Friday, November 23, 2007

Assessing Damage Control...

SO I didn't get to walk yesterday. The rain turned to snow and we were behind schedule so it was a wash. I did sip my water all day at the farm (treated myself to a wee glass of wine after dinner....) As for the meal - I took small portions (of everything) and was pretty stuffed by the time my plate was clean. Now usually I take bigger portions and go back for seconds - so this was a step forward. The bad thing is ~ I was full before I finished everything and the "Clean Plate Club" mentality kicked in.

After the farm we trekked off to another location for dessert which was 90 minutes away. Enough time for me to work up an appetite! I had a slice of my healthy cheesecake and one peanut butter cookie. (Did I mention I had a small slice of blueberry pie at the farm?)

Even though I wasn't super bad - I know that I DID consume a ton of calories. And now I have to go to a baby shower Saturday and right after that another Thanksgiving meal at the in-laws. Gheesh! This is gonna be tough!

Anyhoo - it was a wonderful day at the farm - there were 28 of us and it was so nice to see late hubby's family. They'll always be my family too. No matter what...and for that...I'm truly thankful!

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Christine said...

You made it thru the day. :) Now its a new day. Sounds like you had a beautiful day. Enjoy your weekend.