Monday, February 4, 2008


Well daughter and her hubby were sent safely back to Massachusetts yesterday. This one was a hard goodby because unlike the past few (where we know we'd see each other again in a few weeks) it will be a few months this time *sigh*

After she left I did my workout and it truly is getting easier. I have tried to really study the way the trainers in the video are demonstrating the exercises (namely the dreaded lunges) and realized that I was doing them wrong! Just concentrating on where your weight is supposed to be and the muscle being worked has made all the difference in the amount of pain I was experiencing! I have also noticed that I ache less - especially in the morning. I kept blaming my stiffness on "old age" but I think it was just under use of those muscles of mine! Kind of like an old machine. If you don't run it now and then the gears jam up and things don't work like they're supposed to.

If I'm feeling benefits this quickly then I can't wait to see what happens a month or so down the road! I've been doing really well with the water consumption too. I can't rant enough about the benefits of drinking water. How about these for starters?

* Improves endocrine (hormone) function
* Increases metabolic function
* Drastically declines appetite
* Increases fat used for energy
* Liver function improves
* Decreases fluid retention
* Increases natural thirst

I think the reason I dropped those 5 pounds that first week I stepped up my water intake wasn't a fluke. I was bloated before. As in puffy-wuffy! People think if you drink more water you get bloated. Exact opposite my friends. I've also noticed that since I've upped my H2O intake - my thirst has actually increased! I remember reading once that you can sort of turn off your natural thirst by ignoring it long enough. And when you begin to drink the water your body actually needs -it makes a comeback. And a real plus to being thirsty is this - when I'm thirsty I think about water. Not chips or cookies or Big Macs. Just good old water. And that's a craving I can deal with!

This is a great webpage touting the benefits of water. (I know....they're trying to get you to buy thier water filter....but the article is good just the same.)

If you do nothing else this week - drink that water. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes.(those of you who won the Water Bottles from the Biggest Loser Contest on my site - fill 'em up and put 'em to use!)


Kathy said...

I'm always having to push the water...I'm just not thirsty on a regular basis which makes it harder.

HappyBlogChick said...

It's great that you recognized that you needed to adjust your lunges. You probably saved yourself from future injury, and you're already feeling less pain - yay.

And good for you on the water consumption. I'm going to go drink a glass right now.

Before I go, I want to mention that if you have access to a treadmill, I know some folks who have done the couch to 5k program on treadmills. Maybe that would be an option for you? I don't know if you have access to a treadmill or not ... if not, we can cheer you on in the spring. Heck, I'll probably still be working through the last weeks at that point.

Lidian said...

Ah yes, water. I have got to get on with the water drinking!

Heather said...

water is so great...I agree with you. that is one of the reasons I have been successful with my weight loss. because I drink so much water every day.

I finally did my BL dvd!

Christine said...

I honestly didn't ever crave water until just recently. Nothing quenches my thirst like it. :)

Hanlie said...

I've long been a water drinker. In fact, I'm quite known for always carrying a water bottle. I wouldn't dream of leaving my house without one!

I'm also finding that when I breathe correctly and engage my core muscles at all times, I get the full benefit from my workouts, because I'm actually working the correct muscles and getting enough oxygen.

Well done for getting back in the saddle!

GeorgieGirl said...

Oh, it's so hard to send our kids off, knowing it is going to be a few months before we see them again. ((hugs))

I'm glad I read your post about the benefits of water. I always hear 'you have to drink your water' but I never really hear why. Now I have a better understanding of why I need to increase my water. Thanks!

Cammy said...

Ick, lunges!! :) Thanks for the reminder on the importance of drinking water. I'm doing much better with it, largely because of posts like this one!