of this cinnamon apple stuff. I ever saw it in there before. After some guesswork I realized hubby had gotten a trio of these tasty spreads for Christmas from someone. So I cracked open the lid to see what it looked like. And of course that lead to seeing what it tasted like. And I couldn't just stick my finger in there. It was a spread remember? So I found some saltines and spread a tad on one. Oh - my - gosh! It was incredible! There was 100 calories in 2 TBS. so I ate tablespoons worth on about 6 saltines. Not a terrible binge. Kind of a micro one. But I'm telling you - this is the greatest stuff I've tasted out of a jar in a very long time! I need to keep myself in check over this one.

But it is a great lo-cal snack when you've got a hankering for something really sweet!


Krissie said...

Our old house had 100 years of wallpaper. We just sealed it, primed it, and painted over it. We tried to strip it, but we were taking the wall with it. I think we did okay.

I haven't had that particular spread before, but I hae several from Harry and David's (I think). I like the apple spread on turkey sandwiches, the onion spread on pork chops, and the pineapple on ham sandwiches. Yum.

I didn't need the idea to eat the with crackers!!

Hanlie said...

Mmm, I can just imagine it! Things like that don't cross my threshold! I've told my friends and family that the next person who gives me chocolate or the like as a gift will be stuck with my medical bills!

Lidian said...

That spread looks really good, I would be eating crackers all day!

We are fixing up our house too, the kitchen stuff is quite a big job. Not to mention the wallpaper - you must be exhausted! We had bad wallpaper AND bad fake-wood panelling that was sort of cardboardy. Lovely stuff (and that's just a small portion - still lots to go!)

Kathy said...

We also had a house that was around a 100 years old that was insulated with layer upon layer of wallpaper. I stripped that house for years and when we were down to the bare walls, we decided to do an interior rehab and ripped out every one!!! I just wanted to cry! That's why we bought new when we moved after 33 years.

You saw that great looking stuff Noelle sent me...it was all I could do not to take a spoon to it and eat every bite! If it weren't for the embarrassment of having to put it on my daily journal on-line, I might just have done so.

btw...I don't think I've ever ran across anything in my fridge that I couldn't state for certain from where it had come...that must have felt strange!

Michelle said...

I know what you mean by hankering for something "sweet". I have my weak moments and when I do I try to find something that is sensible yet satisfying :)

Thanks for the suggestion about the Dr. Oz books, I have never read any of them but I plan on to now...thanks again :) Happy Losing this week!!

Cammy said...

I'm an HGTV junkie myself. In fact, I just finished watching "Get This House Sold" while I was reading your post. :)
The Cinnamon Apple stuff sounds yummy, but I think it would count more as a mini-splurge as opposed to a mini-binge. With all you have going on, a mini-splurge was probably a Very Good Idea.

Linda said...

Isn't it amazing how times flies and we think it wasn't very long ago that we last wallpapered but then when we think about it we realise it was YEARS ago?

Never mind licking the inside of the fridge it sounds to me that you have this tracking licked....WELL DONE!

Enjoy your day/evening

Hugs xx