Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A New Contest for the New Year!

Okay friends - here is the scoop on FilterForGood!

The Brita Company and FilterForGood are partnering with “The Biggest Loser” to eliminate bottled water from the ranch. Bottled water waste has become a very real environmental concern, with more than 38 billion disposable bottles sent to U.S. landfills last year. The trainers and contestants on the show are pledging to use FilterForGood reusable bottles in an effort to take positive steps toward a healthier body and a healthier planet. You can check out the FFG bottles and take a pledge yourself to reduce bottled water waste at FilterForGood.

I've taken the pledge (we go through bottled water here like crazy!) We all know that when we're tying to eat better and lose weight - that water plays a very important role. I used to try to re-use the bottles...but they always inevitably got thrown out and it did seem like such a waste. And the water never really did taste all that good coming straight from the tap...

So one of my contributions to being environmentally savvy this year is to stop buying that dang pre-bottled water! The Brita company is sending me a Brita faucet-mount and a water bottle to get me started. They are also letting me award 3 faucet-mounts along with 3 water bottles to my readers!

So here's what I'm gonna' do. First check out the FilterForGood website and take the pledge. Then post a comment here telling me you did and what you think of the idea! I will randomly draw three of your names from a hat. If I pick yours - you win a faucet-mount and a water bottle that will be mailed to you! Pretty cool 'eh?

“The Biggest Loser” takes contestants and viewers on an unforgettable journey – challenging them to transform their bodies, their health and ultimately their lives. The show has always been dedicated to improving contestant’s health and now they are taking steps to help improve Mother Earth’s health, too! Let's join them!

For some reason the banner on my side bar isn't connecting to the FilterForGood site so click on this link to get there!

Remember - comment on THIS post. If I pick your name I'll contact you to let you know and get your address so I can have your prize sent to you.


honib1 said...

THis is so cool .. we have a brita water pitcher and we got a new ( slim fit) one as a wedding gift.. I think this is excellent.. at our old house we had the brita filter on our faucet .. we never did it in the new house .. we became bottled water drinkers and we started recycling the bottles by filling them up with the water we keep in the pitcher... thats my story LoL and thanks for your great post on my blog too..

Susan said...

I'm a BIG bottled water drinker. I can tell the difference between the different brands, too. I gotta have my Ice Mountain. But I do recognize the massive amounts of waste the bottles have become.

I wonder how these Brita things really work. The tap water here is NASTY. And the taste of the water is so important to's all I drink. Have you ever tried one? If so, what did you think of the taste?

joan said...

I really do not use bottled water, but I have a friend that uses a Brita filter and pitcher and I like her water, so would love to win the faucet mount, pitcher and water bottle. :)

Chubby Chick said...

Hi! I'm just popping by to introduce myself as a fellow "Healthy YOU Challenge" member! It's nice to "meet" you!

I look forward to 2008 being a great year for all of us!


Linda said...

I would enter but unfortunately I'm in the UK but what I do have to say is that I blind tested Brita water and tap water with my brother and he immediately prefered the Brita water, he said he could taste chlorine in the tap water and you can.

I do like the filter jugs, straight into the fridge door and cool fresh water on tap so to speak.

Hugs to ya xx

Lauren said...

I'd love to, but with the bacteria in the water here, I dare not risk it. oh and I wanted to let you know that I haven't received the wrigleys thing yet, but that isn't unusual, if they sent it via standard mail instead of air, it could take 1 to 2 months to get here. thanks for checking in.

Lora said...

No problem where you live. Brita said they'd send them anywhere in the world! I just have to tell them where.

And Lauren~
I'm sorry the mail takes so long there. As far as I knw, everyone else got theirs. Keep me posted if you don't get it! (Wrigley's did contact you for your address, right?)

Lauren said...

yep yep, they did contact me.

Wendi said...

Wow, thanks for bringing this very real problem to our attention. I am gonna make an effort to cut down on all my waste and recycle when ever possible.