Thursday, January 10, 2008

Down but not Out!

Well...I'm at my friendly neighborhood library. I hate posting here because of the lack of privacy. But I'm needing to be in touch with you guys!

I can't answer any e-mail so for those of you that have written me there...but I WILL be in touch soon! My brother-in-law (the computer guru) is coming tonight to assess the damage. Hopefully it will be as easy as re-loading some missing programs that got swallowed up into oblivion.

I have also not been able to e-mail the Brita company regarding your prizes (double GRRR) but I will do that as soon as my e-mail is up and running. (The address I need is stored in one of the files I can't access.) But I can at least read my mail!

And I do so want to visit the blogs of those of you who have visited recently! I'll do that soon too!

The Challenge is proving to be..well...a challenge! I haven't gone shopping yet so I'm still working on planning around what's in the house. (Hubby is a stockpiler) so we have a large pantry downstairs that is chock full of whatever we need. Unfortunately he shops most of the time and nothing is really diet-friendly. I am going to bite the bullet and spend a little more to eat a little less - so to speak.

In the meantime I spoke with my WW pal and asked her the scoop on egg-beaters. I noticed the recipes on Amy's site called for them exclusively instead of eggs. She said that she uses mostly egg whites for cooking. And if she needs a yolk she'll do a 3 to 1 ratio. For instance...making egg salad - 3 cooked whites and one cooked yolk. She never buys egg beaters. So that's one savings.

Does anyone else have any tried and true substitutions for the more expensive diet-friendly foods? One of my main gripes with tradition diet plans is the calling for specialty stuff. I want something I can stick to for life and honestly...I don't see myself buying lo-cal bread from here on in...or fat-free cheese.

On the home front - we had a surprise visit from our youngest from Massachusetts. I barely had time to miss her (though I did!) and she was back! She had some business in town regarding her car so we were able to have an nice birthday dinner for her and her sister (their birthdays are 5 days apart.)
Okay guys - keep your fingers crossed that my PC gets fixed tonight! In the meantime - keep up the good work!


Hanlie said...

I go into a decline if I can't blog from home for whatever reason. It's just not the same from a strange pc, especially a public one! Loved the pic.

Linda said...

Oh I do hope your PC is fixed QUICKLY!! I do miss your posts.

Hugs to you xx

Lidian said...

Isn't it terrible the way the really good things are so expensive?

And up here in Canada we can't even get a lot of the stuff like FiberOne bars and ClifKids brownie bars (am I ever going to stock up when I go down south this summer!)which are so good for treats...oh well!

As far as less expensive 'regular' foods - I like SmartPop popcorn, baby carrots and hummus, No Yolks egg-white egg noodles, and Source yogurt (esp the apple-crumble flavor, t is really good)

Kathy said...

I don't know if you have Aldi's near you, but I find a lot of my low fat items there at a great price. I find I'm spending far less money since I went to Core...I was paying a lot for my 100 calorie packs and special breads, muffins, and pitas. So, even if you are doing Flex, it is less expensive sticking closer to the Core list for your choices most of the time. btw...Aldi's has their own version of Eggbeaters, but I prefer using the real eggs and dumping the yolks if I want just whites.
Good luck with the computer!

Honi said...

Hope the pc is working soon.. sounds like you have some motivation going and are getting your plan together... The one thing I dislike about getting foods tht are "diet" is the price... so I try and stick with fresh fruits and veggies.. I still get my fiber 1 bars.. I think I am addicted lol...

Teale said...

I've found that there are some LF or FF versions of things that I just do not like. So, I make a sacrifice for something else. If I want full-fat cheese, I'll just have half a sandwich, using only 1 slice of regular bread too. You'd be surprised at how you actually can feel satisfied w/less of what we think we need more of.

As far as egg beaters, I know it's totally mental, but I cannot eat scrambled egg whites. Granted, all that egg beaters are is egg whites dyed yellow... but I need my eggs to be yellow. LOL. So, when I'm baking, I'll use regular old egg whites, but for scrambled eggs, I need the yellow egg beaters! LOL

Carleen said...

you are resourceful, going to the library to get online!! good for you that is dedication! :)

Christine said...

Tough at the library - hope you can get that figured out soon. I hate the thought of someone waiting behind me to get on the computer! Ha. Do take care and enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...
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meredith said...

Well goodness, how did I get here...
My BFF is cmae ( and she had CactusFreek linked on her page, so I checked out a few of her pages, and then I saw YOUR site linked... so that is how I arrived here.

I am a MUSIC teacher in Maine! I saw that you are an art teacher, and cheered!

I also am trying to become a smaller version of myself, and a friend pointed me in the direction of an online bible study called "the Lord's table" at

Now.. this would be difficult to do without a computer, but I am only on day 5, and it is changing my life. I'm pretty excited about it. I also got a pedometer, and have been keeping track of how many steps I take a day... the goal is 10,000... I am nowhere near that yet, but I am getting there!

So anyway... sorry for the novel, but I am so excited to find your blog, and I will definitely be back. :)

Susan said...

I hope you get everything fixed soon! What a pain!!

Heather said...

I think wtih all the diet have to pick and choose. you are right..not everyone can eat ALL diet and specialty foods. and actually, some of that is processed and just as bad for you as the real thing.

what I do is substitute some things with the "special" subsitute, like eggbeaters or eggwhites. but I will eat real cheese (tastes fantastic compared to the "diet" cheese), I eat real bread. whole grain of course, but its real.

In my opinion, if you are eating food that you dont enjoy, then you cant live like that for every long. so pick and choose what it is you substitute and that way you will be enjoying all of your foods.

These are "diet" foods that I think taste great:
Dannon lite and fit yogurt
Eggbeaters or All Egg Whites
Lean Cuisines