Monday, November 19, 2007

Getting Mentally Prepared for this Weekend...

Wow - I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week! We have several dinners to go to.
Thursday we trek out to my late husband's family gathering. It's always nice when we go there. It's a vintage farm tucked on a quiet country road. I always feel like I've stepped into an old movie when I go there. There's lots of home cooked food....a big fire in the wood stove...singing and music....hayrides and treks into the woods to find Christmas trees. If any of you from Upstate NY ever followed "The Alps Road Journal" (which use to be syndicated in the Buffalo news and various other small papers) that's where we're going! My late brother-in-law was the author of that column and we're spending Thanksgiving on Alps Road :-)

When we leave the farm we'll travel about an hour and a half to my cousin's house for "Pies." When the extended family got too big to all eat together we decided that we'd at least gather for dessert at someone's house and now we call it "Pies."

Friday we get a breather, then on Saturday we're going to present hubby's parents' house for yet another meal.

Eating right - and light - will be a challenge. I've gathered some healthy, lo-cal recipes together and will try (I said try) to stay on track. But it's Thanksgiving and even if I don't stay completely on the wagon....I'm going to try to hold on to it for dear life as I bounce through this weekend.


CactusFreek said...

OOhhhhhh can i come tooooo.
How does your hubby get along with the first hubbys family?

Lora said...

Hubby gets along great with first hubby's family. It's a strange thing...our very first Thanksgiving together we didn't eat with his family OR mine ~ we ate with first hubby's family!

Do you have Thanksgiving or anything similar in your neck of the woods?