Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Getting Ready for the Feast!

Today is the big cooking day for me. I've armed myself with some healthy alternatives to my usual fare (the cranberry relish recipe Kathy sent me , the Pumpkin Pie recipe on Healthy Girl, and a Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe that I can't remember where I found - but it's been modified to be oh-so-healthy!) Also a green bean casserole that has been cut of some fat and a few adjustments to my squash courtesy of some Splenda...

Of course some things that can't be Praline topped sweet potato casserole that has been a staple for years....the brie en crute I always bring....but hey - it's Thanksgiving!

Here are my weapons of choice to combat this holiday that begins tonight (hubby's cousins always have a party the night before Thanksgiving - which I think is totally ridiculous but that's another issue for another time....) Anyhoo - I will drink bottled water. I will hang out other places than the kitchen - where the food is. I will make sure I eat something healthy before I go. Tonight won't be too hard. After cooking all day I'm never that hungry.

Tomorrow at the farm - same deal regarding appetizers. When it comes to dinner - I will take smaller portions of the more fattening fare...larger of the stuff I know is good for me. No second helpings. And yep...I'll eat whatever I want (like I's Thanksgiving!) But with the afore mentioned tactics - the day won't be as damaging as it could be.

That evening - at my cousin's house for dessert - I have my trusty pie & cheesecake to choose from.

Saturday - when we do it all again at hubby's family's house - same as Thursday.

I don't expect to lose any weight this week - but I also don't expect to gain! I'm stepping up the walking (it's been pleasant again here - in the 50's). Our upstate NY weather is notorious for keeping us guessing....only here can you wear shorts one day and a scarf the next!)

And about those questions for Marty! I have a few good ones but I'd like some more! I have those gift bags to give away!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Kathy said...

Enjoy your Holiday weekend...sounds like you have a great plan in place.

Kathy said...

Turkey it is!! I don't see anything else on the table unless that little bit of red is cranberry sauce. I put a copy of the picture on the blog entry after you

Laura said...

Cane across your site this evening. I would love the recipe for the Praline topped Sweet Potatos if you would not mind sharing. Stop by my place if you get a chance!

Lora said...

Laura ~ I've e-mailed the recipe to you. Enjoy!