Monday, January 21, 2008

The Ups and Downs of a Road trip!

Okay...about that trip! I wish I could say I was a perfect angel as far as my eating went. I wasn't. But I also didn't totally blow it either. I was very good on the road trip down. I packed some healthy sandwiches and we ate while driving. We only stopped midway to get some coffee and make a pit stop. We arrived around 11:15 (later than we'd planned - even thought we left on time) because we got messed up in a Rotary once we got there. If anyone has been to Massachusetts - you know about those darn things! Who ever invented them was insane!! They are traffic circles where everyone is coming and going from different directions and you kind of jump on or off when you get the chance. It's every man for himself - makes for a lot of cussing - adrenaline rushes - and of course - screw ups. We ended up on several different highways (which we didn't need to be on) since my daughter's place was about 5 minutes off the Rotary. It was a hair raising experience needless to say.

We got there and shared hugs and kisses - oohs and ahs over their new place - and settled down to chat and play catch up (which wasn't too difficult since we talk almost daily on the phone anyway) but it's different when you're in the same room! She brought out some pretzels and I munched on some of them (not a whole lot) and had 2 glasses of wine. (I had to after the Rotary experience!)

Breakfast the next morning - I was good! I had 2 tablespoons of scrambled eggs, brought my own healthy bacon to cook separately and had one slice of toast. I passed on the chocolate covered donuts (which was hard!) But I'd had a cookie on the ride down that my daughter whipped out just before the Rotary fiasco so I knew I had to be extra careful.

Lunch was another story. We drove to North Hampton to check out the shops (and the tourists which are almost as interesting as the shops) and then stopped for lunch at a quaint micro-brewery that is renowned for it's good eats. (And no - I did not order any beer!) When I sat down all bets were off. I was cold and tired and the menu sported absolutely nothing dietetic. Maybe if I looked harder I could've found a wiser choice than the one I made. But I didn't. (look harder that is.) I got a fish sandwich and french fries. What a noodle I am! I felt totally gross after I ate it. Mad at myself and too full.

We shopped some more and than went back to her place. None of us were hungry so we got our PJ's on and played Apples to Apples along with her hubby. He left after a while to go hang out with some hockey buddies so we could have some more girly-bonding time and she broke out the chocolate chip cookies. I had about 4. We had decided to skip dinner after our filling lunches - but around 10:00 we got hungry and ordered a pizza. I had three squares.

Needless to say I went to bed feeling bloated and angry at myself.

In the morning I had some coffee cake that was baking when I got out of the shower. One slice. Then I succumbed to one of those chocolate donuts I'd resisted the day before. We went to church and of course her church is this small, quaint little thing where everyone goes to the fellowship hall after the service for coffee and snacks. I ate a donut hole (just one) and a very small slice of sweetbread. We went back to her place - packed up our belongings and shared more hugs and kisses - lamenting that the time went by too quickly as it always does. Thankfully she'll be back in town in two weeks (her hubby has a hockey game here in our home town) so it wasn't as difficult as it usually is. They both would rather be living here - but he's in college there (on a hockey scholarship) and they'll be there for a few more years....

The ride home found my halo back in place. We stopped for dinner and I ordered a salad (brought my own dressing from home) and got a coffee for the road. One of my daughters bought some fudge and the halo slipped back off. Arriving home I smelled that hubby had been busy in the kitchen making home made clam chowder. It smelled so good and I had a small bowl to appease him.

So here I am at my computer -many of my good intentions lost in the dust between here and Massachusetts. I have two choices. Focus on my screw ups and tell myself what a moron I am. Or.... focus on the victories I had and forge ahead. I'm choosing the latter. Standing at the Mickey D's with a Big Mac beckoning me and still choosing a salad was no minor feat. Nor was passing up that chocolate donut the first day. Eating one the second day wasn't good - but I still passed up one of them!

I haven't assessed the damages on the scale yet. I'm giving my body time to recoup from the trip. And I'm back on track today. It's a new week and I'm ready to face it! How about you?


Hanlie said...

Yup, being away from home can really trip you up. Don't worry about it, though. It's in the past, and as you say, today is a new day. Next time you'll do better when faced with some of these situations.

I had to laugh, when I read about the pretzels. I've just confessed to a huge binge on my own blog, but yesterday when we went for a barbeque lunch at my folks', I very politely declined the pretzels that were being passed around. I'm such a hypocrate!

Chubby Chick said...

I'm definitely for "focusing on the victories and forging ahead!"

Sounds like you all had a great weekend! :)

Felicia said...

Way to get back on track!!

I have to say that picture makes me car sick just thinking about driving that road LOLOL

Hope you have a SUPER week!

Lidian said...

Sounds like there was a LOT of temptation and I think you did really well. And I have driven in Massachusetts and it was really stressful!

Heather said...

I think you did really well and sounds like a fun trip! I think its great you are focusing on what you did right because that will only help you succeed. and I often do what you do...resist something one day but give into it the next! so I dont blame you for that! :)

Grumpy Chair said...

I thought you did great, eating wise. And am very impressed that you brought sandwiches for the road. (I need to remember that.) Sounds like you enjoyed your visit with your daughter.

Oh and you do have great hair! (Loved your list). Sounds like you have raised some very smart young women.

Linda said...

Traffic Circles, are those what we call roundabouts in this country? If they are then we have LOOOOAAAAADS of them over here infact from where I live to Newcastle which is about 15 miles away we have 10 and some of them are hairy but because there are so many we are used to them. Some of them are HUGE things with 3 lanes.
From my home to my local town which is a 10 minute walk there are actually 4 roundabouts. They are just yards apart.......crazy.
We literally have them every so many 100 yards apart and at rush hour you are taking your life in your hands because they can be dangerous due to inconsiderate road users who try to sneak in.
Wait for this....some of our roundabouts actually have traffic light signals ACTUALLY on the roundabout itself....teehee.

Good to read that you enjoyed your trip and yep, focus on the victories and forge ahead

Hugs to you xx

Lora said...

Thanks all of you, for the encouragement about my weekend "eating wise". And yes, those Rotaries are also called Round-abouts. They are crazy! Sorry you have to deal with them Linda!

Susan said...

I'm late in commenting, but I did read your post the other night! Or was that just last night? I am so behind. lol

It sounds like you had a fun trip! I don't think you did horrible with your eating either. One day at a time is sometimes one hour at a time, huh? You're doing great!

HappyBlogChick said...

Focus on the victories for sure! If you expect perfection you'll only fail. Hey, life happens and it sounds like you handled it well overall.

Good for you.

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

I don't see your trip as a mess-up; I see the day you stuffed yourself (fish sandwich, cookies, pizza) with too much greasy, unhealthy, low-nutrient food and then felt physically bad from it as a reminder to you that you feel better on a healthier path. It helps you value how you usually eat. We all need that nudge sometimes.

AND you were on a vacation of sorts, and if you don't cut yourself a little bit of slack then, when will you? I've found that it helps that when I am going to have something unhealthy, I shut down the guilt and just enjoy it. I'm usually able to enjoy a more moderate portion if I am not fending myself off from guilt because I can focus on stopping when I am going to be satisfied instead of stuffed.

Have you talked to your daughter about your diet? It sounds like you two have a very loving, close relationship, and it seems like she might be willing to plan to support you when you are visiting her.