Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Have Met the Enemy...and His Name is Hershey.

Okay. We've all done these things. These incredibly stupid, stupid things that we rarely share with anyone except perhaps that first day at weight watchers when everyone confesses to their most embarrassing binge.

Well...I'm about to confess a whopper here and I'm only telling because I need to tell someone! ARGHH! I can't believe I reverted to my "old" ways and did what I did!

So here's the story. Hubby bought himself a King Size Hershey Bar with Almonds. You know - the really big size one that isn't eaten all in one sitting. So it sits there all day (he forgot to take it to work) and it's whispering my name every time I walk by it. So I put it out of sight. Good so far. I make it throughout the whole day and don't touch it. Even though every time I walk through the kitchen it's whispering, "Psst. I'm under the mail."

The next morning I wake up and it looks like hubby heard it too because it's half eaten and the remainder of it is carefully wrapped back up in the package. Not a good thing. Now that it's open I can sneak a small piece and he'll never know. Which is what I do. Several times. Until it's GONE! Oh no! I ate hubby's candy bar and he'll tease me now for sure! So I go to the store and buy another one. Of course I must cut it in half and wrap the remainder up carefully just as he did the night before. And of course (now you knew this was coming) I had to hide the evidence so I ate the half I'd just cut off.

It gets worse. The carefully wrapped half sits right where hubby left it (I dare not move it or he'll know I was into it and may ask questions and I couldn't lie to him - and to admit what I did would be even worse!) all day again. This time it doesn't whisper my name. I shouts it. "Hey. Lora! C'mon....I'm right where you left me!" Crap! I eat this half too! And of course - I run right out to the store, buy another, cut it in half, re-wrap it and once again...eat the evidence.

Thank goodness when I got up this morning the empty wrapper was in the trash and the saga was ended.

They say confession is good for the soul. That may be well true, but unfortunately it doesn't negate all those calories I ingested in that chocolate-crazed binge I partook in.

Anyway. Had to fess up. I'm not perfect (of course you knew that!) So it's another U-turn for me. Gosh I'm getting dizzy here! But I'm pressing forward. And the next time hubby brings the enemy into the house like that I'm taking action right away and demanding he gets it out. PRONTO!


honib1 said...

okay thats not a U turn.. thats a bump.. and guess what .. u got over it.. u are going in the right direction.. its Over YAY.. what maks this journey and JOURNEY is the fact that for the rest of your life u will be dealing with these things.. sometimes u will sail right past it.. other times things will happen like they did... the key is letting it go and moving on.. just like u did.. YAY.. MOVE ON .. MOVE DOWN..

CactusFreek said...

lol that story was really funny! lol

Two weeks ago i bought a family block of Cadbury dream white chocolate. It was to take to church [to share] that was in the next town, 10 mins away.
So i put it in my bag and drive off. Well guess what? It didn't make it to church lol
That was a few weeks ago, and i've already paid the price for that. But i'm never buying chocolate to share again! lol