Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Oh What a Day!

Okay...so I weigh myself this morning and I'm still hanging in there at 189 (I know...it was 188 the other day but I don't get too consumed with minor fluctuations). As long as I'm below 190 ~ I'm satisfied for now. And I'm feeling good - waist measurement down, tummy feeling flatter, cheekbones peeking out at me from the mirror. So what's the problem you say? Well......whenever things are going really cheeky - as they are now - something comes over me in the form of a raging beast and I want to eat everything that isn't nailed down!

The day started out good. I had a healthy breakfast - high fiber cereal and skim milk. Lunch was a diet broccoli & turkey roll up and an apple. Then 3:30 came and I went berserk! I tamed the tummy growling with another diet roll up. (Not good - that was 210 calories.) When that didn't satisfy I nuked some fish sticks. 10 of them! Well - 5 the first time and another 5 the second round. They were little....but that was another 400 calories. (I won't even mention the tartar sauce!) Then....Oh it gets worse! I ate 2 ho-hos! Another 270 calories!

Okay....so then I stopped. But I feel like crap now! Why is it that as soon as I start to get confident - I revert to my old pathetic ways? But ~ not one to linger at pity parties too long - especially my own....I'm taking some of my own advice and making a U-turn and getting back on the road to less of me. I will not chalk this day up as blowing it. Because it's not over. I guess the old me would've said "Oh well - may as well pig out the rest of the day and start again tomorrow." But not this time! It's going to be a healthy dinner (if I even feel like eating) and back to where I was headed.

I guess that's progress. In any case - the day started out good - and it's going to end good. Period.
Oh...and it snowed here this morning! Yucky poo!


Lauren said...

good for you. That's the way to keep it up, getting right back on track. And as soon as the stuff clears its way from your system, you'll feel better

CactusFreek said...

What an awesome attitude! I envy you :oÞ

What are ho-hos? When i read that, i thought of a gingerbread cookie that looked like a trailor trash woman with a super short skirt and smudged lipstick lol

I've never been into fish sticks [we call them fish fingers] but after reading that you had tartare sauce with them, that doesn't sound too bad, dam it! lol