Saturday, January 12, 2008

More Comments from a Foreign Computer...

Friday night my brother-in-law came by to see what was up with my beloved computer. It appears the new printer we installed had a glitch in the software and it nuked my outlook express, Internet explorer and corrupted my address book. He left with the machine under his arm. It was a sad moment....

He thinks he can make things right. He probably can. He always does! but when.....when????

I am on my daughter's PC right now....I plan to visit the blogs of all those comments I have been receiving. It is so great to make new connections as we press forward into the new year and continue our battle together.

I have also been watching the Biggest Loser (can't get enough of it) I find the program so motivating! The one thing that impresses me is the amount of sweat these people put into their efforts - literally! They work hard and it appears that what they have learned becomes a way of life. I know that next month the exercise part of my game plan shifts into gear and I need to be thinking now about what I'm going to do. Walking will be a mainstay - but I know that I need to actually sweat some too! The thought of that is not very appealing. But then again...looking into the mirror isn't all that appealing either these days. We have this full length mirror on the back of our powder room door and every time I sit on the toilet I am forced to look at my wide arse hanging over the sides and my fat tummy rolls all piled neatly - one on top of the other. UGH!! It's a not so gentle reminder that there is work to be done on this body! (and now that hubby has stumbled across this blog and is probably reading this - Michael - keep your mouth shut!)

Thank you guys for all the great tips regarding "diet" food and alternatives. I picked up a package of egg beaters the other day and lo and behold they WERE just egg whites with yellow dye! I may do a little kitchen experiment and try mixing some egg whites with some yellow food coloring and make a batch of scrambled eggs, because I agree with Teale - white scrambled eggs just don't cut it!
Kathy was right too about Aldis' (we do have one near us!) and I have found some good alternatives there. They have a line of stuff that's pretty good and the cost is not so bad. (I think it's called Lean & Fit...) I really like the bacon (hubby doesn't) so I make 2 kinds. It's worth it.
And I do eat whole grain bread all the time. I always have. I prefer the taste and it's good for me. I haven't found a 100% whole wheat lo-cal bread yet. I guess they figure if you're eating whole wheat - you're pretty much on track anyway. You do have to read the label to make sure it's 100% though...there's a lot of fancy footwork on labels these days. Sometimes wheat just means there's wheat in it. Not necessarily the whole grain. And lite (this is true!) can just mean the product is lite colored and have nothing to do with calorie or fat content! Go figure!

The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar machine just waiting to cash in on the hopes and dreams of women across the world. We need to be careful where we place our trust. (Kimkins comes to mind...) Common sense and good judgement are our best allies here. If it's too good to be true - as my momma always said - it ain't!
So.... Eat Less ~ Move More ~ Keep on Blogging!


Kathy said...

You are so right, sister friend!

Hanlie said...

Hi Lora, I hope your computer gets fixed soon! There's nothing worse than losing data and settings.

Tying in with what you were saying about marketing and deception is this article one of my favourite bloggers linked to yesterday. It's long, so read it when you really have the time, but I really recommend that everyone who cares about what they eat read it. You can find it at
It really blew my mind, and I already knew most of the stuff!

Good luck for the week ahead!

2BIG said...

I hope your weight loss venture is a success. You are so right about the farce of the diet and fake weight loss by the owner Kimmer. Can you imagin weighing over 290 pounds and claiming to be 115 with somebody elses picture out there. WOW

Say NO to Kimkins said...

Have you heard?

"Kimkins" Diet Fraud Unmasked!

Say NO to Kimkins!

Lidian said...

I agree, I don't like scrambled egg whites at all, but they are pretty good as an omelet -

It is very hard to find stuff that is truly healthy and light not 'lite' isn't it?

You are doing a great job! Have a good rest of the weekend and hope your PC is all sorted out very soon..

OhYeahBabe said...

Best wishes to you with your diet plan. I didn't know that about egg beaters either, thanks.

I'm so glad to read that you're onto Kimkins. Heidi Diaz is unbelievable.

I hope your computer is fixed up soon!

Be healthy & safe,

Christine said...

I love my egg beaters - but I do like yolk. I am a sucker for the yolks. So I have been beating 1 egg with the egg beaters - and it makes me feel just a little better about the whole thing. ;)

Michelle said...

I can't eat eggbeaters, there's something about the taste I just don't like. I eat egg whites, but do a 4 or 5 servings of egg whites to one real egg (with yolk). It does the trick for me. I also add things to my eggs - veggies and 50% less fat sausage...or sometimes I do the veggie sausage.

I have never minded sweating...but I have always been able to wipe it off with a towel. My trainer has me moving to the point where I don't have time to do that, so I'm literally dripping with sweat. Sometimes it makes me proud...other times just gross.

Hope your computer gets fixed!

Heather said...

hope your computer gets fixed soon!

I loooove BL as well. the show is very motivating, and so far, I think the right people have gone home. they seem to be less motivated than some of the other pairs.