Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ahh Summer!

Last night I packed up a nice dinner and went over to the new house with my grandson to cook up dinner for hubby and have a nice campfire. His mommy is visiting her younger sister in Massachusetts for the weekend.

We don't even go into the new house when we're there - we hang out back under the pavilion. We have all we need there - out door kitchen, bathroom....

So we arrive and it is MUGGY! The sweat was dripping off me and my clothes were sticking to every part of my body. The mosquito's were having a feast and the thought of spraying repellent on my already sticky body was too much to bear.

Then...all of a sudden the temperature dropped a bit and the sky grew very dark. Rain! On our nice cookout? Ahh...but it was a welcome thing! It came down in sheets. And the thunder and lightening was incredible. We were safe and dry under the pavilion but grandbaby kept his hands over his ears the whole time (he's 3) and stayed right by our side.

It never did stop but we managed to have a campfire under the pines anyway and cook our dinner. I cut up some red potatoes and onions and cooked them in a foil packet over the fire. Then we grilled some portabello mushrooms and steak. I only had about 4 thin slices of the steak (it was actually beef - we usually eat venison).

We put grandbaby to sleep in the camper that sits out there and sat by the fire till about 12:30. We were wet...but it was still nice to be outside. We practically live outside in the summer nights. Even when the new house is finally finished - we'll still probably eat and prepare most of our meals out back in the summer months. Are we weird?

Today's run calls for 25 minutes straight - which I will not do since I deviated from last week's final run which was 20 minutes. But since I did 13 the other day with no problem - I'm just going to run and see what happens. I'm going to try to get out there right away because it's 76 degrees already and will probably just get muggier as the day wears on.

My husband's cousin & his wife are coming over to the new house tonight for a cookout and we're going to all camp out overnight. There's that weirdness again! But summer's are so fleeting here in Upstate NY - that I squeeze all I can out of them. (I'm itching to get to the lake again too...hubby's schedule is tight in the summer months....)
I ran.....20 minutes - no stopping - in the rain! Woohooo!!!!!!!!!


RunningNan said...

We run 6 miles in about an hour.. give or take... we average about 11 minute miles or 12 mm's... Trust me... you'll get there. I remember thinking that it was so long.. There is another program called one hour runner. Or you can just add 10 percent of your mileage once you are comfortable where you are at. I'm always open for questions!

CactusFreek said...

Eeewww summer sucks! We put a fan under our back porch when we are all sitting out there. It's nice to have fresh air moving around, especialy if you are sitting right in front of it! lol