Sunday, January 13, 2008

Yippee! My Computer is Home!

Lora is doing the happy dance all over the place! I came home from church this morning to find my dear brother-in-law hooking up all the necessary cables to my trusty PC and putting her ( PC's a she) back where she belongs!

Unfortunately all of my previous e-mail was lost so if you sent me a note on my home e-mail in the past week - please re-send it!

Another interesting thing happened this morning. My youngest sister called me to tell me she ran into an old friend of mine last night. We're going back about 30 years here.... It was guy friend and someone I dated a few times. He asked all the pertinent questions one asks when they are talking about a blast from the past. Thankfully he didn't ask her my weight! Of course - who asks that question...but it sure made me think!

Would I want to run into this guy now? No siree! Especially since he mentioned to my sister how pretty he'd always thought I was. Yeah right! What would he say if he saw me NOW? Hey Lora - great rolls you have there....

Which made me recoil a bit at the idea. And then surprisingly I felt this new surge of motivation. I began to think of all the people I might run into that remembered me in my BC days (before chubbiness) and I decided to run with this new found spark of resolve. Every time I want to put something in my mouth that I know I probably shouldn't - which is about 90-% of the time!) I'm going to remember this guy. I'm calling this the JR plan. (Those are his initials...I'd never post his name here because God forbid he ever did a Google search on himself and came across this post!)

And it's not that I necessarily care what this guy thinks. Chances are our paths will never cross. And even though I dated him a few wasn't like there were any rockets going off or anything. Nope - he is going to be my generic stand in for all the people who l knew me when. When I had control over my eating. When I exercised regularly and didn't huff and puff going up 3 stairs. When I could bend over and tie my shoes without having to unzip my pants first and stop breathing until the job was done.

So is this weird? Maybe. But I'm reaching for any bit of mojo I can find right now so that I can accomplish my goal.

I've also decided that I will weigh in every Friday. I'm not pleased to say my weight has crept up over the holidays. Not pleased at all! But here it is - my weight last Friday morning was 195.6.

My goal is to post a loss each week. If I can do that...I can win this weight thing. We all can!

So JR - thanks dude!


Kathy said...

OMG! Mine was JR too. And even though he is probably balding, heavier, and suffering from ED himself, (a bit of wishful thinking on my part since he systematically dated every one of my girlfriends after he dropped me),I sure wouldn't want him to see me. That would be an incentive!

Heather said...

glad your computer is back!!

I 10 yr reunion is creeping up and I would hate to go there as I was and have people see me and how much weight I put on. even if you never see this guy, its still great to get motivated to lose the weight just "in case". dont worry about your holiday gain, it happened to almost all of us, and just a few days of healthy eating will get you back on track and the weight will come off.

CactusFreek said...

Hey, we take motivation where we can find it aye?

Good on you for deciding to weigh in every Friday. It keeps us honest and accountable when we know a weigh in is coming up.

Lidian said...

Yay, you have your computer back!

There are plenty of people who knew me many pounds ago that I would not want to see right now. A college boyfriend, for example, who thought I had a bit of a tum (he ought to see it now - or perhaps not)

Carleen said...

I recently had a blast from the past myself- hope he didn't really see me- thats the beauty of facebook limited profile!! we'll all get to our goals and it will be wonderful!!

Carleen said...

btw--- hooray for computer return!

Hanlie said...

I'm very happy to hear about your computer!

I think having a blast from the past is a very good idea for motivational purposes. I'd be horrified if I were to run into any guy who knew me before 1995! I was quite the femme fatale! Some of my old schoolmates were trying to get enough people interested in a 20 year high school reunion, but fortunately that fizzled out.

You go girl!

Linda said...

WOOOHOOO I am SOOO pleased your PC is fixed.

I have missed you.

Hugs to you xx

OhYeahBabe said...

So this means you'll be blogging LOTS now, right? I am new here, but really enjoy your commnentary!

Ruthie said...

That's so funny! My incentive has also been a blast from the past (guy I dated when I was 17 years old, but we ultimately ended up friends), that I've recently become very close friends with through chatting and email. He wants he and his new girlfriend and I and my husband to have dinner sometime, and I know it sounds silly, but I don't want him to see me this way. But I know I shouldn't care, because I am married and my husband loves me just the way I am, it just got me to thinking. I don't want anyone I used to know back in high school to see me this way.

Oh, and btw, mine's initials are JD.