Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Counting down to the Wedding!

I just came in from my Cto5k run for today. It's week 5/day 1. I got a day behind because of the busy weekend. Today's schedule was (after a 5 minute warm up walk) to run 5 - walk 3 -run 5 - walk 3 - run 5. It seemed daunting (as it always does when I bump it up a bit) but I did it without stopping. It was the third 5 minute run where I could feel the endorphins kick in. I was breathing easier - running smoother and not minding it as I did the first set.

As usual I'm looking ahead and thinking there's no way I can do this! My next run has 2 - 8 minutes sets with a 5 minute walk in between. Is it just me or did whoever thought up this schedule become a sadist halfway through? And get this - the last run this week is 20 minutes without stopping. I don't think I can do that. I really don't. If I do - I am giving myself one of Diana's badges - or maybe even a couple of 'em!

Things are getting busy around here with the wedding coming up this weekend! All the family is buzzing with excitement! My sister's daughter is getting married and she's the first to leave her nest. My own two daughter's were married just 2 years ago this month in a double wedding and all of this is bringing back such happy memories! I remember it was about 95 degrees that day (and we had no air conditioning in the house). Hubby set up 2 large fans to try to circulate the air so we all wouldn't melt before we got to the church. One by one family members trickled in for pictures and last minute primping for the bridesmaids. Because it was a double wedding there were LOTS of bridesmaids! There were 28 attendants, 2 flower girls and 2 ring bearers! What a day! Our local newspaper covered the story (I mean how often do you have a double wedding?) and we savored every minute of the whole wonderful ordeal.
Now my niece is getting married and once again the family is all in celebratory mode as we anticipate this happy event and look forward to seeing family & friends that live out of town. My only regret is that my mom & dad cannot take part in the festivities. But I know they will be with us in spirit this Saturday.
Okay....gotta' take a shower! Wish my luck on my next run. I need it. Big time!


Big Girl said...

How fun, a double wedding ceremony. What a special event.

Good luck on your run. I think I'm *that* close to starting the C25k program and reading about your experience is certainly motivating me...thanks!

Manuela said...

Perseverance is all you need for those runs. I did 35 minutes this morning and felt great after!

Good luck to you and come to my "garden party" on Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Way to go on the run! I have no doubt new badge bling will be yours soon! Have a wonderful time at the wedding!

RunningNan said...

I think and know that you can do that run! you can do it. you can do it!

Anonymous said...

good luck on the run, congrats on the happy family event

Honi said...

wow i bet that was wonderful the double wedding.... and I am sure this upcoming wedding will be just as lovely... great job on the running!!

Pattie said...

Lora, your girls are lovely -- just like their Mom. I bet that wedding was a sight to behold! Best of luck with all the festivities this weekend.

And way to go with the running! I am in awe of you - seriously!